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What Does it Require to Build a Telemedicine App? Features & Cost Analysis

According to a recent report by Statista– “The global telemedicine market will grow almost four times in six years. This number is predicted to take a jump amid COVID pandemic lockdown.” 

Telemedicine app is surely a boon to the Digital healthcare industry. Not only it simplifies the consultation process for both doctors and patients but also facilitates powerful & efficient healthcare services for hospital staff & patients who are unable to make a frequent physical visit to hospitals. Telemedicine Apps offer remote care facilities to elderly & physically-disabled patients who can’t stand in long queues at hospitals or clinics.

While the above being some of the primary reasons why telemedicine app development is most in-demand, there are other reasons too- one being a real time medical consultation at home amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic lockdown scenario. The recent COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has completely turned the landscape of the healthcare industry. Most of us hesitate to even step out for their medical conditions. The fear of this deadly virus has resulted in remote healthcare facilities thereby booming the Telemedicine app development industry.  If you are too willing to invest in one such kind of remote healthcare service provider app, then this article will answer your queries about building a Telemedicine App for your healthcare/medical facility.

In this article, we have listed out thorough analysis of telemedicine app development, its cost, and benefits it brings in for patients & doctors.

Benefits of Telemedicine App

Telemedicine app benefits

A report by MarketWatch says that “the US telemedicine market saw revenue of around $11.8 billion and about 50% of the hospitals in the US use telemedicine programs.

The report further read that the telemedicine app is now seen as an interesting digital healthcare approach for private medical practices, entrepreneurs, healthcare systems, and insurance companies.

This clearly indicates that Telemedicine app is a future of the Healthcare industry and promises a prolonged business growth. Look below for the benefits a Telemedicine app offers to both patients & healthcare professionals/facilities.

Much Easier Access to Healthcare

Telemedicine/Telehealth apps can be of great use for people who live in distant, rural areas. In absence of healthcare facilities nearby, patients can have their healthcare consultation directly via this app. All they need is a smartphone with a working internet connection.

Online video conference

Telemedicine apps allow permission to your device camera that enables doctors to examine the patient condition via video conferencing. 

Real time Treatment advice

 A telemedicine app allows patients to ask anything related to their health from hospital staff-nurses, doctors. Patients can take remote advice related to drug schedule, emergency help etc. via a text from the app or can even send the voice note.

Managing the Medicine Prescription

 The app allows patients to get medicine and other medical equipment prescriptions online. Patients can just visit the nearby pharmacy with a prescription on their devices.

Remote Monitoring via Wearable Devices

Telehealth apps are also used for managing the patients at high risk. In this case, the app allows healthcare professionals to monitor the patient’s health, signs & symptoms remotely via wearable devices and IoT-enabled health sensors.

Save a Lot on Healthcare Costs

Telemedicine app offers patients the liberty of connecting to any healthcare service without physically visiting the hospital. This saves both your time and transportation cost.

Time-Efficient Treatment

 The app helps users to instantly book their appointment with a doctor at a convenient time without a physical visit. So, no worries about the doctor being on day off!

Convenient Access to EHR

 Telehealth software keeps EHRs (electronic health records), so that doctors could access them on demand. A single place for a patient’s clinical records saves the doctor’s time.

Must have Telemedicine App Features

A complete Telemedicine app is equipped with features for both patients & doctors.

Features for patients

  • Registration
  • Personal profiles
  • Doctors’ profiles
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Search and filters
  • Calendar and appointments
  • Text/video chat 
  • Geolocation
  • Payment gateway
  • Push notifications
  • In-app calls
  • Insurance plan

Features for doctors

  • Registration and login
  • Doctor profiles & ratings
  • Schedule and calendar
  • Text and video chat
  • EHR review
  • Video session recording

Tech Stack Required to Build A Telemedicine App

Tech-enabled Healthcare Solutions are on a high rise these days. Read this entire Deloitte India Report stating the trends of healthcare IT solutions.

Chatbots & AI

Chatbots & AI plays an essential role in building a telemedicine app that can communicate well between a patient & the doctor.  While a simple FAQ chatbot can answer users’ questions about the doctor’s schedule, fees, etc, AI further powers voice recognition, and other important features essential to patients. 

Machine learning

Machine Learning integration helps the app to derive insights from massive medical data. This technology helps doctors make faster and more accurate decisions about their patients’ health.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT devices like wearables & other body equipment like Fitness trackers, stress meters, scales allow doctors to monitor a patient’s condition and offer urgent medication or advice in case of emergency. It gathers patient’s health statistics so to allow doctors to adjust the treatment as per the received data.

Cloud Storage

All gathered data of patients will be stored in clouds. This digital data is stored on remote servers and is accessible via the Internet. One can have cloud storage services from AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft, or IBM. They ensure the app up & running as well as provide full data security and availability.

Blockchain Technology

Making the telemedicine app more secure is another need. This issue is taken care of by Blockchain technology that allows patients and doctors to share the data in a secure encrypted format. Blockchain offers highly secure data transfers and data storage while safeguarding the sensitive patient data hackers are hungry for.

Other Development Tools & Programming Language

Programming languages required are:

  • Kotlin, Java (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)

Back-end development:

  • Programming language: Node.js
  • Videoconferencing: RTMP, Twilio, WebRTC
  • Chat: Twilio,
  • Database: MySQL
  • APIs and frameworks: Stripe, EC2, S3


  • Search & filters: Elastic search
  • Mailing: Elastic Emails
  • Geolocation: Google Maps Platform
  • Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging

Cost Analysis of Building a Robust Telemedicine App

If you are wondering how much does it cost to develop a telemedicine app? Then its important to know that the actual cost is dependent on several factors including:

  • Technology stack as discussed above
  • Number and complexity of features you are seeking to involve
  • App Design and its complexity
  • Hourly rate of the development team you are hiring
  • The third-party services you’ll use in your app (e.g. Google Maps)

After hiring a Telemedicine app developer team, the development process they follow typically consists of these steps:

  1. Business analysis – creating a technical specification and wireframes according to your business needs
  2. Design 
  3. Development and quality assurance 
  4. Security check – through various tests
  5. Deployment – releasing the app to the app stores
  6. Maintenance and support – includes bug fixes, updates, and tweaking the existing features

After considering the above essential requirements in mind, a full-fledged telemedicine app will take around 1000-1200 hours of development time provided an hourly rate of $50-$80/hour

In a nutshell, the overall development will cost you somewhat in between $50,000 and $100,000. However, the price is approximate; you can further contact a reliable Healthcare app development company for an exact estimation of the cost.

Build Your Telemedicine App from an Award-Winning Healthcare App Development Company

Selecting a reliable company to develop a Telemedicine app for your healthcare facility is a daunting task and should not be done in haste. Telemedicine Software Development requires a lot of attention to detail- from the features to be included to the technologies added.

We, at QSS, offer customized telehealth & telemedicine software development services to healthcare providers across the globe. Till now, we have delivered numerous telemedicine app projects equipped with processes like data encryption, HD video conferencing, automated workflows, digital prescriptions, digital health data, medical consultancy and integration with remote healthcare monitoring systems with connected devices for patients & doctors offering primary care to urgent care.

Our team of proficient healthcare app developers assures you offer functionalities like:

  • UX friendly interface
  • Pure video and audio connection quality
  • Precise filters for the search system;
  • Secure & easy payment system;
  • Safe storage for patients’ EHRs;
  • Transparent rating & reviewing system
  • App that strictly complaints with HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines  & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

More questions? Let’s connect over a call for a quick free consultation over your telemedicine project!

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