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Top 10 iOS App Development Trends to Look Out in 2023

With the boom of technology, almost every sector is experiencing an enhanced & positive change. Technology advancements are all set to amaze you with even more exciting features. The mobile industry is likely to experience the most technological advancements this year. Many businesses are leveraging this strategy to make their mobile products and business a great hit in the market. Other than basic features, mobile apps can now be seen integrated with trending technologies like IoT, AI, chatbots, VR and AR, etc.

iOS is seen taking a significant part of the mobile app market. In this article, we will let you be aware of the top iOS app development trends you should look out for in 2023 and beyond.

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iOS App Development Trends 2023

1. ATS for Better App Security

The embedded features of Apple are known for offering full security to your app. It was a matter of the highest concern for iOS app developers to prevent hackers from stealing the personal data of app users. With the release of iOS 13, developers can integrate ATS — App Transport Security for their developed iOS app.

2. AR and VR Integration

iOS app development is playing an important role in the virtual world. Now, you can focus on building real-time applications for an enriched user experience. This is possible with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality- which marks its position as the next important iOS app trend in 2023. Apps like IKEA are already making use of this technology to provide a better consumer experience. Other examples of AR-VR-based applications are Dance Reality and Houzz.

3. Implementing Swift 5 by Apple

With the release of the Swift 5 programming language by Apple, all iOS development companies are focusing on leveraging its power in their mobile app-based business. It is considered a standalone framework that enhances the features and productivity of developed apps.

For every future version of macOS, iOS, and Wearable OS, Swift libraries will be incorporated. With this trend, applications will be smaller and easier to build.

4. The Wearable and IoT Age

With the ever-increasing popularity of the iPhone, iOS app developers are focussing on the latest technologies to create apps that revolutionalize the industry. IoT-enabled iOS apps will make smartphones connect to wristwatches, bands, and other wearable devices to facilitate data sharing and transfer. Recently Apple has introduced the HomeKit program to use the technology-driven IoT.

Industries like agriculture, healthcare, and logistics are already benefitting customers by IoT integration into their iOS applications.

5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence technology will rule the year 2022. According to the latest research by International Data Corporation, AI technology will get more than $47 billion in revenue by 2022.

Your iOS app will get the power of Machine Learning when it’s integrated with the CoreML framework. Soon, CoreML will be the norm for customizing your iOS app development process. 

6. Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

Cloud technology brings a lot of opportunities to iOS app development this year. Cloud-based iOS apps run on the cloud allowing companies to store huge amounts of data while increasing the effectiveness and productivity of applications.  Cloud integration helps both consumers and app developers. iOS developers can use cloud platforms for the development, making it quicker and simpler. The benefits cloud integration brings include App Scalability, Cost reduction, and Security.

7. Chatbots

Chatbot technology has taken over customer support for various industries. Chatbots offer you immense benefits- they work 24/7 with no waiting time for customers. When your business app satisfies customer queries on the go, they can make decisions to buy faster.

Recently, Starbucks came up with a chatbot functionality where a customer can make his choice of coffee, and shop location via the app- My Starbucks Barista. After that, he just needs to visit the chosen Starbucks and pick up their cup of coffee.

8. iBeacon Technology

iBeacon Technology from Apple is just another iOS app development trend for 2022.

Beacon stands for wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology. Having established the connection, a push notification with a set message appears on the user’s iPhone.

Let’s consider this technology as an example. Let’s say your potential buyer is passing by the clothing store. As soon as customers pass by the shop, iBeacon sensors become active and he/she will get notifications about exciting deals and goods that may be interested in.

9. Importance of Enterprise Development

Enterprise development is said to be one of the most crucial developments of recent times. It offers great productivity & improves security. iOS app developers with this new trend can grow their highly scalable enterprise.

10. Apple Pay

This ultimate Mobile Wallet is the next iOS trend you’ll notice this year. Today, people are least interested to pay for their purchases in cash. By integrating payment gateways with Apple pay, iOS developers have made the payment process smoother, quicker and faster. 

The study reveals that 200 percent of the total payment made via the Apple payment gateway is expected to rise. 


So, now that you are aware of these latest trends, it’s high time to take maximum advantage of these latest iOS App Development Trends to increase your business revenue to a greater extent. iOS developers must focus on integrating advanced technologies to create a more exciting and secure user experience. Laying a focus on Core Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT technology will bring a great advantage to your business. Additionally, you can consider offering feature-rich solutions in your iOS app such as the integration of wearable devices and iBeacon technology.

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