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Guide & Cost to Develop Messenger Like App

The growing popularity of messaging apps has made them one of the most important communication tools in our time. This trend is not limited to personal use – businesses around the world have also started using instant messaging as a way to interact with their customers.

Developing your own messenger-like app can help you better understand customer needs and stay competitive in the market. This guide will help you understand the basics of developing a messenger-like app and provide actionable tips to make your app successful. 

Are you considering developing a messenger-like app? A messaging app is one of the most popular types of applications available today, and there are so many features that can be added to make it unique. Developing a messenger-like app requires both technical expertise and strategic planning. This guide will provide an overview of the process, from designing the user interface and coding the back end to deploying the app.

What is a Messenger Like App?

messenger like app

A messenger-like app is an instant messaging application that has all the features of popular chat platforms, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It provides users with the ability to send and receive messages, conduct group conversations, share files, make voice and video calls, etc. Messenger-like apps not only allow users to communicate with each other but also provide businesses with a powerful platform for customer interaction.

Benefits of Developing a Messenger Like App

There are numerous benefits to developing your own messenger like an app. Here are some of the most important ones:

Increased customer engagement: 

A messenger like an app provides a convenient platform for customers to communicate with your business and encourages them to stay engaged. This boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust in your brand.

Improved customer service: 

Having a messenger like an app allows you to respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, leading to improved customer service. This also allows you to provide personalized support and build relationships with your customers.

Enhanced marketing efforts: 

A messenger like an app can help you better target your marketing campaigns and capture more leads. It also enables you to send timely notifications about new offers and discounts, resulting in higher customer engagement.

Access to valuable data: 

A messenger like an app provides you with access to valuable customer data, such as their interests and preferences. This allows you to improve your marketing campaigns and make better decisions.

Cost savings: 

Developing a messenger like an app can help you save on costs associated with traditional marketing, such as print advertising and direct mail.

Steps to Developing a Messenger Like App

steps to developing app

Developing your own messenger like app is not an easy task, but it can be done with the right tools and strategies in place. Here are five steps you need to take to get started:

Research your target audience: 

Before you start developing a messenger like app, it’s important to understand who your target audience is and what their needs are. This will help you create an app that offers features suited to your preferences.

Choose the right platform: 

Choosing the right platform for your messenger like the app is crucial. Some of the most popular platforms used today include iOS, Android, and web apps. Pick the right platform based on your target audience’s device preference.

Designing a User Interface:

The first step in developing a messenger-like application is to create a user interface (UI). This includes defining the look and feel of the app, as well as creating the necessary menus, settings, and other interactions for users. The UI should be designed with the user in mind, so it’s important to consider their needs and preferences when creating the interface. In addition to considering the usability of the app, you’ll also need to think about other elements such as branding and design aesthetics.


Once the UI is completed, it’s time to start coding. This includes creating the back end which is responsible for storing and retrieving data from the server, as well as handling user authentication. Depending on your platform of choice, you’ll need to select a language or framework that best suits your needs. Popular languages include Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python.


Integrations are essential for most messaging applications. This includes allowing users to connect with other services, such as Facebook or Twitter, and share content within the app. It’s important to consider how these features will be integrated into the app, as well as what data needs to be collected and stored to provide a seamless experience for users.


Once the app is coded and tested, it’s time to deploy. This involves creating an account with a mobile platform such as iOS or Android and submitting the app for approval. It’s important to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to meet the requirements of each platform. Additionally, you’ll want to create a strategy for monitoring the app’s performance and making necessary updates.

Test the app: 

Before releasing your messenger like the app to the public, it’s important to thoroughly test it for bugs and other issues. This will ensure the app works smoothly and provides a good user experience.

Cost to Develop a Messenger-Like App

The cost of developing a messenger-like app will vary depending on the features and technologies you plan to implement. Below are some of the main factors that will determine the overall cost:

Platforms & Language:

The cost to develop a messenger-like app will depend on the platform you decide to use and the language your development team is experienced in. If you’re developing an app for both Android and iOS, it can be more expensive than building an app that’s only available on one platform. Additionally, the programming language used for developing the app will also have an impact on cost.

Development Team:

The size and experience of your development team can greatly influence the total cost of building a messenger-like app. If you plan to build an application with complex features, then it’s recommended that you hire experienced developers who understand how to build a scalable and secure application. It’s also important to consider the cost of hiring designers, quality assurance professionals, and project managers who can help your development team create an engaging user experience.

Features & Technology:

The features you decide to implement in your messenger-like app will have a major impact on the total cost. For example, if you want to add voice and video calling to your app, then it will require more time for development and be more expensive than an app with only messaging features. Additionally, the technology used in your application (such as software development kits) can also influence the cost of development.

User Experience & Design:

user experience design

Creating an engaging user experience and designing an appealing interface will be important for the success of your app. To ensure that your users have a great experience, you must consider the cost of hiring designers to create a visually pleasing interface and develop wireframes for your application. Additionally, you should also factor in the cost of testing and improving the user experience of your app.

Estimating Cost:

The exact cost of developing a messenger-like app will depend on the scope of the project and the features you wish to include. Generally speaking, it can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 for a basic app with limited functionality; however, more complex apps with additional features can cost up to $200,000 or even higher.


Developing a messenger like an app can have numerous benefits, including increased customer engagement, improved customer service, enhanced marketing efforts, access to valuable customer data, and cost savings. To make your app successful, it’s important to choose the right platform, design an intuitive UI/UX, implement the necessary features, and test the app thoroughly. With proper planning and execution, your messenger-like app can be a great addition to your business.

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