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Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Wearable Devices For Healthy Future

AI and Machine learning are two important pillars for gathering data from wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness bands, etc. Without Artificial Intelligence Engine, data gathering will be very tough or can say impossible from wearable devices as well as for users.

Most of the wearable app development companies are integrating this technology into wearable health applications thus offering common health solutions accessible to the masses.

In addition to this, AI-assisted data mining aid to the success of an intelligent healthcare platform through combined efforts of smartphones, website, IoT devices and wearables together that gather health data and displays the current health insights of an individual.

Building the Machine Learning based Medical Platform

Wearable systems are a kind of mobile electronic devices that can be embedded in the user’s outfit in the form of an accessory. They are operational 24X7 and accessed without any difficulty. These devices are smart enough to recognize user activity, state, and the surrounding situation of the user.

The AI-based medical platform should contain data points from various medico-sources such as manuals, journals, and public health data to emulate a doctor’s knowledge. When patient-specific data is added, time and location to the platform’s data are set so that the machine learning system can easily generate clinical insights of a patient. Compatible medical wearables and IoT devices can interface with the platform’s API and display insights about the data received from those devices.

  1. AI-based Wearables for Preventive Health Measures

AI-based Google X could be the next breakthrough in the Medical industry where he can even inject nanobots in your arteries thus offering you overall preventative health. The process works like this:

  • Once injected via capsules, nanoparticles proactively detect and diagnose diseases such as cancers, impending heart attacks or strokes based on changes to the person’s biochemistry, at the molecular and cellular level.
  • After developing nanoparticles, the patient can use wearable like a wristwatch on the wrist to gather data out of the injected nanoparticles.
  • The wearable device then feeds the data to the AI engine of the platform that further with machine learning capabilities of the platform able to detect abnormalities in the wearer’s body.
  • If detected with any, the wearable reports the condition to the AI Doctor for further treatment and prescriptions. For instance, if the wearer is detected with a potential condition like blocked arteries that could lead to heart stroke or cancerous tumor at a very early stage, the reports sent to the AI doctor who will then prescribe the possible treatments and medications.
  1. AI based Wearables for Medical Consultation

When detected with any medical abnormality, the patient can instantly consult with the physician or an AI doctor. The AI doctor consists of a neural network with a deep learning algorithm capable to detect any kind of disease faster than an actual doctor.

Integration with the deep Learning algorithm protects the platform so that there are lesser errors and maximum detection through self-learning module. The detailed reports are generated thereafter.

  1. AI based Wearables for Medication Management

The AI based doctor prescribes you medication. The process follows like this- AI doctors on detection of any health concern of a particular patient connect to the platform to gather required medical data. Medicines are prescribed thereafter to the patient which he/she receive via his wearable device. He can further refer to that prescription to order the medication overusing the integrated contact-less payment system with the NFC chip embedded in the wearable. The device also reminds you about your medication schedule-when it is time to take a medicine.

AI Based Medical Wearable devices:  Ethical Grounds, Protocols, and Acceptance

Depending on the subfield, some structures can’t attain a high degree of accurateness without human intervention, such as in the instance of identifying images. For instance, a wild cat & house cat may appear similar to a computer.

For these cases, a crowdsourcing tactic like reCAPCHA aids in improving the model further through human efforts.

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