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Top 5 Developer Roles High in Demand by the Healthcare IT Industry

With the demand for tech skills continuously growing across the world, top software development companies offer adequate opportunities to developers across wider domains from finance, and education to eCommerce, retail, and healthcare. Healthcare is one of the most crucial industries where developers can look to expand their career goals. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has put more strain on medical and healthcare facilities across the globe. As per a report by Deloitte IndiaDue to the Corona outbreak, the entire focus is now shifted toward contactless healthcare and remote tech-enabled healthcare services. 

This has certainly led to more innovation in the field of healthcare. From education web apps, and machine learning to blockchain mobile apps, AI-enabled solutions, and AR/VR, healthcare organizations are exploring new possibilities in IT to improve patient care and experience while considerably reducing hospital costs, discovering new health ailments, and managing their healthcare facility much more effectively.

Below we have compiled the top 5 developer roles that will/are in high demand in the healthcare IT sector.

Role 1- AI/Machine Learning Engineers

as a machine learning engineers

Data Science and Machine Learning are solely responsible for some of the most exciting developments in the medical and healthcare sector. From cancer diagnosis to drug research, machine learning algorithms are enabling doctors and researchers to be faster and more precise in their work. The role of AI-enabled Machine Learning engineers has also been seen during the Covid-19 pandemic where they are playing a key role in developing tools to research the deadly virus, diagnose the affected patients, and take crowd temperatures in public areas. 

There is already a vast demand for machine learning experts in healthcare so as to develop effective tools/ways for the improvement of care for patients and reduction of overall healthcare costs.

“I believe that the rapid evolution of technology we are currently experiencing will shape the world of the future. This makes it an exciting time to be working in the healthcare technology field,” says Javier Olivian Bescos, Senior Scientist at Philips Image Guided Therapy (IGT).

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Role 2- Blockchain Developers

blockchain developers

In recent years, hospitals and healthcare organizations have benefited from the blockchain. Blockchain is known for securing data & offering transparent cooperation and independent ownership of any data. 

IBM is one such company that has been developing various blockchain applications for hospitals and healthcare organizations. These apps help them to run & manage drug traceability, clinical trials, and patient data management. IBM has partnered with several major healthcare organizations including Aetna, Anthem, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), and PNC Bank, to develop a secure and transparent data-sharing network. As the company expands its blockchain initiatives, developers will find plenty of opportunities to work on exciting projects.

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Role 3- Mobile App Developers

Role 3- Mobile App Developers

With more than 3.8 million smartphone owners across the world, the mobile app industry is at its peak with a daily new release of thousands of apps-both Android & iOS. Healthcare mobile apps play an efficient role to provide users with better access to hospital/medical services. 

Healthcare Mobile app developers are required depending on their skills to work on a range of applications from storing healthcare data, and providing basic health tips to setting up reminders for medicine intake, and connecting to the doctors/nurses on the go. These apps play a significant role for both patients & doctors to communicate for diagnosis, health monitoring & prescribing the medicine.

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Role 4- Wearables App Developers

Role 4- Wearables App Developers

Likewise, the Healthcare Wearable industry is also witnessing a huge growth. With smartwatches and fitness trackers much in demand, many health organizations and healthcare insurance companies are interested in developing healthcare apps for smartwatches and fitness trackers. This led to a unique opportunity for Wearable App developers to work on new and exciting projects.

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Wearable Apps are certainly the future of Mobile Apps. With devices such as Apple Watch, Android smart band wear, Smart Watch, and AI-enabled healthcare wearables continuously gaining popularity with growing time, there is a surge in demand for wearable app development services in the Fitness & healthcare industry.

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Role 5- Software Developers

Role 5- Software Developers

The software has made a way deep into our lives and can be found everywhere, in our cars, fridges, TV, door locks, offices & hospitals. Just like computers and phones, medical equipment such as medical scanners, X-rays & other equipment have life cycles and their software needs frequent updating and maintenance. This led to an increased demand for software developer jobs in healthcare. 

Also, most software developers work on modern software development techniques to reduce hospital errors & so costs. The role demands leveraging tools to aid in software analysis, a new field in software engineering. The software developers are encouraged to look for opportunities to introduce new technologies and different software approaches to facilitate efficient & improved healthcare services. 

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