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Law Enforcement App Development

Law Enforcement Apps: Why Agencies Need one to Enhance Security

With the pace of technology accelerating faster than ever, almost every industry is undergoing digital transformation. With a category of mobile apps available on the App & Play Store, we can now order anything, anywhere—from groceries, medicines to healthcare services & more—with just a few taps on your phone. This digital revolution has made us reach anyone, or millions of people, in an instant.

Technology is changing core aspects of how we interact as a society, and how we can use it in law enforcement to keep us safe.

New technologies, new methods, and new ideas have changed the entire law enforcement system for the better. Police and law enforcement agencies across various countries are seen driving the change, pioneering creative ideas, adapting to changing contexts, and incorporating insights from officers and community partners. The innovations in the law enforcement sector begin with emerging technologies. These technologies support new concepts of operations that keep society safe.

In this article, we are emphasizing why there is a need for law enforcement applications and how agencies are using Law Enforcement Apps for better law & order in the city, state, and country as a whole.

Why Law Enforcement App Development?

Law enforcement is all about keeping law & order in the country while keeping society safe. Digital transformation & technological advancements have completely changed the way we as a society interact with others. To pace up with the changing society, law enforcement has adopted new technologies, new methods, and new ideas. These ways have brought significant change to the industry. 

Law Enforcement Mobile apps have brought new capabilities to the hands of police officers, irrespective of where they are.

Benefits of Law Enforcement Apps

Now that mobile technologies are fully integrated into our personal lives, police agencies are more open to equipping them with technical devices and applications that leverage the ease of consumer applications. Law enforcement & Police Apps are built specifically to address the needs of law enforcement in the country. The apps help officers more situationally aware while making tasks like reporting and evidence collection in the field more efficient and accurate.

Law Enforcement apps offer unique capabilities in the hands of police officers – no matter where they are. The two most important functionalities of these apps are-


This is the area where Police apps have gained attraction! It gives investigators the ability to take notes, take photos, or record videos in the field and automatically upload them to secure, CJIS-compliant cloud storage.

The app allows officers to take narration from a citizen who witnessed an accident, get pictures and video of the surrounding scene, and then that information instantly gets stored in the cloud. The evidence afterward will link back to the records management system so when an investigator goes into the records to look at the case or incident.  Others can view all the related files there instantly without having to navigate in multiple systems.


Law enforcement applications are designed to gain information and offer access to that information to other departments as well. In case of any emergency, the information about the incident can flow back into the city permitting software and also into the police department’s CAD and records dispatch software. That way, when a law enforcement officer is dispatched to a scene, they have information about every criterion. For instance, in case of a sudden fire outbreak in a building, police officers would gain access to information like the name of the building, the number of occupants, the nature of the business, whether there are hazardous materials stored at the location, or whether there are fences, gates or security systems to be navigated, etc.

Some Popular Law Enforcement Apps Around the World

Following are some most popular Law Enforcement/Police Apps around the world.


SceneDoc is one of its kind of Law enforcement app that enables front-line officers to collect notes, issue citations, view case files, and complete reports (FBR) all on their smartphone. The app has a lot of tools for police officers and offers clearer, faster, and richer information, provides safety to officers in the field, and higher levels of visibility for command. 


 Law Enforcement Apps - ShieldForce

ShieldForce is another Law enforcement app designed to make a police officer’s job easier. The app provides critical information to officers in the field to keep them more situationally aware. All information is instantly accessible and law enforcement officers do not need to radio into dispatch for additional information or return to their patrol vehicles to request or pull data from their MDTs.

US Cop

US Cop is one of the most popular apps for law enforcement officers in the US. The app works wonderfully for street officers as now they get all useful information about common things in streets like traffic lights, drugs & more such information on their phones.

Some of the resources in the app include:

  • Accident investigation system
  • Drug identifier with photos
  • Newsfeeds from different police web portals
  • Video tutorials for new CPR guidelines.
  • Training related material about weapons, interview & interrogation, detecting deception, rookie drug mistakes, Drug Recognition Expert, etc.
  • Case Law resources for probable cause
  • The facility of taking a photo with date/time stamp, GPS location, and address 
  • An integrated work calendar to maintain your rotating work schedule.

RAIDS Online

This app was created by a Former police officer and crime analyst to improve public safety and reduce crime. The app can be used by the public and police officers. It creates a public crime map for users that can be accessed at any time and can be used to make informed decisions about remaining safe. The app identifies high-crime areas and alerts you about recent crime activity in the area with the details like crime type, date, time, address, and distance from your location. Some features of the app are:

  • Automated data feed
  • Works with any RMS/CAD
  • Email alerts
  • Basic analytics
  • unlimited historic data
  • Hotspot maps
  • Proximity search
  • Temporal topology chart
  • Metadata/data transparency
  • Ability to upload data on any schedule

Silent Partner

Silent Partner can be used by officials spending time in the field. The app turns your smartphone into a secure mobile recording device and can be used to capture data like photos, videos, and sound clips. Silent Partner can also be set to cell phone monitoring mode and can be used to record any phone calls. 

My Police Department

This app will allow you to connect with every law enforcement service and police department near you. You will be able to help keep your town safer using this app, as you will be able to give information to the police about anything suspicious you might see. 


So, now that you are aware of the vast benefits of having a law enforcement app, it’s high time to invest in such promising technology to keep yourself & your society safe while easing the work of police officers. 

Are you looking for a custom-made police app or a similar law enforcement app development? QSS Technosoft has all expertise in delivering you high-performing, intuitive, and responsive web, iOS, and Android law enforcement apps that can empower your team to carry your agency in their pocket.

We have a team of 200+ technology experts who specialize in building a robust and scalable platform that seamlessly matches your immediate requirements of different divisions. We help police departments across the country develop, deploy and manage mobile apps (iOS & Android) to drive deeper community engagement and increase internal productivity. Till now, we have delivered several police & law enforcement apps integrated with new features and functionality that deliver the highest level of efficiency within agencies of different sizes around the world.

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