How Mobile App Development has Empowered the Healthcare Industry

How Mobile App Development has Empowered the Healthcare Industry in 2023?

Mobile technology has completely disrupted the healthcare industry.  Be it remotely managing the health conditions of patients, booking an ambulance, scheduling your appointment, or remotely connecting to doctors and hospital staff via video/voice call, everything is just a few clicks away.

The unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world has even more contributed to the growth of mHealth apps. Healthcare app development is the top mobile app technology trend that has completely ruled the year 2020 and is expected to grow at a faster pace in the years beyond.

As per the latest research, the market for the digital healthcare sector will reportedly be worth USD 509.2 billion by the end of 2025.

In this article, we are enlisting how mobile app development will empower the healthcare industry in 2022 and what to expect in 2022 and beyond.

Mobile Apps are definitely the Future of the Healthcare Industry

Gone are the days when hospital management systems have to communicate with their clients and patients via telecom and handle day-to-day operations manually.

Today is an era of mobile technology. Healthcare providers are making use of mobile technology to offer high levels of patient support. For various hospital functionalities like payment information, scheduling appointments, notifying the patient about any changes in the treatment, delivering patient’s reports, etc., mobile apps are playing a greater role. 

Not just this, mHealth apps are now being used to keep track of your general health conditions. Various health apps like chronic illness prevention, diabetes control, blood sugar maintenance, doctor’s appointments and feedback, weight loss & fitness tracking, etc. are available to download from Appstore & Playstore and are grabbing so much popularity among the users allowing users to keep a check on their health vitals on their own.

Rising Demand for Healthcare Technology Solutions Amid COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to a complete change in the preferences and priorities of a consumer.

As per a report by Deloitte India– Due to the Corona outbreak, the entire focus is now shifted towards contactless healthcare and remote tech-enabled healthcare services.

People today are seen preferring at-home healthcare services- be it for consultation, connecting to a doctor for diagnoses, in-patient care or medication prescription, etc.

The pandemic has shifted the consumer preferences toward healthcare services who are now preferring online consultations over in-person interactions in hospitals/clinics.

Below are 5 tech-enabled healthcare solutions trends much popular amid COVID-19 and are further seen to completely disrupt the healthcare industry in 2022 and beyond.

5 Healthcare App Development Trends Transforming Healthcare Industry 

As the healthcare industry is transforming for good, here’s a look at the top 5 key healthcare technology trends that have disrupted the year 2022 and can be seen to completely transform the industry in 2022 and beyond.

1. Telemedicine & Telehealth Apps

The rise of COVID pandemic situations all over the world has led to an increased demand for Telemedicine & Telehealth Apps. 

As per Stephanie Wilding, CEO of CommunityHealth, the nation’s largest volunteer-based free medical facility, “The pandemic pointed to the need for patient-centered healthcare. Before the pandemic, there were many ways the industry wasn’t operating in a patient-centered way.”

There is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has shifted to a remote & more patient-focused experience of healthcare delivery.

With a projected growth rate of 120%, Telemedicine is another fastest-growing segment in the healthcare industry pacing up in 2022 and expected to grow even more in coming years. The app allows virtually diagnosing the patients, prescribing medicines, and delivering them at their doorstep eliminating physically visiting medical clinics or healthcare facilities.

On the other hand, solutions like Telehealth will be essential for healthcare organizations serving remote patients as well as the elderly patients/patients with a disability who are unable to visit hospitals regularly.

Thus, telehealth and telemedicine app development is a big mobile app technology trend that is growing at a faster pace in 2022 and is expected to witness even more growth in 2022 and beyond.

2. Ambulance Booking App

According to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), approx 28% of the patients do not have access to reliable emergency medical services because of the non-availability of ambulances.

The ambulance is what clicks the mind when it comes to providing emergency medical services to a patient. They are equipped with pre-installed medical facilities like intravenous drips, oxygen, heart defibrillators, splints, drugs, and other life-saving medical equipment. This medically equipped vehicle takes patients to the nearest hospital while offering all sorts of first aid. 

However, booking ambulances for an emergency case is still difficult in many countries. One needs to fulfill so many manual necessities to book an ambulance.

Here comes the necessity of a scalable Ambulance Booking App facility. An ambulance booking mobile app offers great benefits to patients as well as to hospitals. With an app-

  • They can locate the nearest available ambulance and book it for an emergency.
  • Hospital staff may not need to rush for an emergency as the ambulance can now offer quick medical care therein before medical staff takes over.
  • Hospitals & doctors, with the app, can get ample time to attend to a patient. 
  • One can Live track the ambulance with the estimated time to reach the hospital.
  • Patients can get all sorts of first aid inside the ambulance so that the patient becomes stable till he reaches the hospital.

An Ambulance booking app is thus the next big healthcare app development trend that is catching attraction in 2022 and beyond. Looking to build a world-class Ambulance booking app? Contact the best Healthcare app development company.

3. Internet of Medical Things- IoMT

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a term deriving from IoT development with telemedicine and telehealth innovations and are connected Medical Devices to support proactive health care among patients at home. IoMT wearables allow an easy check of body vitals like skin temperature, glucose level, pulse readings, etc. 

As per a report-“By 2025, the IoT business will be worth $6.2 trillion. The healthcare services industry has gotten so dependent on IoT innovation in 2020 that 30% of that market share for IoT devices will come from healthcare.”

IoMT has gained significant popularity during the pandemic, allowing providers to deliver proactive care at a distance. Applications have ranged widely, from connected wearables that report critical patient data to the deployment of “smart beds” in hospital settings to improve patient comfort.

4. AI-Enabled Smart Chatbot Solution for Healthcare

Most healthcare facilities are seeking to integrate chatbot technology to ease down their work. The AI-enabled chatbots serve users with features like checking a patient’s symptoms, diagnosing the health condition, and offering treatment options while scheduling an appointment with a doctor via video or voice calls.

To overcome the shortage of staff, hospitals are preferring chatbot development for healthcare so as to facilitate an easy patient interaction. A chatbot interacts the same as a nurse or doctor. Thus, this mobile technology advancement is seen as a promising way for how patients can get connected to their healthcare providers. 

5. Blockchain for Better Electronic Health Records

Fragmented & disorganized medical records are one of the major issues Healthcare facilities are facing. Hospital staff struggles to manually log in every patient’s data in the system. This leads to errors related to duplicate medical records, delayed treatments, incorrect diagnoses, and even deaths.

According to recent statistics, “Blockchain in the healthcare market is expected to reach $890.5 million by 2023.”

Blockchain technology is a one-stop solution that is transforming health care by offering complete security, privacy, and interoperability of medical data. The technology is making health information exchanges (HIE) more efficient and secure and preventing data breaches, enhancing the accuracy of medical records, and cutting down extra costs.

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