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What Does it Cost to Build a Business Networking App like LinkedIn?

In today’s digital age, networking has become a crucial aspect of the business world. Business Networking apps like LinkedIn have revolutionized the way people network and connect with professionals from various industries. LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for job seekers, recruiters, and businesses looking to expand their reach. However, building a business networking app like LinkedIn can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the cost involved. In this blog post, we’ll explore the cost to build a business networking app and what factors influence it. 

Popularity & Market Stats of Business Networking Apps

LinkedIn remains the dominant player in the business networking app market, with over 740 million registered users in more than 200 countries. The app generates revenue through premium subscriptions, sponsored content, and advertising. LinkedIn’s success has inspired other companies to enter the market and try to replicate its model. 

According to a report by Statista, the global market size of social networking sites is expected to reach 4.41 billion users by 2025. This includes both personal and business networking apps. The report also highlights that the Asia-Pacific region is the largest market for social networking sites, accounting for over 50% of the total market share. 

Popular Business Networking Apps you should know about

1. LinkedIn 


The most popular business networking app with over 740 million registered users. It has wide range of features such as job search, company profiles, and group discussions. It is also a great platform for content marketing and thought leadership, as users can share articles, blogs, and other content with their network. 

2. XING 


A German-based business networking platform with over 18 million registered users. It is more popular in German-speaking countries and has a focus on job listings, with a range of premium features for job seekers and recruiters. It also offers features such as groups, events, and a newsfeed. 

3. Viadeo 


A French-based business networking platform with over 11 million registered users. The app has a focus on international networking. It offers similar features to LinkedIn and has a strong presence in Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

4. Ryze 


A business networking platform that allows users to create their own professional network by inviting contacts and joining groups. It is a great option for professionals who prefer a more personalized approach to networking. 

5. JibberJobber 

JibberJobber is a job search and networking platform that offers tools to help job seekers manage their job search and connect with other professionals. It also offers features such as a CRM system for tracking job applications and networking conversations. 

6. Shapr 

This networking app uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to match professionals based on their shared interests and goals. The app allows users to swipe through profiles, similar to the popular dating app Tinder, and connect with other professionals in their industry. 

7. Meetup 


While not exclusively a business networking app, Meetup allows users to join groups and attend events focused on professional development and networking. The app is particularly popular among entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. 

8. Bizzabo 

This platform is designed specifically for event organizers and attendees. It offers features such as event registration, ticketing, networking, and analytics. The app helps professionals connect with each other before, during, and after events. 

9. AngelList 


This platform connects startups, investors, and job seekers. It allows users to create a profile, browse job listings, and connect with others in the startup community. 

Essential Features to Include in Your Business Networking App

business networking app

Here are some additional essential features to consider when developing a business networking app: 

User Profiles – Allow users to create a detailed profile with information about their professional experience, education, and skills. Profiles should be searchable and easily accessible to other users. 

Messaging – A messaging feature allows users to communicate with each other directly through the app. This is an important feature for building relationships and networking. 

Groups – Groups allow users to connect with others who share similar interests or work in the same industry. This feature can facilitate discussions, share news and events, and provide a sense of community within the app. 

Job Listings – Many business networking apps offer job listings as a feature. This allows employers to post job openings and for job seekers to apply directly through the app. 

Search and Filters – Users should be able to search for other professionals based on industry, job title, location, and other criteria. 

Event Listings – Similar to job listings, event listings can be a useful feature for professionals looking to attend industry events, conferences, or other networking opportunities. 

Analytics – Analytics features can provide valuable insights into how users are engaging with the app. This can include information such as user activity, demographics, and engagement metrics. 

Factors that Impact the Business Networking App Development Cost 

Here are some top factors that can impact the cost of developing a business networking app: 

Platform – The platform on which the app will be developed can impact the cost. Developing an app for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web) can increase the cost. 

Design – The complexity and sophistication of the app’s design can affect the cost. An app with a simple and straightforward design will generally cost less than an app with a complex and unique design. 

Features – The more features an app has, the more expensive it is to develop. Including advanced features such as AI-powered search, push notifications, or video calling can add to the development cost. 

Security – Business networking apps often handle sensitive information, such as user profiles and contact information. Ensuring the app is secure can increase development costs, but it is essential for maintaining user trust. 

App Maintenance – Maintenance and updates to the app will also incur ongoing costs. 

Development Team – The size and expertise of the development team can also impact the cost of development. A team with a range of skills and experience will typically cost more than a smaller, less experienced team. 

Timeframe – The timeline for development can also impact the cost. Rushed projects with tight deadlines can increase the cost due to the need for more resources and expedited development. 

Tips to Reduce the Cost of Business Networking App Development 

business networking app development

Here are some important tips to cut down the cost of developing a business networking app: 

Prioritize Features – Determine which features are essential for the MVP (minimum viable product) and which can be added later. By focusing on the most important features first, you can reduce app development costs and launch the app faster. 

Choose the Right Platform – Focus on developing the app for one platform first, such as iOS or Android, before expanding to other platforms. This will reduce development costs and allow for quicker iterations. 

Use pre-built solutions – Consider using pre-built solutions for common app features, such as messaging and push notifications. 

Optimize for a single platform – Consider launching the app on a single platform initially and expanding to additional platforms in future updates. 

Use Open-Source Tools – Utilize open-source tools and frameworks when possible. These tools can significantly reduce development time and cost while maintaining quality. 

Outsource Development – Consider outsourcing development to a team of experienced developers. This can be a cost-effective option for businesses looking to reduce development costs. 

Test Thoroughly – Ensure thorough testing is conducted before launching the app. This will help identify and fix any bugs or issues before they become costly problems later on. 

Reuse Code – Reuse existing code and modules when possible. This can significantly reduce development time and costs. 

By following these tips, businesses can reduce the cost of developing a business networking app while still delivering a high-quality product. It’s essential to keep in mind that cost-cutting should not come at the expense of quality, functionality, or security. 

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Developing a business networking app like LinkedIn can be a costly undertaking. However, with the right development team and a focus on essential features, it is possible to create a high-quality app within your budget. Remember to prioritize security and user experience when developing your app, and consider ways to reduce costs, such as using pre-built solutions and optimizing for a single platform. 

Why Choose QSS Technosoft for Your Business Networking App Development? 

QSS Technosoft is a leading app development company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products within budget and on time. Our experienced team of developers and designers can work with you to create a customized business networking app that meets your specific needs and budget. We use the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure your app is secure, scalable, and user-friendly. Plus, our transparent pricing model and agile development process ensure that you are always in control of the development process and budget. 

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In conclusion, building a business networking app like LinkedIn can be a complex and costly process. However, by prioritizing essential features, working with an experienced development team, and using cost-saving measures, such as pre-built solutions, it is possible to create a high-quality app within your budget. QSS Technosoft is here to help you throughout the development process and ensure your app meets your specific needs and budget. 

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