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Telemedicine Solutions Can Result In More Profitable Practices Post-Pandemic

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world, patient and provider needs have shifted substantially. Today more and more consumer demands for virtual methods of healthcare facilities and with this the Telemedicine and telehealth options skyrocketed substantially.

Telemedicine and Telehealth are apps that are being used by doctors to connect with patients without patients having to physically visit a hospital or clinic. Eventually, patients can get their prescribed medicine at their doorsteps.

According to a recent report by Statista- “The global telemedicine market will grow almost four times in six years. This number is predicted to take a jump amid COVID pandemic lockdown.”

Today, maximum healthcare providers want to get back to running a profitable practice, and implementing a full virtual care strategy may very well be critical to achieving this goal.

What Does Experts Have To Say About This?

In an interview with Mike Morgan, the president of Updox, a vendor of a healthcare communication platform for in-person and virtual care, Healthcare IT News has highlighted the urgency of virtual care facilities in the world.

“Telemedicine/Telehealth emerges as the biggest technology product implementation challenges this year”, said Morgan

“While the pandemic caused incredible disruption in healthcare, it also spurred adoption of new technologies to provide safe, secure care. Those brought about numerous benefits, but also the headaches of managing integrations of multiple solutions and various platforms to navigate, time spent logging in and out of different systems, and the administrative hassles of learning new solutions.”

“The past 12 months have also amplified the healthcare consumerism movement. Patients have come to expect certain conveniences – telehealth, contactless check-in, SMS texting – and I believe patients will want those options going forward. Some of this creates a necessary overhaul of healthcare delivery in ways that were once thought to be short-term solutions, but now have become permanent to create an ideal patient experience.” He added

Today’s healthcare providers need modern, impactful ways to maximize patient engagement, improve outcomes and enable more timely, efficient connections between patients and physicians. Virtual care gives providers opportunities to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place, through the right channel, in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.

Prior to the pandemic, many healthcare organizations had not considered virtual care as part of how they interact with patients. Solutions like telehealth or two-way texting were available, but adoption was slower. Now, as virtual care came into play so much during the pandemic, we’ve learned that it is here to stay. Patients say they appreciate the convenience it offers and wants that to continue.

How Telehealth Apps Facilitate Virtual Care?

Options for virtual care can help patients get appointments, keep them informed and promote adherence for improved outcomes. Telehealth solutions like broadcast messaging, appointment reminders, video chat, and text messaging allow providers to easily & efficiently deliver communications and remind patients to get their necessary care. 

Telehealth is just more than virtual care. It results in significantly higher patient engagement and satisfaction, better patient response rates, a reduction in appointment no-shows, and ultimately greater long-term success of the practice, health system, or pharmacy. It’s a great option to allow the relationship between patients and their trusted physicians to flourish.

Note: This news was originally published on Healthcare IT News.

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