How to choose right technologt stack in 2022 for mobile app development

Choosing the Right Technology Stack for Mobile App Development in 2022

Choosing a good technology stack for your dream mobile project not only reduces your overall app development cost but also saves time by offering new prospects and making future project improvement easier and more flexible. So how to make the right choice while selecting a technology stack for your mobile app development? This blog guides you through making the right choice in deciding the technology for your mobile app project. We have also listed down the separate technical stack to consider for your Android, iOS, or cross-platform mobile apps in 2022 and beyond.

What Exactly Is Mobile App Development Stack?

Creating a new mobile app is similar to building your dream house. A good foundation is needed in order to provide a good, solid product. In the mobile app case, it’s the technology stack that decides the success technology Stack for Cross-Platform Apps failure of your business. Wondering what exactly is a technology stack is? Well, it refers to the combination of language, platform, framework, and other tools used for the development of the application.

Mainly, it includes-

  • A Front-end is also known as client-side development. It refers to the development of the interface which is going to interact with end-users;
  • A Back-end, a data access layer, which is connected with databases, scripting, website architecture, and server-side development in general;
  • Development tools that refer us to the tools which provide libraries and interfaces to build the application

Technology Stack for iOS apps in 2022

Android and iOS operating systems are structurally different from one another. That is the reason why they have their own style of technology stacks. An iOS development environment should consist of:

Programming languages

 Two major languages commonly used for iOS app development are Objective-C and Swift. 

According to a Stack Overflow survey, 68% percent of Оbjective-С developers are not interested in continuing to use this language because of its complex features.

Swift is a relatively new language with less coding and is easier to understand, edit and debug. This makes it a preferred language to use in 2022.

iOS development tools

 There is a few popular toolsets of iOS- Xcode and App code. 

Xcode IDE is powered by Apple and it grants access to all the essential features required to build a native iOS mobile app. This tool provides developers with all necessary functions for user interface design, coding, and testing. 

App code is another integrated development environment powered by a third party. It has a flexible setting system, which allows optimum productivity.

UI Frameworks

 For building user interfaces, developers commonly use UIKit and SwiftUI. 

UIKit is the basic framework for constructing and managing graphical components in iOS applications.

SwiftUI is quite similar to UIKit and they can connect to each other. But because of the later introduction of SwiftUI, it supports only the latest versions of iOS. By applying this framework, you may possibly lock out users running older versions of iOS.

Technology Stack for Android Apps in 2022

If you are looking to build a native app for the Android OS, you can consider choosing the Android app stack:

Programming languages

Java is considered to be the most popular language for making Android apps. It gives one of the best options to build Android applications, as they are based on Android APIs and a huge variety of built-in Java libraries. 

Kotlin is essentially lightweight and less verbose than Java. It is fully compatible with Java Virtual Machine and allows us to use both frameworks for developing the app.

Android development tools

Android Studio and Android Developer Tools (ADT) are great tools to develop Android apps. Powered by Google, it contains code editing and debugging tools and provides a user-friendly intuitive interface and all the necessary means to create high-quality apps. The tool has a great variety of visual layouts and drag-and-drop features. 

On the other hand, ADT provides developer-specific coding and test automation support, a graphical UI builder, and other specific features. It is a stable and well-supported tool designed to provide a powerful, integrated environment in which to build high-quality apps.

UI Frameworks

Android provides pre-built Android UI software. It allows developers to easily build user interfaces. Jetpack Compose is another modern UI kit for building a native Android user interface. It simplifies and accelerates UI development. This framework requires less code, and introducing powerful tools, and intuitive Kotlin APIs.

Technology Stack for Cross-Platform Apps in 2022

This is an era of developing cross-platform apps since they are well supported by both operating systems. The app uses the same interface and UX for the two main operating systems.  The use of a single coding system for both operating systems makes it so popular. Some commonly used technologies for cross-platform app development are-


Flutter is a Google-powered tool for cross-platform development. Based on the Dart programming language, it has built-in widgets that provide smooth and quick performance. Technology is the number of choices for developers at the current time. 

React Native

React Native is a framework based on JavaScript or TypeScript for creating mobile applications. This tool exploits the same UI building blocks which are used in Android and iOS. It provides quick and simple error detection, high functionality, and a simple interface.


Xamarin is usually accomplished with the C# language. This framework provides direct access to the native APIs of both operating systems and allows the use of an open-source and complete toolkit. 

Conclusion- Choosing The Right Mobile Technology Stack

Now when we have a better picture of the best mobile development technologies of 2022, it’s time to decide what stack best suits your particular set of requirements. While choosing it, make sure to consider-

  • Your project goals
  • Essential features of the future project
  • General app requirements
  • The platform you want your app on
  • Type of the future project
  • Budget and timelines
  • Data safety and general security

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