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Google Launches Flutter 2 with Support for the Web and Desktop Apps

Google has recently announced a major update to its open-source Flutter framework that’s used to build applications for multiple computing platforms.

Google has expanded Flutter 2 to a portable framework rather than just a mobile framework. With this major step, Flutter can now be used for feature-filled web app development that can run on multiple platforms.

Flutter technology is used by developers to build “native” apps on operating systems such as Android that can also run on other platforms, such as iOS, Windows and MacOS. Flutter allows writing apps just once using Google’s Dart programming language that can run perfectly across all of those platforms, without needing to write the code for each version.

“Dart, a client-optimized programming language, is created by Google and is used to write mobile, desktop, server and web applications. The language is also been updated to coincide with the new release”, the company said.

What Does Google has to Say about This?

Google said in a blog post that the Flutter 2 is launched to fundamentally shift how developers think about building their apps by focusing on the experience they want to create rather than the platform they’re targeting.

According to Google, this will help developers to take advantage of web innovations such as richer platform application programming interfaces that enable more sophisticated apps with hardware-accelerated 2D and 3D graphics and flexible layouts.

Google further said- “There are more than 150,000 existing apps on Google Play built with Flutter. After a free upgrade to Flutter 2, they can now target both desktops and the web without being rewritten.”

Flutter 2 Focuses Upon

Flutter 2 focuses on three 3 scenarios: 

  1. Progressive web apps (PWAs) that combine the reach of the internet with the capabilities of desktop apps, 
  2. Single page apps (SPAs) that load once and transmit data to and from web services, and 
  3. Existing Flutter mobile apps to the web.

Tim Sneath, product lead for Flutter at Google, said in an interview, “Flutter 2 makes it possible for mobile app developers to reach the web with the same code base.”

 “It’s a major benefit because it makes it easy for people to use the services without installing an app”, he further added.

Flutter 2 – Exciting Features Added

To optimize the performance of Flutter apps on the web, some of the exciting features Flutter 2 has are-

  • A new CanvasKit-powered rendering engine,
  • Support for interactive scrollbars, keyboard shortcuts and accessibility features on Windows, macOS and ChromeOS.
  • Features such as text autofill and control over address bar URLs and routing. 

What Else?

Microsoft Corp. too has also been won over by Flutter, and is expanding support for the framework on its Windows operating system. “It’s also releasing some contributions to the Flutter engine that support the emerging class of foldable Android devices”, Google said.

Microsoft has seen a lot of potential in Flutter and believes that the framework can help to expand its own ecosystem. 

Other new features in Flutter 2 include the beta release of Google Mobile Ads for Flutter, introduction of Flutter Fix, a new feature that makes it possible to modify existing code for the new version of the Flutter API.

Note: This news was previously published in Developers Google Blog.

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