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Shift Your Retail Business Online- Retail App Development Trends Post COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives completely. From following an absolutely new social norm to adapting ourselves to the major shift in general shopping patterns, we are now witnessing a new world focusing on contactless methods of communication.

According to a recent report, 81% of U.S. small businesses expect to feel long-term impacts from COVID-19, with 87% preparing for an economic slowdown.

Businesses are now improvising developing an all new business strategy amid this socially distant environment. In this blog, we have listed a few innovative ideas for one such essential business domain–retail, that has suffered majorly among so many other businesses.

A New Shopping Trend is Emerging

Post COVID pandemic, businesses worldwide have started to innovate at digital platforms. With lockdown enforced in almost every part of the industry, the retail industry alone has suffered billions dollars of losses. So, shifting your business onto the digital platform is a smart move during the pandemic.

As per a survey by

As per a Bazaarvoice, “49% of consumers worldwide admit to shopping more frequently online during the pandemic than before.”

COVID-19 is not going away any time soon so adapting to this new normal is the best way to remain competitive in your particular industry. Many brands have come up with new marketing strategies to attract more customers.

In a survey of small and mid-sized businesses, it was revealed that 25% are either investing in new technologies or upgrading their current setup to adapt to pandemic conditions.

Mobile Retail Apps are one of the most powerful marketing tools for a Retail business brand. It’s the perfect way of reaching your target audience to foster connectivity and improve interactions.

Retail App Development- A new normal for your business

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is one of the top digital transformation trends businesses will see post pandemic. APM allows businesses to track and monitor their app’s as well as their business performance. Businesses can further use these metrics to enhance the end-user experience, detect problems, and troubleshoot the issues.

As a retailer, you must offer your customers the best online shopping experience and in return get massive profits even during the adverse situation of pandemic lockdown. Below we have listed some top Retail mobile app development trends that can help your retail business survive amid this socially distancing environment.

Retail App Development Trends to Follow

1. AR/VR for Real Shopping Experience

The core focus area for every business whether online or offline is to make its customers feel special. And now as the lockdown is lifted up, brands are seeking ways to adapt to circumstances to cater to customers on both platforms.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has become highly useful during this pandemic. They’re helping online shoppers engage with brands and products before purchase. Statista 2020 study suggests that spending on AR and VR technologies is projected to reach $7 billion, and distribution and services spending could reach $4.4 billion.

The retail sector can make use of these technologies to witness an immense growth.

2. Chatbots for Enhanced One to One Customer Interaction

Customers prefer brands that interact with them on a personal level. Sprout Social reported that 76% of consumers would buy from a brand they feel more connected to.

It’s high time that Retail brands should rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and chatbot technology to be connected to their customers offering 24X7 support. Today, Chatbots are considered the best buddy for any business as they offer access to quick, reliable answers to customer’s queries.

According to MarTech Series, retailers saw an 86% increase in customers using chatbot communications from March to May 2020. Chatbots greatly help retailers lower down the risk of contact through service centers.

Among so many chatbot type- Messaging apps, adaptive FAQs, interactive guides, etc., you can choose the one that best promotes self-help services and incorporate it to your online retail app.

3. Availability on Multiple Channels for an Enhanced Business Growth

Retailers, after COVID pandemic are required to interact with customers across multiple channels.

PWC reported that businesses investing in omnichannel experience in 2020 jumped from 20% to more than 80%.

The challenge is providing a consistent experience both online and offline and integrating consumer preferences.

4. Fast & Contactless payment alternatives

Contactless payment systems is just one another trend you will see post pandemic. For features like swift and secure, online payments are known to gain & encourage consumer trust.

It’s not surprising that nearly 25% of shoppers are looking for contactless payments.

Statistics indicate that this trend will not slow down anytime soon. In a survey, 94% of businesses said they anticipate contactless payments to increase over the next 18 months.

Many multinational retail corporations have successfully incorporated a touch-free payment system so that shoppers can use their phone to pay just with a mobile app.


COVID-19 has led to the emergence of various new trends in every business domain including Retail. In this time of pandemic, retailers are finding new ways of how a business app can take their business to greater heights.

All it takes to offer the best experience to customers through apps – from immediate home deliveries to supply chain transparencies and everything beyond.

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