In 2023, iPhone app design company, Apple once again revolutionised the smartphone experience by releasing iOS 17. This update pleasantly surprised millions of iPhone users, bringing along an exciting range of features, fixes, and improvements. As avid tech enthusiasts, let us now cross through the details curious to get a better view of what this operating system has to offer, and also what it’s incompatible with.  

To fully understand this update and its implications, this article breaks down the technical specifics of the most predominant operating system to date. Among its features, key changes and the pulsing of the current updates supplied by said system, as well as what to expect in the wholly new era of iOS 17. 

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iOS 17 Release and Updates 

On September 18, 2023, Apple rolled out its initial release of iOS 17 to the public. Yet, just a few days later, Apple went on to issue iOS 17.0.1, addressing three zero-day security vulnerabilities that had the potential of being actively exploited.  

The very same day, Apple also released iOS 17.0.2 to specifically aesthetically address a bug that was affecting iPhone 15 models. This bug would cause difficulties in the data transfer process during setup, but the 17.0.2 update allowed for a smooth flow of data during installation. 

On September 27 , that same update was made available to any other iPhones users, allowing them the same safe setup process, and putting people’s minds at ease.  

iOS 17.0.3 arrived on October 4, primarily to address an overheating issue, particularly affecting the iPhone 15 Pro. This update also included two security fixes.  

The most recent version of iOS 17 is iOS 17.1, released on October 25. It introduced several new features, including enhancements to AirDrop, StandBy options, Favourites in Apple Music, and various bug fixes and security updates. 


iOS 17.1 New Features 

iOS 17.1, released on October 25, introduced several new features, enhancing the user experience. These features include:  

StandBy Settings: Users can now choose when the display should turn off, whether automatically, after 20 seconds, or never. This feature is particularly useful for customising the device’s behaviour according to individual preferences.  

Watch App Enhancements: The Watch app now provides options to control double-tap actions for Apple Watch, offering more convenience for users. 

Apple Music Favourites: Apple Music gained a new “Favourites” feature, allowing users to personalise their music experience further. 

Continue AirDrops over the Internet: Sharing data between devices through AirDrop now continues even when out of range, making the process more seamless. 

New Generic Artwork for Apple Music Playlists: Users can enjoy a fresh look for their Apple Music playlists with new generic artwork. 

iOS 17 Bugs and Issues 

Like any software update, iOS 17 had its share of bugs and problems. Some of the issues reported by users include:  

Overheating: iOS 17.0.3 addressed a problem causing the iPhone 15 Pro to overheat, providing a fix for this issue.  

Security: Apple issued updates to address security flaws on September 21 and October 4, ensuring the safety of user data and devices.  

Performance Slowdowns and Battery Life: Some users experienced performance issues, reduced battery life, or overheating after updating to iOS 17. These problems often resolve themselves as the device carries out background tasks related to the update. Restarting the iPhone may help alleviate these issues.  

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Post-update, some users encountered difficulties staying connected to Wi-Fi networks. Restarting the iPhone can often resolve this problem.  

Standby Time Zone Issue: In some cases, the Standby mode displayed an incorrect time zone. A fix for this issue involved adding the correct time zone to the clock widget. 

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iOS 17 Features 

iOS 17 introduced a wide array of new features and improvements. While initial rumours suggested there might be fewer major changes, Apple unveiled numerous enhancements at WWDC 2023. Some of the prominent features include:  

Journal: This new app builds upon the Memories feature in Photos, offering a way to relieve special moments with text, location, and photos. It even includes a Suggestions API for developers to use in their apps. 

StandBy: Borrowing from the Apple Watch, StandBy allows users to place their phone in landscape mode on a stand, displaying the time with various clock styles. Users can shuffle through their photos, display widgets, and see Live Activities, making it reminiscent of traditional alarm clocks. 

Contact Posters: Personalise how you appear in calls and on your contact card by customising your poster with images, fonts, and colours. This feature works with Call Kit and can be used in third-party VOIP apps.  

Live Voicemail: When someone leaves a voicemail, iOS 17 displays a live transcript as they speak, enabling users to decide whether to answer the call based on the message content.  

Phone Calls: The Phone app received updates, including changes to the Contacts button, in-call buttons, and icons.  

FaceTime: Users can now leave video messages in the FaceTime app when the recipient doesn’t answer. Additionally, FaceTime calls can be taken on an Apple TV. 

Messages: The Messages app is faster, and it introduces search filters to narrow down search results. Users can also jump to the first unread message in a group chat, swipe to reply on any bubble, and automatically transcribe audio messages. The new Check-In feature notifies family and friends when a user reaches their destination safely.  

Ringtones and Text Tones: iOS 17 includes new ringtones and text tones, allowing users to personalise their device’s audio alerts. 

Stickers: All emojis in iOS 17 are now stickers that can be resized. Users can lift subjects from photos and turn them into stickers, including live animated photos. 

AirDrop: Apple simplified the process of sharing information between devices through AirDrop, making it more user-friendly. A future update will enable AirDrop to continue over the internet, even if users leave before the transfer completes.  

  • Sharing documents with someone nearby just got easier! With AirDrop Proximity Sharing, you can initiate a file transfer just by holding your iPhone near theirs. Or, take advantage of the internet transfer feature, which lets you start a file transfer using AirDrop and finish it over iCloud. All you have to do is make sure both sharing participants are signed into iCloud!  
  • SharePlayInitiation takes it a step further and lets you link two iPhones together, initiating an awesome two-person, multi-device interactive session. Connect with someone near you and enjoy a movie, play music together, or even challenge each other to a game–all with just the press of a button.  

NameDrop: This new feature simplifies contact info exchange through AirDrop, eliminating the need to make missed calls for sharing contact details. 

Keyboard and Dictation: Autocorrect is more accurate than ever, offering options to revert to the original word. Predictions appear in line as users type, with machine learning adapting autocorrect based on writing style. Dictation leverages a new speech recognition model for increased accuracy.  

Hey Siri: Users no longer need to say “Hey” before summoning Siri. Siri’s improved accuracy and the ability to handle multiple requests in the same command enhance the voice assistant’s functionality. 

Photos: The People album now uses on-device machine learning to recognize favourite people, cats, and dogs in photos. 

Safari and Private Browsing: Safari introduces a Profiles feature to separate work-related and personal browsing. Users can choose different default search engines for private browsing, and the search function is more responsive and user-friendly.  

Apple Music: Collaborative Apple Music playlists are expected in a later update, allowing users to share, edit, and reorder songs in shared playlists. 

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iOS 17 has brought a host of exciting features and improvements to iPhones, making it feel like a new device without the need for a costly upgrade. The continuous rollout of updates ensures that Apple addresses issues and enhances the user experience. As Apple continues to evolve its operating system, users can expect even more exciting features in the future, making the iOS app company a central part of their digital lives. 

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