Agile Methodology

How effective is Agile Software Development Methodology?

The Agile Methodology is a term used for an incremental and iterative software development approach to control and incorporate continuously moving requirements. This consists of breaking down the complete development process cycle in various different tasks. The process is further categorized into the number of sub-tasks where every task performs as separate modules. Each of these modules is handed to a dedicated cross-functioning group of programmers, business analysts and testers, who work on every module independently.

Agile Development methodology being very popular & growth-oriented process, not just ensures quick delivery of projects but also guarantees app responsiveness leading to overall business growth and agility. In this article, we are emphasizing upon the associated benefits linked up with this development process & how businesses can leverage their power to simplify their development services.

Why Companies Rely on Agile Methodology

If you are wondering why your Business needs Agile practices to grow faster, then here is the answer!

Agile Practice in the organization improves its project management capabilities and improve performance. According to a recent survey, 71% of organizations use Agile approaches in their business. “We believe that agility could also be used in multiple ways— in everything we do,” says Phillippe Husser, a survey respondent and Senior Partner of Progress Direction Michelin.  “In fact, the world is changing very quickly around us, so much so that we cannot afford anymore to have projects taking two to five years to deliver, because, during this time, the initial requirements have changed.

Best Agile Software Development Tools

Best Agile Software Development Tools

Leveraging the benefits of Agile process to the most when you use this methodology smartly with Agile business tools. Some of the best Agile project management tools it features include:

  • ProofHub– helping teams to share ideas, organize files, and collaborate. Top features include Task lists, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Time tracking with reports, online discussions, chat, @mentions, Labels, filters, multiple timers etc.
  • Trello for task management and team collaboration & supports many third-party integrations such as Slack, SalesForce, Github integrations and more. Top features include: Visual dashboards, Checklists with a progress meter, Drag and drop functionality, Inline editing and data-filtering.
  • Hygger– for handling your Agile team. Top features include: Specific and measurable goals, Prioritize using the Eisenhower Matrix and other techniques, Conversations, files, checklists in one place.
  • Atlassian Jira– A versatile task management, team collaboration, and project management software that allows you to manage both development and non-development projects. Top features include: Unique workflows and processes, End-to-end traceability, Roadmaps, new boards, and easier configuration, Real-time visual data and reporting.

5 Benefits can Agile Practices bring in for Businesses

Business Benefits with Agile Practices

If you haven’t adopted Agile methodology yet, then here are the most prominent benefits demonstrating why Agile is the right process for your business.

  1. Flexible to Market Change

Agile practices are quite dynamic in nature and come up with the flexibility to adapt to the changing market. The agile methodology brings changes and flexibility in the business quickly. That’s why an increasing number of organizations and teams are using Agile processes, which are easily adaptable to new requirements and changes.

  1. Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced collaboration is needed for project success. The Agile framework is designed in such a way that leads to fast feedback while incorporating better collaboration and trust among people working together.

  1. Customer-Centric

The most important feature of agile methodologies is that it places the customer at the centre of the development process. Teams are directed to think of product design through user stories and use cases, which ensures that customers are always kept at the heart of the process.

  1. High Team Morale

The Agile practices focus on empowering individuals by inculcating the highest priorities aligned with the best interests of the customers. If done right, Agile is helpful in creating fun workplaces with employees with high team morale. Other common benefits of Agile practices are:

  • Early ROI
  • Quick feedback from real customers
  • Customers kept are well-communicated
  • Early risk detection
  • More productivity and efficiency
  1. Faster and Better Workflow

Where the traditional Waterfall Methodologies follow a linear approach of completing the development step by step, Agile Modern approach follows a process refined in increments based on continuous feedback from customers and project teams. The previous method requires product is tested, bugs are fixed, and the code is maintained. With the Agile method, the testing and bug fixing is already being done continuously throughout the project, ensuring that the final product is refined and ready to be deployed.

Why Trust Agile for App Development Process?

The Agile methodology enables multiple teams to develop the different parts of the apps simultaneously. The project is completed as a combination of various small modules. This, not only lowers the associated risk but even provide developers with full freedom and flexibility for developing a superior-quality app, which is even altered after its release to the market. Here are the reasons why many companies today are relying on Agile development:

  • Swift Return on Investment since the development process is more aligned now.
  • Reduced Risks as the process enables you to view and remove the issues of even the later-stages from their roots, in the beginning, stages itself.
  • Enhanced productivity is now the Agile process measures the real-time work status for the distinct set of work that needs to be completed in specific time frames.
  • Develop superior quality mobile app development solutions.

We hope that the above information gives you a better idea of Agile practices & their benefits for future endeavours. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go Agile for your business.

Get in touch with us so we can discuss how you can get effective in your agile journey and find success.

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