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eLearning Apps & Software – There is a Lot Happening in the Future

Technology has spread its wings all over, all geographies, all domains, all segments are smitten using technological advancements in some or the other way. Life has become simple, reachable and more productive, thanks to these progressions. A similar effect has been widely and increasingly observed in the education industry, owing to eLearning. eLearning Application Solutions have been predicted to grow multi-fold over these years and is considered one of the most happening genres in coming times.

eLearning is omnipresent, thanks to the genuine benefits that if offers – scalability, consistency, capacity, higher knowledge retention, time and money saving, maximized RoI, flexibility. What more do we want? No wonder, it has opened its arms to all leading innovations today and is unleashing its potential to the maximum.

To stress how quickly the face of education is changing, here are a few Facts on how technology has taken over education.

1. Over 20 million students worldwide use Google apps for education.

2. Use of educational Google apps has increased 100 percent in the last two years alone.

3. Opting Google apps for education can save up to $1.5 million per year in classrooms.

4. 72 of the top 100 universities in the United States use Google apps for education.

5. 73 percent of teachers access digital content from their mobiles.

6. 90 percent of the world’s population has access to mobile phones; almost seven billion mobile phones on the planet.

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Beneficial for all users

While of course mobile learning apps are beneficial to users, teachers and parents can also be the receiver of such benefits. Teachers specifically can use these apps to organise their own study and plan for interactive classes. Applications are also easy to amend, change and update, essentially giving all users more time to spend learning.

Overall, learning apps have certaining improved self-learning, as they are convenient, easy to download, and provide a range of different learning styles, in and out of the classroom. The more enthusiastic people are about learning, the greater their knowledge will be. Are mobile learning apps the future of learning?

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There are many companies that provide school management apps and various other mobile apps for different purposes which make it easy for the institution to keep the students informed about school activities. It can now be said that students have taken up modern ways of learning through mobile applications. Such mobile applications ease up student problems and facilitate learning. Mobile applications are the future of the education sector, leading towards its development..

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The eLearning apps and solutions are the key elements to bridge the gap between the fast-paced technological advancements and the skill level as possessed by stakeholders. In order to match up to both, it is essential to move along with the globe and go in for eLearning solutions.

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