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Wearable App Development- What the Future Holds?

As per research by Statista“The number of connected wearable devices worldwide has more than doubled in the space of three years, increasing from 325 million in 2016 to 722 million in 2019. This number is expected to reach more than one billion by the end of 2022.”

In no time wearable technology has started impacting mobile app development to a greater extent. Wearable devices bring the advantage of highly efficient, lower-cost platforms that bring massive benefits to health-conscious users. These devices need multi-platform connectivity along with numerous user-friendly functions. 

With the ever-increasing growth of wearable devices, mobile app development is expected to attain massive momentum across enterprises.

The blog enlists some insights into the future of wearable app development. Continue reading to know about the future trends in the wearables app development technology market.

Top Trends of Wearable App Development

Source statista

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is considered the heartbeat of these interconnected devices. It connects devices and facilitates data exchange to compute logical conclusions for smarter & healthier living. Many healthcare institutions are launching wearable devices integrated with IoT technologies. 

Here’s the list of wearable IoT devices grabbing popularity in the market- 

  • Healthcare devices like Glucose trackers, wearable defibrillators for heart patients, Remote asthma monitoring, Bluetooth enabled monitoring apps for cancer patients, etc
  • Sports utility equipment and fitness trackers
  • Automation systems for homes

Giants like Apple, Google & Samsung as well are targeting retail customers through their products like iWatch, smart lens, smartwatch, etc.

Thus, it is concluded that the future of IoT is strongly linked with wearable devices and will continue to impact app development for end-users. 

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Customized App functions 

Comparatively, wearable apps require fewer resources than smartphone apps. Wearable devices use memory & hardware lower in cost. For instance, a generic mobile app is equipped with unwarranted features while a smartwatch restricts itself to the core function i.e. telling the time.

Thus, customized app functions are another trend for Wearable apps and are expected to bring furthermore benefits to end-users.

GPS Tech Wearables 

GPS technology being extensively used in industries like booking food, traveling, online payments, finding specific directions, etc. can now be used in connected wearables making it easier to handle for the customers. 

Research states that by 2025, the global contactless payments marketplace will be valued at $18 billion. 

Thus, the future of wearable technology would grow with the integration of GPS trackers into devices. 

Pay on the Go via e-Payments

Smartwatches would be providing you with this facility too in near future. This would be a great step for the eCommerce industry as the processing of the payment of online shopping will become much faster.

Research states that by 2025, the global contactless payments marketplace will be valued at $18 billion. 

Banks are rolling out wearables and contactless payment devices for people to pay on the go. For this, they are using NFC or Near Field Communication Technology that connects a smart device to assets such as credit cards, and prepaid debit cards. 

Beacon technology 

Beacons are wireless transmitters that work on low-power Bluetooth technology. This can be used to interact with the closest smart devices and exchange data to facilitate location-based lookup. This technology can be easily integrated into devices like smartwatches and can be proved a boon for travelers who love to explore different destinations.

Other Trends

Apart from all the above amazing applications endowed by wearable devices, they also have numerous lifestyle benefits like- 

  • Touchless business activities
  • on-demand facilities
  • Smart home appliances automation
  • And many more

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