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Guide & Cost to Develop Messenger Like App

Messaging apps have experienced exponential growth in popularity recently, becoming one of the most essential methods of communication. Not limited to just personal interactions, global organisations are beginning to recognize the potential of this technology, utilising digital messaging as a means for connecting with customers.  

This trend goes a long way in promoting better understanding between companies and those that rely on their services. Furthermore, it helps bridge any gaps created by distances and differences in opinion or perception. Any business that embraces this powerful tool will be well situated to interact with its customers in an effective and prompt manner.  

Currently, developing your own messenger like app can be immensely beneficial. With a custom chat application, you can better understand customer needs and utilise data to make important decisions on how to keep your company competitive in today’s marketplace. Plus, building a messenger like app provides an accelerated platform for communication within the workplace or with customers outside the organisation.   

Implementing a systemized approach to build a seamless and efficient messenger like app is one of those must-try methods that could transform your company faster than expected. 

What is a Messenger Like App?

messenger like app

Messenger like applications provides myriad features that keep users connected to each other with a simple tap of the screen. It not only makes communication hassle-free and efficient but offers great features, such as private and group chats, file sharing, fun multimedia options, voice, and video calling, etc., paving the way for an interactive communication experience. These perks make messenger apps perfect platforms for businesses too. Not only do they create more opportunities to reach a broader customer base effectively but also replace classic forms of fan engagement with blazing-fast technology. 

Benefits of Developing a Messenger Like App

There are numerous benefits to developing your own messenger like app. Here are some of the most important ones:  

Increased customer engagement:  

A messenger like an app provides a convenient platform for customers to communicate with your business and encourages them to stay engaged. This boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust in your brand. 

Improved customer service:  

Having a messenger like app allows you to respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, leading to improved customer service. This also allows you to provide personalised support and build relationships with your customers.  

Enhanced marketing efforts:  

A messenger like app can help you better target your marketing campaigns and capture more leads. It also enables you to send timely notifications about new offers and discounts, resulting in higher customer engagement. 

Access to valuable data:  

A messenger like app provides you with access to valuable customer data, such as their interests and preferences. This allows you to improve your marketing campaigns and make better decisions. 

Cost savings:  

Developing a messenger like app can help you save on costs associated with traditional marketing, such as print advertising and direct mail. 

Steps to Developing a Messenger Like App

steps to developing app

Developing your own messenger like app is not an easy task, but it can be done with the right tools and strategies in place. Here are five steps you need to take to get started:  

Research your target audience:  

When building a messenger app, understanding your target user base is key. This step should revolve around considering their requirements and preferences. You benefit by using this technique before reimagining the app experience so that engagement, brand loyalty, and appropriately catered services are enabled. Through assessing their interests and demands, you can build an initiative built on these ingrained user behaviours. This information can play an imperative role in constructing the appropriate features and functionality of your soon to be developed solution. Lastly, orienting your messenger app based on solid user performance research helps stakeholders understand consumer objectives and increase efficiency among strategic decision makers.  

Choose the right platform:  

Selecting the appropriate platform for your messenger app is paramount. iOS, Android, and web apps are among today’s most widely used platforms — central to selecting appropriately is understanding the device preferences of your target audience. Not sure where to prioritise your focus? Analyse behavioural stats, such as site visits from mobile versus desktop or tablets, to establish a suitable platform approach. With a targeted approach when it comes to picking the ideal platform for implementation, you put yourself in the best possible position to bring your vision to life. 

Designing a User Interface: 

Developing a messenger application starts with creating a user interface (UI). This means defining the way the app looks and operates; from intuitive menus to necessary settings and interactions. We must consider user needs at this stage, as it is paramount that our UI meets their preferences. Usability should come first, yet other considerations such as branding, and design aesthetics must also figure into the equation. With thoughtful consideration of all these facets, you can ensure that your UI strikes just the right chord with users.  


The UI development is ending – now your task is to start coding. You must especially take into consideration the back end, which plays a critical role in data retention and retrieval from the server. Plus, it accounts for user authentication and security. When it comes to selecting the right programming language or framework, you have some advanced options to weigh up. Popular languages include Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python – each with its own features and strengths. Do research into each one to pick the most applicable solution for your project. 


