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Latest metaverse trends

Is 2023 the Year of Metaverse? Some Biggest Metaverse Trends To Watch

The metaverse has been a buzz since last year. Technology seems to soon become a digital twin of the universe. Before going deep into it, let’s understand what really is the metaverse. 

As per Gartner’s definition, “Metaverse is a persistent and immersive digital environment of independent, yet interconnected networks that will use yet-to-be-determined protocols for communications. It enables persistent, decentralized, collaborative, interoperable digital content that intersects with the physical world’s real-time, spatially oriented, and indexed content.”

If we believe the rumors, the metaverse is going to be the next frontier to target. As per Forbes, Metaverse property prices rose by 700% in 2021 alone and are expected at an even higher rate – in 2023. 

Many big tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft & Adobe are seen investing in the metaverse.

As we expect to see more companies investing in efficient digital collaboration with Metaverse development, it is not wrong to say that 2023 is a year of Metaverse. 

Let’s quickly look at the emerging Metaverse development trends for 2023.

Top 5 Metaverse Trends to Explore in 2023

Metaverse Trends

Here are the top 5 Metaverse Trends to watch out for in the year 2023 and beyond-

Virtual Interaction via Extended Reality with VR & AR

As Metaverse is based on Extended Reality, you’ll get to interact with digital communities and environments like never before. The world will be seen interacting in virtual environments with the combined use of AR, VR & ER.

Extended reality tools would make this online interaction feel as seamless as possible. One would feel as natural as walking into a room at the office.

For these immersive experiences, there would be a rise in demand for higher-quality visuals and incredible spatial audio.

Low-code Platforms Development

The Metaverse would make us enter the world of Web3, where individuals can achieve ownership over their own identities. . For this, an open environment is needed where more people can build and create.

This will lead to the rise of Low-code and no-code application platforms. Gartner predicts around 50% of large enterprises will be using low-code platforms to build at least part of their infrastructure.

The Rise of Blockchain and NFTs Continues

With the introduction of a decentralized internet, blockchain would come as the front player. It would be in the mainstream for the management of transparent data.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are another exciting part of the metaverse, which allow people to sell everything from data to services and experiences.

Introduction of Digital Avatars

The metaverse will introduce the “Virtual self”, or a digital version of our identity.

These hyper-realistic avatars will allow individuals to represent themselves more fully online and connect with others deeper. 

Companies would be soon introducing the virtual version of their stores, and fashion houses selling NFT clothing items people can apply to their avatars in a virtual environment. 

Motion Tracking and Cybernetics

Metaverse would further make our interactions with machines simpler and more straightforward. We would soon be able to interact with devices through speech, motion, and even blinking our eyes rather than making input requests on a computer or smartphone.

For this, we require to create more powerful tracking technology, capable of monitoring every movement or gesture made by a user.

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Conclusion: Are You Future-Ready?

In an attempt to make us closer to a computer-enhanced world than ever before, the metaverse is soon going to take the world by storm. Some of the world’s biggest tech companies, looking at the future of the online world, are seen investing in the metaverse.

The technology will help to bridge the gap between our digital and real-world identities. 

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Thus, investing in metaverse technology in 2023 would be a splendid idea to keep yourself ahead of the changing world.

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