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Why Artificial Intelligence is Now More Important Than Ever

If you aren’t yet convinced by the real world potential of artificial intelligence, Microsoft’s chief envisioning officer, Dave Coplin has a few words for you. Speaking at an AI conference in London on Tuesday, Coplin emphatically told business leaders that AI is “the most important technology that anybody on the planet is working on today,” reports Business Insider.

“This technology will change how we relate to technology,” he continued. “It will change how we relate to each other. I would argue that it will even change how we perceive what it means to be human.”

Machine learning is being quickly commoditized, and this encourages a more profound democratization of intelligence, although this is true only for low-order knowledge. If from one hand a large bucket of services and tools are now available to final users, on the other hand, the real power is concentrating into the hands of few major incumbents with the data availability and computational resources to really exploit AI to a higher level.

The AI systems are efficient enough to reduce human efforts in various areas. In order to perform various activities in the industry, many of them are using artificial intelligence to create machine slaves that perform various activities on a regular basis. The artificial intelligence applications help to get the work done faster and with accurate results. Error free and efficient worlds are the main motives behind artificial intelligence. In the recent years, many sectors have started using AI technology to reduce human efforts, and also to get efficient and faster results

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Think of an AI application as a three legged stool.

The first leg of the stool is the AI algorithm itself. Open source machine learning libraries like TensorFlow and Theano have removed a lot of the low level complexity involved in designing and building AI applications. These tools are free, well documented and supported by vibrant communities. The availability of these tools has made building machine learning applications far more accessible to developers.

The second leg of the stool is computing horsepower, both in the form of raw CPU power and large scale data storage solutions. Cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and others make renting servers, virtual machines and big data tools as simple as pushing a few buttons (provided you get your credit card out first!).

The last leg of the stool is data. Before you can consider hiring data scientists, renting servers and installing open source machine learning libraries, you must have data. The quality and depth of data will determine the level of AI applications you can achieve.

A dream to reinvent the world

Scientists are riding on the back of AI when machine intelligence will surpass the human intelligence. Scientists believe that once the AI system starts working in its full capacity, it will reinvent the world that we know today. Think of the world where all the menial tasks such as garbage disposal, construction, digging and so on will be taken care of by the AI application. It will be a time when the hierarchical order dictates the limits of a human. It will be the world where no one will be looked down upon and every human will be considered equal. In this way, the humans can then focus their strengths on higher levels of work to accomplish a lot more and always taking technology to the new heights.

What people can do with AI
The way people interact has yet to be emulated by a machine, even with the deep learning capabilities that are currently being developed. That’s because people are the only ones capable of understanding the complexities of language. These nuances include body language, inflection and tone, and other cues. Machines have not been able to decipher those subtleties, let alone use them in any capacity that another human would be convinced was another person. Therefore, people are necessary for those situations where emotions are involved, including complex customer experiences or issues. A person can understand another person’s real intent when they hear, see, and interact with people expressing such emotions and body language.

What people can do is get more detailed information quickly while they are interacting with others—information that might have otherwise taken months and years to compile into a set of patterns that justify certain reactions or strategic decisions. This leaves many in the audience more satisfied because they get rapid, personalized responses that they never previously received. Rather than making AI into something threatening, it creates the prospect of something wonderful and offers the promise of greater innovation through the collaborative process that is possible from the combination of technology and human dynamics.

In other words, A.I. also has major potential to improve the workplace for humans by increasing diversity, inclusion, and employee engagement.

Balance the strengths and weaknesses.
There is no crystal ball with AI. While its potential rests in its capabilities, its risks are predicated on misuse. When it comes to workplace AI, balancing these strengths and weaknesses is key.

When considering whether to adopt a new A.I.-driven solution, remember what it is: a technology. It is not a silver bullet for productivity and certainly is not going to solve all your problems. It can, however, help you work smarter by making workflows leaner and more efficient, automating tasks and above all freeing up time for you to focus on higher-value work.

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