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Top 10 Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made the world transform and evolved in more ways than we can count. AI has always been feared by people, but now at the cusp of technological advancements, we have understood the many gifts it has brought us. 

Today, AI usage can be seen in almost everything we use—from home appliances to office equipment to personal gadgets.

AI has a great role in certain devices known for showing human-like characteristics. The technology is seen with great potential and this is the reason why everyone today wants to leverage the advantage of AI for further development. It helps individuals become more efficient and productive.

2021 is seen for a lot of bigger developments in the areas of AI. The technology is expected to bring major changes in different aspects for organizations, business models, and cultures. 

These are the top game-changers in AI Technologies, which we have piled for you that have taken 2021 to the next level:

1. AI in Biometrics

AI ability in identifying human behavior together makes it a great trend for the Biometrics industry. Biometrics enables better natural connections amid humans and machines, with interactions related to the recognition of body language, image, touch, and speech. There are many biometrics technologies like touch and face recognition, DNA matching, Retina and Iris recognition, voice recognition and more. They are used for making Aadhaar Cards, Passports, PAN cards and more.

2. AI in Virtual Agents or Chatbots

Virtual agents or computer programs like Chatbots are known to interact with humans more effectively and efficiently. AI is already being used for customer support and service and big giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Creative Virtual, IBM, Assist AI, and IPsoft are already offering chatbot/virtual assistance services to their clients.

3. AI to Drive Customer Interactions in Real-time

With 2020 running very fast, we will be witnessing more AI-driven campaigning activities in real-time. Utilizing AI, companies will be able to manage customer interactions across every channel. Apart from improving customer interactions, with the help of AI Software Development, you can expect more marketing activities to happen in real-time across all platforms. Businesses, with the help of AI marketing, are seeking to improve customer retention in the future.

4. AI in healthcare

AI will greatly impact the Healthcare sector in 2021 and will be transforming healthcare workflows to the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals. AI will make healthcare more accurate and less costly by acquiring data in real-time from multiple hospital information flows – electronic health records, emergency department admissions, equipment utilization, etc. The Healthcare areas where AI could really start to make a difference include complex administration processes, lack of preventative care, and under-diagnosis and treatment.

AI-enabled systems will track, predict, and support the allocation of patient acuity and availability of medical staff, ICU beds, operating rooms, and diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

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5. Cybersecurity Powered by AI Technology

The cyber threat is a highly concerned factor for many individuals and business owners. This year, the Artificial Intelligence technology will play a vital role in managing these attacks. The machine learning system makes it easier to detect data breaches and other malicious activities using updated security software.

6. AI Integration with Blockchain and IoT

The integration of AI to other technologies will be trending in 2020. Experts are seeking to fuse Artificial Intelligence with other systems to deliver enhanced business results.

The technology is being used in the activation and regulation of certain devices and helps you gather real-time data. 2020 is a year that can run more AI features in vehicles. Blockchain technology seeks to generate certain routines using AI to address security, scalability, and other alarming concerns.

7. Improved AI System Assistance

This is the biggest AI trend you will see in 2020! AI system assistance will be seen as automating customer service and other sales tasks. With powerful assistants powered by AI such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, more investors are seeking to build AI system assistance software with the best AI software developers. It is even predicted that with this trend more than half of all searches can be sorted out using voice commands by 2020.

8. AI Facilitating Automation in the Workplace

AI facilitates automation in the workplace. Startups and growing companies looking to cut down their resources can leverage the power of AI that will help in automating most of their basic tasks like data entry, customer service interaction, and more.

Other than this, Artificial Intelligence is useful in managing traffic flow and improves operational efficiency across various industries. It also allows business owners to allocate their resources more efficiently and monitor all your workflow directly via your computer screen.

9. AI in Smart Devices

We are surrounded by smart devices that connect us digitally and globally with everything. Smart devices like wearables, hearables, smart homes and more are all around us. With the help of AI, they have become a part of our lives and used widely and commonly – Smart speakers, Smartwatches, Smart security cameras and more.

10. AI in Cyber Defence

Every day we are stepping towards the Digital world. With an increase in digital users, crimes also accelerate giving birth to Cybercrimes. For fighting cybercriminals, AI’s technological advancements are needed and therefore, Cyber Defence emerges to the rescue of Data Theft. It is capable of intercepting, recognising and moderating threats and attacks to the data and infrastructure of the systems.

Final Words

From the above industry-wise trends of AI, it is clear that AI has a lot of possibilities to shape our present and future. The modern society has benefited from this technology to a greater extent and this is the reason why most of the businesses are focusing on artificial intelligence to offer their customers satisfying and improved services. 

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About Author:
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