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How Much Does it Cost to Build React Native Based App? – QSS

Developing an app requires deciding few factors like- the mobile operating systems you want to target, the technology/framework that best suits your business needs without costing you much.  If you are confused between choosing Android or iOS as your next app development platform, then we have made this selection easier here. We will offer you the best method that allows you to create apps for both platforms simultaneously without incurring extra cost, efforts, and timings. Yes, we are talking about the emerging growth-oriented cross-platform technology-React Native App development React Native allows you to use the same code for developing both Android and IOS applications which, in turn, will help you save both time and money.

How Much Efficiency Companies Can Get with React Native?

Most of the industries confirmed that around 80% to 100% of code for mobile applications created using React Native is cross-platform. Here is what big companies have to say about React Native. “React Native allows sharing of up to 95% of the codebase between iOS & Android”- Walmart As per Instagram, “React Native allows our product teams to ship features faster to both our iOS and Android apps, thereby improving developer velocity.” The biggest social media giant Facebook, says “We have seen around 85% re-use of app code when using React native” Connected Lab also agrees that “The majority, if not all, of your React Native code, can be shared between iOS and Android” whereas according to Bloomberg “It took our team of developers in New York just five months to develop the app, roughly half the time it would have taken had we not used React Native.”

Big Benefits of Choosing React Native for App Development

Following are the biggest reasons why you must rely on choosing React Native for your next mobile app development. 

Cross-platform mobile app development

cross platform mobile app development React Native allows you to use the same code for developing both Android and IOS applications without any change in performance. With React Native, you no longer require expertise in different languages like JAVA, Swift, C++ etc. A JavaScript developer profound with native UI library, APIs, and hybrid mobile app development is all you need.

Comparatively less usage of memory

comparatively less usage of memory React Native is compatible with 3rd party plugins & thus offers smoother run-time. With React Native, 3rd party involvement is made much easy. This feature facilitates a less usage of memory space and thus a faster response.

Robust User Experience without interruptions

robust User experience without interruptions React Native can speed up the working of your app. No delay in loading, no hanging, no app crash! A React Native iOS and Android app can launch apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play at the same time.

Easy APP Maintenance & Update

easy app maintenance & update Both iOS and Android apps build with React Native have a similar look and feel. There is no need to hire separate iOS and Android developers to work on your apps or to maintain it afterward. With React Native updating apps is quick and easy and simple.

Works under tight budget constraints

works under tight budget constraints Money is the most significant factor in any business. And to survive in this tech-savvy market, one has to develop faster and stay longer. React Native app development service will beat your competition saving you both time and money.

React Native has a long future

react native has a long future

React Native mobile app developers are high in demand for more and more decades to come. The technology has almost covered the market of app development within no time. Many bigger giants like Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg are making use of it. React Native offers you the flexibility to skip complex codes and understanding of different languages.

React Native Follows a Futuristic & Flexible Approach

react native follows a futuristic & flexible approach Since the framework is been used by major giants like Facebook & Instagram, it’s obvious that it is the most reliable and responsive module. React native allows your app saves a lot of memory usage making the application more efficient. With React Native, you can develop both iOS and platforms under the same codes. Also, React Native comes with a manual that is understood to all. It’s an all-in-one solution if you are looking to save both time and money. 

Estimating React Native App Development Cost

Here are the contributing factors to the React Native app development cost breakdown:

#1: App Complexity

Do you want a low complexity app or a high complexity loaded with many features? With every feature integrated, the cost estimate of your app will go up. Your app complexity is defined by the following features:

  • Admin panel development
  • Deployment architecture model
  • In-App Purchase options
  • Third-party integration
  • Integration with legacy systems

#2: User Authorization

If you want to include features like authorization or login, the cost would be relatively high.

#3: Add-ons

For a customer-centric app, you must require integration of social media channels & some add-ons for it. These features will add to the pricing of your app.

#4: App Category & Design

App’s category, elements, functionality, and overall design are again responsible for an increased price. 

#5: Experience of your Developer

The more experienced your React Native developer is, the better quality app you would have and would ultimately protect the cost overrun.

#6: Location of your Development Agency

Where your development agency is located, plays a significant role in deciding the cost factor for your app. Asians countries like India charges must lesser than countries like USA or Australia for the same/similar experienced resource. 

#7: App Maintenance

Once your React Native app is built, you require regularly updating your apps to meet users’ expectations. The app maintenance yearly cost is around 20% of the total app development cost. It includes app updates; bug fixes, and design change.

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