Node.js, React and .NET Core Ranks High among Most Web Development Frameworks- New Developers Survey

According to the new developers survey by CodinGame, an online platform for developers, Node.js, React and .NET Core framework has been placed high among other web development frameworks.

The survey asked about frameworks in terms of popularity and those that are in demand by tech employers. Microsoft’s .NET Core ranked third in the known category, behind Node.js and React. The list shows strong placements by JavaScript/web technologies, including Vue.js, Angular variants, Django and more.

As per CodinGame- “Node.js, React and .NET Core are currently the most popular frameworks amongst developers with React being the most sought-after framework.” 59 percent of tech recruiters are on the lookout for developers who know React

Further, the report suggests another framework- Angular2+ that makes it to the top three most chosen frameworks by recruiters. Overall 41 percent of recruiters are on the lookout for Angular2+ specialists. Survey also suggests that DevOps technology would be most in-demand by developers in 2021.

Top Known and In-Demand Frameworks of 2020-2021

The survey polled nearly 15,000 developers and HR pros from around the world and was conducted in december 2020. .NET technology by Microsoft is ranked fourth in the list of “in-demand languages” and was No. 6 in the “known” category.

“JavaScript, Java and Python are the most well-known programming languages out there. More than half of developers know how to code in these 3 languages,” CodinGame said. “Companies are in sync with developers when it comes to major programming languages JavaScript and Java: close to 60 percent have high demand for these languages.”

Survey Highlights for 2021

Here are some highlights of the survey:

  • The majority of tech professionals will focus on the candidate’s experience in 2021.
  • The majority of companies (64 percent) are looking to hire up to 50 developers this year.
  • When HR pros were asked which positions they have demand for, but predicted they’ll struggle to recruit in 2021, the top three were DevOps, back-end developers and full-stack developers.
  • The best-paid developers work in the Security industry followed by Technology, Insurance and Energy.
  • The wages for positions like Front-end developer or Tester are considerably lower. 
  • When asked if they preferred to work remotely or at the office, only 5 percent of coders said that they’d choose to work 100 percent at the office.
  • The vast majority of developers would prefer some sort of office/remote organization. 43.2 percent of developers choose”a few remote days per week”.

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Conclusion- 2020-21 The Rise of Remote Working

As per the CodinGame Developer Survey 2021, hosted by SurveyMonkey-

“In 2020, there’s been some major market shifts, with the generalization of remote work and the rise of non-academic developer profiles, for example. However, some things remain the same: programmers are still on the lookout for technical challenges and flexible working hours, LinkedIn is still a hotbed of tech hiring and recruiters still struggle to find qualified candidates”

Source: This news was recently published by Visual Studio Magazine.

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