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Mobile App Development Trends: The Future of Mobile Apps

Smartphone’s transformed our lives, and with emerging technologies hitting the market, mobile app development is expected to revolutionize mobile app development like never before. If you are contemplating developing a Smartphone app, here are a few mobile app development trends that will affect the future of mobile apps in 2020.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is one of the newest trends in mobile app development and is actively looked up to by several industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and museum. Beacon technology provides exceptional utility in proximity marketing and location technology and is easy to use and adaptable for users.

Talking beacons are wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology and are widely used in sales for information exchange. Beacons, when merged with IoT, can be of great use in the retail sector. Some common Beacon technology trends for upcoming years include:

  • Automated machine learning
  • AI-enabled chips
  • Mobile payments beacons
  • Beacon treasure hunting

5G Wireless Services

5G has been announced and is expected to transform the telecommunication industry. The stand out feature of 5G technology is speed, which is articulated to be 100 times than the current speed of 4G networks. Although there is still time until 5G entirely replaces 4G, we can expect a paradigm shift in late 2020.

Some mobile app development trends to accept after the generalization of 5G technology are:

  • 3D gaming
  • Speed
  • Augmented reality
  • Data security

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have been out for a while now, but in the upcoming years, the way we engage with these devices is going to change, and it would have a significant effect on mobile app development in 2020.

Moreover, with an expected upsurge in the use of 5G, we can expect increased use of fitness trackers, along with less dependence on the smartphone.

Artificial Intelligence

The utilization of AI in mobile app development is not new, and we can expect the application of AI in smartphones to rise in 2021. The primary function of AI in mobile app development is to make applications more intelligent, thereby reducing human effort.

For example, Duplex, an AI program from Google, can make calls and fix appointments with local businesses. Some industries including healthcare, customer service, and finance & accounting are stated to benefit the most from the development of AI in mobile app development.

Some AI trends in mobile app development to look out for include:

  • AIOps (AI plus DevOps)
  • Automated ML
  • AI-enabled chips

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Android Instant Apps

If you have been using android applications for a while, you must be acquainted with Google’s instant application feature on Play Store. In most cases, smartphone users don’t use more than ten applications daily, whereas average smartphone users have an average of 23 applications installed on their smartphones.

With the help of the instant app feature, smartphone users can use the app for a while without installing it and can install it afterward if they find it useful. This feature helps users save up both data and storage space.

IoT-Integrated Mobile Applications

IoT, similar to AI, is not a new concept and has been used widely in mobile app development for the last 18 months. But, since IoT itself is rapidly evolving, it is giving rise to app development ideas and opportunities as well. One of the major app development trends in IoT is IoT-enabled applications that can control IoT types of equipment without physically engaging with them.

Some IoT-integrated mobile applications include Android Udibots, Xively, and Thingworx.

AR and VR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are of great use for enterprises. AR technology uses digital projectors and sensors to generate real-world images. Although some applications used AR before, it was until the launch of Pokemon Go that streamlined the use of AR in mobile apps.

Moreover, Apple and Google have released ARKit and ARCore, respectively, which are robust platforms for AR-based mobile app development. Some of the most popular applications to use AR include Instagram and Snapchat (3D filters). Moreover, with AR finding its applications in marketing & advertising, healthcare, and manufacturing, the AR-based mobile app market is expected to witness a significant upsurge.


Mobile Wallets

With a boost in e-commerce and online banking, the demand for flexible online payment options is on the rise. But with the onset of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, M-commerce has witnessed significant growth as well.

With software giants like Samsung working on an advanced scan & pay method, we can expect a lot of development in the mobile payment sector. These mobile applications would result in more mobile wallet users, along with more secure and contactless payments.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a project by Google that intends to simplify heavy websites to basic HTML pages for fast loading speed, low bounce back rates, and high performance. Moreover, Google has integrated AMP into mobile search results, making AMP an important ranking factor for mobile searches.

The Bottom Line

Mobile app development is a continually evolving field, with new technologies rapidly entering and transforming the app development trends. In upcoming years, the app development ideas mentioned above are expected to trend, and if you are planning to develop a mobile app, these ideas are worth considering.

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