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Logistics Application Development Technology: A Futuristic View

Many companies are trying to follow the example of Uber and create an equal app to gain success. However, it does not mean all of those companies are eager to deal with taxi service. They need a handy mobile tool for the transportation segment that deals with logistics, shipping and other issues of the industry.

Transportation industry has already grown into a huge global marketplace featuring latest innovations including IoT platforms and connected devices. The mobile market also experiences growth in logistics fraction. For this reason, building a great application is certainly a good idea every time you want to get value from your product. Whether you look for a handy tool that will let you hold your returning customers as well as acquire new ones, this article will reveal some key issues when developing a logistics mobile app.

A logistic mobile app could be great for the transportation industry and as well as for some other related business. Here are three points which make a logistic app great.-

– Location tracking;
– Traffic data;
– Fleet managing tools;


The Transportation and Freight Industry is going through a powerful transformation influenced by modern technologies. Nowadays many who have established their business on trucks and cargo shipping want to create a transportation mobile app.
Logistics apps consists of the following attributes:

Automatic dispatching: Within a mobile app, drivers are automatically assigned according to the distance, availability, direction and current load capacity
Feedback: Monitor the driver’s service and performance. Monitor customer feedback in real-time
Shipment Tracking: This feature provides informations on log carrier, delivery of goods and track the shipments.

In addition to ensuring the load of vehicles, logistic experts should understand how to calculate and adjust pricing, build profitable business relations with the partners and the customers, and have at least a basic understanding of how to develop a logistics app. Tracking is very important for each and every business which are involved in logistics.


Built-in GPS does a lot more than simple tracking. It can also dissect the data about driver’s on-road behavior, which can possibly increase his safety. Traffic data may be available through Google Maps or other services.

Drivers can use real-time data about the traffic and historical information that reveals common traffic for a distinct area based on daily records. Google Traffic shows either road construction and maintenance, accidents, and road inaccessibility .

How does it work? Working capacity of this service depends on two main sources. The first are different kinds of traffic sensors, the second – drivers themselves. If the driver uses Google Maps with GPS enabled, device is sending the data to the Google server anonymously. And there comes that magic that you can see on the screen of your smartphone.

Or you can make your own uber for trucking industry and share GPS data from users to create a live traffic ribbon, or embed this option in your application.


Location tracking and geofencing are certainly among the fundamental features you need to implement in your future app. At the same time, you can think of some extra functions to make your product stand out from other typical applications for logistics. For example, you can think of some handy tools to manage company’s fleet. The main idea here is to increase the level of vehicles’ performance as well as track drivers’ logs in real time.

KeepTruckin is a good example of such handy app to manage vehicle fleet. It comes as a handy managing platform that uses alerts and push notifications every time a driver violates his servicing hours. The alerts are sent directly to the driver’s smartphone in real time. KeepTruckin has already hit the headlines with a selection of managing tools to handle vehicle inspections and detect any problems and malfunctions from the mechanical perspectives.



Although it may seem to be a simple task, the development of logistics app can be a challenge. You need to think of all possible features you want to implement in your applications as well as the method to achieve them. At the same time, you need to make your product as efficient as possible. For s hipping company, it means lower transportation costs, better managing tools and effective vehicle tracking in addition to assets control.

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