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Top Nodejs Frameworks

Top Node.js Frameworks & Development Trends for the Year 2021

Today, we can see the trends of node.js because the modern software development industry is highly influenced by Node.js frameworks. This is the one such framework that combines a set of libraries, helpers, and various tools helping you create and operate enhanced & lightning fast web applications. Not only this, Node.js platform offers a strong base to build and safeguard your online presence.

For businesses seeking advanced ways to connect with their target audience digitally over web, Node.js is a right choice. One feature of Node.js is- it allows developers to use the same language for both client-side and server-side scripting. Probably, this is the reason why Node.js has acquired #1 position on developers’ list.

In this blog, we are listing top Node.js frameworks that came into existence offering a great shot of features to your app development. Also, we are making you aware of the top Node.js trends that most node js development company will be going to see in 2021 and beyond.

Top 10 Node.js Frameworks That are Highly Popular

With the continuous and drastic growth in the Node.js development, a number of frameworks based upon Node.js have come up that are expected to rule the year 2021. Top renowned node.js frameworks are:

  1. Express.js

Express js

Express.js is a feature-rich web application framework for Node.js that helps developers to work more efficiently eliminating development hurdles.  Easy to configure and customize, the framework can easily be integrated with diverse databases like MongoDB, Redis, and MySQL. If used together with Node.js, it can build APIs for single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web apps. Express.js is a great choice if you are building an app that should handle multiple requests and notifications from customers.

  1. Meteor.js

meteor js

Meteor.js is a recognized framework compatible with iOS, Android, or desktop. Meteor.js comes with a comprehensive set of packages, libraries, and testing tools enabling smooth client-server communication. With Meteor.js, integration is easy with Mocha or Jasmine syntax that starts testing procedure automatically when the code is executed.

  1. Koa.js


Koa.js is a smaller but robust NodeJS framework that is lightweight and offers quick development of Web Applications and APIs.  Known as the framework for the future, Koa.js enhances the overall productivity, by making the programming easier by providing an upstream and downstream flow of control. It allows you to choose the relevant modules for your web application, which makes it a flexible framework. Koe.js opts for ES6 generators and eliminates call backs making the application very fast.

  1. Nest.js

nest js

Nest.js is a beautifully crafted Node.js server-side (backend) application framework that boosts developers’ productivity. The framework builds dynamic and scalable enterprise-grade applications and offers complete flexibility with the use of its extensive libraries.

  1. Sails.js

sails js

When combined with Node.js, it can build custom enterprises applications with relatively high-speed. Equipped with ORM, it makes the framework compatible with all databases. It supports many adapters including MYSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and much more. Benefits include:

  • A number of automated generators
  • Faster development
  • Compatible with all front-end technologies
  • Can work easily with React, Angular, and many others
  • additional routing not required
  1. Adonis.Js

adonis js

AdonisJs used in a combination of Node.js offers greater development solutions helping developers choose a business-friendly package and write a server-side webs application. The framework provides good support for No-SQL database such as MongoDB and create efficient SQL-queries which easy to learn and implement.

  1. Hapi.js

hapi js

Hapi.js works the same as Express.js do and helps the server data to implement by bridging the gap between server-side and client side. Additionally, the framework has the ability to create a server on specific IP, possible through the feature ‘onPreHandler.’ The framework offers faster and efficient development service with features like:

  • Good command over request handling
  • API reference with a detailed view
  • Support for document generation
  • Features like Cashing, Authentication, and input validation
  1. Derby.js

derby js

Derby.js is a full stack Node.js framework that helps developers to write cutting-edge web applications. Derby.js allows developers, working with Node.js, to add customised codes to deliver fully scalable and efficient data. It uses native DOM methods to render templates on the server. 

  1. Total.js

total js

Total.js is fast and helps to create fully customised applications for the website, e-Commerce, REST service, IoT apps and much more. It has a lot of scope in future and you can make superfast apps development at low maintenance cost.  You can also make use of versions such as Total.js Eshop, CMS, HelpDesk, etc.


socket js enables real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication. The framework can work across platforms like iOS, Mac, Windows devices and browsers. It builds fast & scalable application and able to:

  • Create a chat app in just few codes
  • Provides real-time analytics
  • Document collaboration

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Top NodeJS Development Trends for 2020 & Beyond

Today, more than 168K websites are using Node.js framework. Below, we have listed some trends that you are going to witness in 2020 and beyond:

  • Fast, Scalable & Flexible Apps

2020 is an era of fast, scalable & flexible apps. Being a single-threaded and asynchronous, Node.js offers non-blocking I/O model. That means it drives multitasking operation simultaneously unlike carrying out one task at a time. Node.js is equipped with power loaded features like scalability and flexibility that allows developers to offer better feature updates and host a larger audience seamlessly.

  • Serverless Web App Development 

Well, this is one of the most advantageous features of Node.js. This helps save cost as well as reduces the overall time generating efficiency and productivity of the developers. It eliminates hardware and server maintenance from performance deciding factors. The key metrics like highly reduced project costs, flexible usage of the codes for the developers makes Node.js to be in great demand for the years to come.

  • Microservices

Node.js offers Microservices that are helpful in increasing the maintenance of the codes. It acts to support the server less approach and shows great effectiveness in the large projects.

The feature is already in demand by many businesses that are planning to make their web applications, faster, and seamless, for optimizing its performance. By leveraging Microservices, they can maintain the code with ease, and make changes wherever required without affecting the other modules of applications. 

  • Productive & Reusable Coding

There were times when developers had to write two different languages for client-side and server-side implementations. But today, with the use of productive & reusable coding, it has reduced to half. Now, developers have to write single code for both ends. Node.js excels in creating a bridge between front-end and library. The framework also reduces logic replication and can be used by multiple applications.

  • GraphQL

As per the stats recorded by Facebook and Shopify, GraphQL is expected to grow beyond its existing level in 2019 and continue even in 2021 with great pace.

GraphQL integration in app enables the use of sources of multiple data in an efficient and effective manner. Not only this, it simplifies the workflow to a great extent on multiple platforms. Node.js is a perfect framework that allows easy integration of GraphQL in apps.

  • Increased Use of Real-Time Apps

The wide use of Real-time applications from food delivery apps like Zomato to Google Docs, is surely a must to watch trend that would gain a lot of attractions in the year 2021. These types of apps require lightweight processing with a strong backend and data serving platform and only NodeJS proves to be a great solution to fulfil these needs.

  • Cloud Computing

Today a lot of industries are moving to cloud for a better performance and cost efficiency. NodeJS being serverless in nature can be deployed to add efficiency. The framework supports cloud computing solutions by offering easy integration for building new cloud based apps and scaling the existing ones.

  • Use in IoT

Internet of Things is an obvious technology to be used in multiple industries in the coming time. Node.js lets you implement micro-services, real-time related capabilities, and data-centric approaches making a good fit for building IoT applications.


So, now when you are aware of the power of Node.js, it’s time to include it into your next development project for a sure success. The Node.js ecosystem has been gaining major attraction due to its valuable features and efficiency. With a number of industries continuously increasing its usage upon their platforms, the Node.js framework is observing a good growth and business efficiency.

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