Integrations are mission critical to the success of many messaging applications. This includes unlocking connectivity with familiar third-party services, such as Facebook and Twitter to enhance the sharing capabilities within the app itself. When implementing such integrations, it is essential to crafting a deliberate plan on how these features will be fed into the core app and what data needs to be collected and stored to garner a unified user experience. All individual facets need to work harmoniously for users to appreciate an age of seamlessly connected digital landscapes. 


Developing an app is the first hurdle, but getting it deployed can be just as fraught with challenges. To flick the switch and make your brilliant idea go live, you’ll first need to create an account with a relevant mobile platform such as iOS or Android. After that’s taken care of you then need to ensure that all requirements for your chosen platform are being met and submit the app which will likely involve painstaking attention to detail whilst checking its tickets are all in place. Moreover, setting a strategy for tracking performance and picking up where benefits can be updated over time is paramount if you are looking to keep customers satisfied for months and years into the future. 

Test the app:  

Releasing an app can be a daunting prospect. That’s precisely why it’s so important to give a messenger-like app a thorough once over before you unleash it to the public. Check for bugs, unusual behavior, and system hiccups: just about every calculation and condition should be precise. Taking these steps is paramount to ensure the smooth functioning of the app upon launch — and a quality user experience. The thoughtful evaluation pays off in long term appeal. 

Cost to Develop a Messenger-Like App

The cost of developing a messenger-like app will vary depending on the features and technologies you plan to implement. Below are some of the main factors that will determine the overall app development cost: 

Platforms & Language: 

Cost can be a considerable factor whilst making any app. When considering this, bear in mind the selected platform and proficiency of your development team. It’s important to note that launching an app solely on one platform is more cost efficient than releasing it across both iOS and Android. Furthermore, the choice of programming language can also impact cost constraints. Simply put, accounting for all the details including the program base and other elements associated with development are worth considering optimizing costs. 

Development Team: 

When attempting to calculate the cost of building a messenger-like app, one must remember to consider team size and experience for development. It is advisable to outsource experienced developers who fully understand the complexities in building a reliable and secure application. Type of professionals such as designers, quality assurance teams, and project managers might further compound one’s overall expense as it develops an engaging user experience; however, having these individuals involved are highly beneficial to properly create this application. 

Features & Technology: 

Making the right choices on the features you decide to incorporate into your messenger-like app can have a drastic impact on the total cost. Factors, such as voice and video calling being integrated into the app, require more development time – thus adding additional spending. However, it’s not only the storage of extra features that can increase expenditures; technology used when constructing a messaging application can add to costs as well. Such software development kits are proven to modify the amount of money spent in actual onset development. 

User Experience & Design:

user experience design

If you want your app to be a success, creating an engaging user experience and designing an attractive interface are musts. The development process doesn’t stop there – hire designers who specialize in creating visual interfaces and wireframes made specifically for your application. Consider the monetary cost of testing and improving the user experience of your app before launching: any kinks should be worked out without making it live. Embarking on this journey will lead to user enjoyment and loyalty, paving the way for future achievement and success. 

Estimating Cost: 

When deciding on the cost of your custom messenger app, a few factors play a major role. The scale of the project and the list of features you’re looking to incorporate are critical in determining the price. A comparably basic variant with limited functions would range from $20,000 to $50,000. Yet more complex and feature-rich editions often exceed this; topping $200,000 or even higher. With an inefficient or overambitious approach, a development bill can swell up before you know it — that’s why taking your time to plan properly requires proper consideration. 


Developing an app like a messenger can confer numerous advantages on businesses, from increased customer engagement to improved customer service and cost savings. To make your app stand out and achieve success, choosing the right platform is essential, as is designing a user interface and user experience that are friendly and intuitive. Also, you will need features that support its purpose and rigorous testing throughout the development process. With carefully conceived strategy and professional execution, your messenger like app could be the fantastic tool your business needs. 

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