Leverage the Power of IoT in your Next Business Mobile App

Leverage the Power of Internet of Things (IoT) in your Next Business Mobile App

The Internet of Things is one of the trending technologies that have rapidly found relevance in various sectors from healthcare to retail to creating smart homes. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of digital devices that utilizes software, sensors and other forms of connectivity for sharing information and data. 

You can see IoT enabled solutions in healthcare wearable devices, agriculture equipment, retail sectors, vehicles etc. As per a report, it was projected that the IoT will consist of about 30 billion objects in 2020, with a market value of over $7 trillion.

IoT Enabled Mobile Apps

With the revolution of mobile technology, the smartphones too are leveraging this popular technology IoT with the IoT enabled mobile apps. IoT enabled apps are dramatically improving the way we operate our day to day functions. The technology is proving a great help making us get rid of unnecessary physical work and improve the quality of life considerably.

 Below we are considering the different ways in which mobile apps are leveraging IoT and benefiting from the technological advancement in this area.

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Why Should You Leverage IoT Solutions in Your Mobile Apps?

A market analysis reveals that there are currently over 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world. The number will increase considerably in the years to come.

Accessing IoT solutions via mobile apps is an inexpensive way to leverage the power of this very demanding technology. Also, mobile apps offer more flexibility for transmitting data compared to web apps.

An IoT-enabled mobile app facilitates the remote control of other smart gadgets using a single mobile device. As all the devices are assigned their unique IP addresses, they are able to exchange data according to certain predetermined rules.

How are Mobile Apps Leveraging the IoT?

Smartphones have immensely simplified our lives. Integrating your mobile app with IoT capabilities will be further simplifying our lives. Find below the ways through which mobile apps are leveraging on the Internet of Things-

Wearables :

Wearables are an integral part of IoT solutions.  By using connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it is possible to connect wearables like wristwatches, eyeglasses and even bands to your smartphones. This way, any form of data can be exchanged between the two devices. 

For example, many fitness trackers are worn as wristbands and are connected to your mobile device. A sensor is attached to the wristband that gets data about your heart beats, calorie burn, and other physical activities. This data obtained is then simulated in the mobile app and can be used to track performance. 

Healthcare Devices :

Home-based medical devices are on a hit these days. All thanks to IoT application development. Medical devices are connected to sensors which obtain health data from the patient which is transferred to the mobile app. This data can be further transferred remotely to the doctor, nurses or family members in case of emergent health conditions. This is a great way to reduce the physical visits to the hospitals and are essentially benefitting the old age and physically dosabled people.

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Smart Home- Remote Device Automation :

The power of IoT developments has taken home automation to a completely new level. Most of the home appliances like bulbs, ACs, locks, geysers, microwave, TV and other electrical items can be controlled remotely using a mobile device.

With just a few clicks on your mobile devices, you could directly control every equipment function of your house. This not only offers us ultimate comfort but ensures safety and security as well as a reduced energy consumption of home devices.

Agriculture :

The world’s population is projected to hit 9 billion by 2050. With the ever-growing food demand, there arises a need for improved agriculture facilities. IoT plays a great role here. IoT-based sensible farming is employed to keep an eye on field crops with sensors (light, temperature, humidity, soil wetness so on). These sensors allow farmers to remotely monitor the conditions of their crops using their mobile devices. Other IoT agricultural developments introduced are- precision farming, agricultural drones, livestock monitoring and smart greenhouse.

Retail :

Retail sector involves using IoT methods like RFID inventory tracking chips, infrared foot-traffic counters, Wi-Fi tracking systems, digital signage to attract customers. These sensors obtain relevant data that are transferred to mobile apps. This way a retail business got to know the exact requirement and need of a customer and respond proactively upon this depending on the context of time and place.

Other applications of IoT developments in retailing includes; predictive maintenance equipment, smart transportation, demand-based warehouses, connected customers, and smart-stores.

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