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Android 11 is Available to Download- Here are the Top 7 Features

The latest version of Android operating system- Android 11 is just released by Google. The official Android 11 is equipped with many exciting & useful features like media controls, built-in screen recording, more control over data and privacy etc. 

Where a built-in screen recording feature will let you record anything on your screen with sound, the media controls offer an easy switching of the sound/music from your device to your headphones or speaker without missing a beat.  Android 11 also brings wireless support for Android Auto skipping the need for cable to connect Android phones with the car. Further, Android will now “auto-reset” permissions for unused apps and notify you accordingly.

With all these features, Android users can now access all their smart devices in one place by just long pressing on the power button. As per Google, “the latest Android OS offers improved functions, security and privacy fixes on Android phones.”

Let’s have an in-depth discussion about the top 7 features of this all new version of Android.

Top 7 Features of Android 11- In-depth Discussion

Android 11, apart from offering a series of interface-level changes also brings bunches of new features to make it easier for you to manage different things on your smartphone. Here are the top 7 features worth reading about-

1. Dedicated Space for Smart Conversations

The newest Android 11 brings a great change to your phone via ‘Conversations’. There will be a dedicated space for all your text and instant messages available in the notifications section.  This space is called Conversations. The feature makes it easier for you to view any of the important/ prioritize conversations instantly via a slide.  Also, you can mute notifications for certain conversations.

2. Bubbles Feature 

Second feature is the Bubbles feature that works just like how Chat Heads work on Facebook Messenger. It allows you to respond to important conversations without switching back and forth. This feature will let you stay focused on the important work you’re doing on your phone.

3. Built-in Screen Recording

Most of the Android users may be using a third-party app for screen recording as Google didn’t offer this feature by default up until now. Apple has already offered this function to all its iOS users. The Android 11 has a screen recording available as a standard feature to let you capture and share your screen. You can also enable recording with sound from your microphone, device, or both – all without using a third-party app. Sounds interesting?

4. Redesigned Media Controls for Smart Audio Switch

The media controls on the new Android version have been redesigned to make it easier for you to manage your audio playback experience. The feature let you switch from your headphones to a Bluetooth speaker by just tapping the audio source on the media controls card. Get this feature directly in the Quick Settings area.

5. Updated Power Menu to Access all your smart home devices

There will be an updated power menu on Android 11. This feature will let you access all your smart home devices by long pressing the power button.

6. One-time permissions for Camera, Location, Mic

After iOS, Google too brings one-time permissions in the Android 11 version. This function will let you grant single use access to microphone, camera, and location and will ask for your permissions each time when you use it on your phone.

7. Auto-reset permissions

In addition to one-time permissions, Android 11 lets you auto-reset permissions for your unused apps. This is quite helpful if you don’t want an app to keep accessing your data even when it’s not being used for a long time.

How to Download & Install Android 11

If you own a Google Pixel 2 phone, you will be provided with a notification for downloading android 11 update over-the-air. You can alternatively check for the update by going through System updates. Google has also published the Android 11 OTA update files for all the compatible Pixel phones that you can load manually after downloading them onto your handset. 

Note: This article was previously published on NDTV.

Final Thoughts

With this latest Android launch of the year, Google promises to come with more in the future. With every released Android version, Google ensures your Android OS is fast, beautiful and more productive.

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