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Guide & Cost to develop Subway Surfers Like App

Subway Surfers, developed by Kiloo and Sybo games and released in 2012, has proven incredibly popular amongst mobile game fans worldwide. Having surpassed 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store, it rightfully earns the accolade of an extremely successful mobile app. Featuring an enjoyable running element with entertaining characters, players must collect coins and power-up abilities to reach a high score. Subway Surfers never fails to deliver excitement, with many praising it for its addictive gameplay, vibrant visuals and joyful sound effects. 

How to develop a game like Subway Surfers? 

subway surfers like app

If you’re looking to develop a game like Subway Surfers, there are several key steps you should take to ensure success. In this guide, we will discuss the necessary steps to take when developing an app like Subway Surfers. 

Step 1: Create a Plan

First, decide on the type of game you wish to develop and then research similar apps for ideas on features they include. After that comes outlining each screen and level of the game, as well as planning for additional features you may want to implement. Additionally, it’s important to think about your monetization model and come up with innovative ways to generate revenue from your game. In all, taking the time with this kind of planning upfront will ensure you launch an app fit for success. 

Step 2: Develop a Prototype

With a clear plan of action in place, it’s time to begin working on creating a prototype for your app. Putting together a prototype at this stage will give you the chance to do some experimentation and explore various game mechanics to define the perfect visual effect for your game. This way, you’re able to stay within budget and use resources more effectively in future development stages. You can also leverage the power of the model when talking to potential investors and partners — they’ll be able to gain better insight into your application and how their support could potentially help accelerate it. 

Step 3: Design Graphics

design graphics

Developing the visuals for your game requires creating characters, backgrounds, menus and other elements. Crafting clear and visually appealing graphics paves the way for success on any mobile platform. Every aspect should be detailed and evoke a strong visual interest. After all, having high-quality graphics plays an essential role in player engagement where they will immediately engage and form a positive association with your game. Thus, if you want to outperform your competition it’s imperative that you invest in high quality images and artwork. 

Step 4: Code the Game

Getting your game code written is a big step in the process. Writing this code demands technical understanding of various programming languages and software; it’s essential to include a knowledgeable programmer on the team who can guide you through the procedure. With the creation solidified, extensive testing should take place to ensure its efficacy, barring any workability issues that would detrimentally stunt gameplay. Even the smallest bug needs thorough checking: attention to detail is key when writing code. 

Step 5: Test and Publish Your Game

Game development is complete and it’s time to start testing. It’s an essential process requiring a diverse set of tests, aiming to guarantee prime performance across all scenarios and devices; with the goal of preventing game-breaking bugs or glitches. Once the tests are completed and players agree, the game application can commence submission for approval and launch on various favoured app stores. 

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Factors Affecting Cost:

cost of developing a youtube like app

There are many different considerations when figuring out how much money one might spend on the game, such as payment plan options and taxes. Of course, additional accessories, extra Boosts and quest advantages all add up too. 


No two platforms are the same and selecting one platform can drastically change the cost of development. When contemplating gathering user data from both Android and iOS devices, the cost will undoubtedly be higher than if you chose to develop on a single format only. Producers of digital media may seek money saving options, entailing the likes of open-source platform alternatives. Core frameworks like Flutter and React Native grant these producers reasonably priced alternatives when creating apps for mobile devices relative to native software. 


The design of your app plays a pivotal role: it sets the tone for a positive user experience. Without proper design work, creating an app like Subway Surfers would fail to meet consumer expectations. For instance, complex animations, captivating graphics, and interactive user interface elements require expert design – and this comes at a higher cost compared to more simplistic design requirements. Thus, if you’re looking to invest in an enhanced consumer experience, be prepared to delve into the nuances that well-developed designs bring. 


In the development of an app, the addition of features is essential. Of course, this comes with increased time requirements and consequently a higher price tag. Subway Surfers demonstrates just how many intricacies can be considered for this purpose; everything from leaderboards and achievements to characters and items to collect. When developing an app, one needs to take all these individual elements into consideration to rightly calculate cost. 

Maintenance & Upgrades:

The development of an app from conception to completion requires significant effort and financial investment. However, once the build is finalised, it’s crucial to be mindful of the costs associated with maintenance and upgrades. Bug fixes, security patches, feature updates and ensuring compatibility with new OS versions all require time and resources. Taking these additional investments into account when calculating development costs is paramount to creating an accurate projection that will best serve corporate bottom lines. 

Estimated Cost Range

Developing an app like the popular Subway Surfers isn’t cheap. The estimated cost may be anywhere between $50,000 and $200,000; this range includes all designing, creating and developing expenses as well as maintenance and upgrades. And the final figure will vary based on certain factors such as complexity and the platform chosen.    

Keep in mind, selecting high performance technology and experienced developers could dramatically cut project costs by ensuring quickest delivery of top-quality databases.   

In addition, finding content management experts with a keen eye for design can help you garner less expensive intricate designs tied into powerful functions that demonstrate user satisfaction rates. To master a mobile gaming sensation like Subway Surfers begins with understanding certain decisions such as budget sourcing structure before development commences. 


Creating a game like Subway Surfers requires careful planning and development. Following the steps outlined above will help you get started in creating a successful mobile game that users will enjoy playing. Don’t forget to also market your game before and after its launch to maximise its success. With the right plan, you can create a great Subway Surfers-like app that is sure to be a hit with gamers. 

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