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Determining the Chatbot Application Development Cost

Chatbot technology is one of the revolutionizing technologies of this era that has disrupted the way businesses communicate with their customers.

Statistics reveal that the businesses that are witnessing the highest demand for chatbot-based solutions are eCommerce businesses, healthcare, financial consulting, insurance, IT, travel and hospitality, and telecommunication.

Chatbots have become a necessity in today’s age for mobile apps. If your business app does not have a chatbot, possibly you are lacking so much with respect to customer retention, satisfaction & growth.

According to Gartner’s Report, 85% of customer interactions will be managed using bots and virtual assistants for communication without direct human involvement.

As chatbots continue to evolve and transform themselves based on how they are leveraged, businesses should focus on offering a superior experience to their mobile app users.

In this article, we are discussing why chatbots are revolutionizing the mobile app industry. We will further talk about the chatbot types, and their functionalities, and estimate the chatbot app development cost considering the use of modern platforms and technologies in 2023.


why chatbot is important for business

Superb User Experience: AI-based chatbots are very efficient in resolving basic customer queries and offer a seamless experience in guiding customers through various sections of the mobile app. This not only saves users time but they will be prompted to explore further and shop.

Cost-Effective: Chatbots are considered cost-effective as they eliminate any additional prices by hiring more people for customer support. 

Helpful in App Marketing Strategies: Chatbots are very efficient in offering businesses consumer data. Identifying these demographics can help businesses create the most robust and successful marketing strategies, which would further help the business grow.

Cut Down Labor Expense- Chatbots can handle & interact with multiple people at the same time. McKinsey report estimated that around 29% of customer service positions in the US can get automated via a properly designed chatbot. This cut down the expense of hiring more customer support staff during the time when the call volume increases. 

24*7 Availability- Modern-day customers expect businesses to be available 24*7 to answer their queries even at odd hours. This is certainly not possible with human customer support. With Chatbots, you can make your business function in 24X7 mode. This helps you earn customer loyalty to a great extent.

Greater Revenue- Most businesses are using Chatbots for lead conversion and greater sales. Through chatbots, you can keep notifying your customers of discounts and other ongoing sales opportunities to earn great revenue at any point in time.

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Type of Chatbots To Invest In

Following are some business-oriented chatbots that you can invest in-

Bots Implemented in Own App – These chatbots found a place in the mobile app and performed a specific function like automating the interaction between the app and the user.

Bots that Function Within Messenger – These chatbots stay in messengers & support bot & customer interaction. These work best for businesses that use social media as their business model.

FAQ chatbot – A basic QnA or FAQ Bot provides its users with automated responses to frequently asked questions in a natural, intuitive question-and-answer conversational way. 

Conversational chatbot –The chatbot type understands your conversation style & answer in the same way as the end users. They collect the basic information about the users and keep them engaged till a human customer care executive takes over.

Transactional chatbot – These are the chatbots that help the app users to inquire about a product or service on the app or buy something without connecting to a human customer care representative.

Predictive Chatbot – These chatbots are the most advanced ones and are developed and designed incorporating heavy machine learning in them. Businesses use predictive chatbots to analyze users’ reactions.

AI-enabled chatbot– This is considered the most ‘intelligent’ chatbot as it is based on deep learning technology. This type of chatbot understands your customer needs well and offers up-to-a-mark solutions gaining your customer’s trust in your business.

Chatbot Features to Be Included- Simple & Advanced

Chatbot development platforms deliver only basic functionalities. If you’re looking for a customizable bot, you may have to consider various features. These features rely on your business needs, so before contacting chatbot development companies, tell them your exact requirements.

Below, we have listed a few basic as well as advanced features one must seek to incorporate into their business app:

Conversation (Basic)

Conversation mode is the primary need of every chatbot no matter its type. This functionality is obligatory for all types of chatbots whether it’s a simple FAQ chatbot or an advanced AI-powered chatbot.

Payment System

These features most suit e-commerce chatbots and help businesses to boost sales and create new distribution channels. Payment gateways should be integrated considering various serious concerns like-

  • Encryption of transactions
  • Location and performance of servers
  • Secure processing of credit card data with PCI DSS 
  • On-premise vs. a cloud architecture
  • Gathering and analyzing data about payments


Online mapping is another useful feature for a chatbot that attracts new customers based on the location of your business.  Google Maps Platform is the most used geolocation platform that allows you to create this feature with almost zero effort. 

AI Implementation

An Artificial Intelligence-based chatbot development involves machine learning algorithms. They allow chatbots to learn themselves, without human presence. For any query received, the bot searches for similar queries in its database and accordingly generates a matching response.

Natural Language Processing

AI’s other branch-Natural language processing acts as a bridge between users and computers. NLP is responsible for the top-notch communication experience between your chatbot and users. This feature can be seen in voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

Technology Stack Needed to Build a Chatbot

discussion for technology stack to develop chatbot
Talking about the technologies, the following front-end and back-end development frameworks are worth considering:


HTML 5, iOS & Android, Angular JS, Flutter, css3, React JS


Node.js, PHP, .NET core, MySQL, postgress, mongodb

How Much Does A Chatbot Application Development Cost?

Now that we have seen all –the business benefits of chatbots, an understanding of chatbot types to invest in, and the components, features & development tools that are required to build the most scalable chatbot solution for your business, it is now time to look at how much it is going to cost you.

Considering all the discussed factors in developing a scalable business chatbot solution, the approximate cost that comes for the development of your bot is anywhere between $20,000 to $80,000.

The cost range includes the overall design, development, and integral part of the chatbot app development process.

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Chatbot Services Offered by QSS

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  • Chatbot support and maintenance services

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