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Chatbot Design Trends 2018

Discover the main topics that will be holding the conversation next year.

The technology underneath is not new but 2017 it’s been the most prolific year for chatbot development. If we don’t want the industry to die, 2018 should be the year of massive user adoption.

Many users feel disappointed with chatbots because they can’t fulfill what’s expected from them. However, there a few players doing some really good proposals. It might be true that NLP (Natural Language Processing) is not as advanced as we all would want, but there have been successful chatbots since 2001 with SmarterChild!

Trends 2018

Steady Adaptation of Chatbots
We, as humans, are always looking for the next big thing. After all, this is how we managed to prosper as long as a species. And from the looks of things, Chatbots are poised to be the next big platform, which connects customers to businesses.

A few months ago, Oracle surveyed more than 800 marketing professionals on the adaptation of Chatbots. According to results of the survey, 80% of brands plan on using Chatbots for their customer service efforts in the next 36 months.

At the moment, more than a third of the surveyed marketers – 36% to be exact – said that they are using Chatbots to provide customer service. Since the big dogs are already adopting the technology, it’s just a matter of time before it spreads through the all business sector.

Chatbots with a conversational nature will become popular

Chatbots, the most touted conversational interface will become popular among customers and organizations in 2018. As a social animal, humans are always looking for a personal touch in the conversation. Moreover, they want a quick response instead of delayed automated answers.
Chatbot holds immense potential in different verticals starting from marketing, sales to customer retention and engagement.

Chatbot for websites

More and more organizations will have chatbots embedded in their website. It is an excellent source for interacting and engaging the users and allows more control over organizations marketing, sales activities and user experience strategy.

Automated Call Centers with AI technology
With the advancement done in NLO as mentioned above-automated call centers will soon come into existence. Combining NLO, AI voice generation and ‘serverless’ technology will allow automated call centers. Automated call centers will have deep domain knowledge and this will help to have a conversation with the customers. They will be available 24/7 and the major advantage is they will never get sick nor they will take any leaves and will always work.

2018 may have surprises in store for chatbots

As businesses are exploring the still-new technology of chatbots, they may come up with chatbot use cases that we didn’t foresee. However, we expect the above-mentioned trends to be widely adopted among different industry verticals. And, you still have time to get on the chatbot bandwagon by implementing them for your business

Chatbots are here to stay but 2018 needs to be the year of maturity for them. We will still see a lot of experimentation but soon they will need to face the reality and the results. Until the killer chatbot arrives, we predict that these 5 topics will be holding the conversation around chatbot design.

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