Why Choose Offshoring over inhousing

Hiring Development Teams? Here’s Why Choose Offshoring over In-House Hiring

Businesses looking forward to expanding their operations are often confused about choosing between— In-house and offshore software development teams.

Where, in many cases, the In-house team is suitable only for certain projects, offshoring software development is most preferred to reduce costs & explore the onset of technologies.

The trend of hiring offshore development teams for IT projects is on the surge these days. Offshore Hiring is the best way to improve efficiency and productivity within your organization.  A good offshore development center can deliver your project with its coordinated efforts of skilled developers, creative designers, and expert testers. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should consider relying on offshore development hiring over in-house hiring for your IT Projects.

Still, Relying on In-house Team Hiring?

Still, working with your In-house software development team? Well, in-house hiring has more cons than pros, some of them being-

In-house hiring is Highly expensive

When hiring an in-house team, you will end up investing a huge sum of money in processes like-

  • Recruiting your team with varied expertise. 
  • Paying huge salaries to them each month.
  • Buy/Rent a dedicated space/new office equipped with systems and software.
  • Additional expenses include sick pay, vacation, company perks, etc.

The in-house team is difficult to scale

When growing your team, you would have a hard time meeting your software needs. Since the salary of an additional IT employee will cost you huge per year. 

In-House Team Comes with Limited expertise 

Having an in-house team will give you limited expertise. It is hard to find the best resource for your changing requirements.

In-house hiring takes more time

Highly-qualified professionals are hard to find. Even if some are available, they will demand a handsome salary or an interesting project. By the time you look further for more options, your project gets delayed. Thus, going with an in-house team may not be a feasible option.

It comes with Uncertainty 

The in-house team comes with uncertainty. For instance, if some of the team members become sick or leave, you will have to spend time and money on new hiring or pause your project till the time your resource is back. 

Offshore Hiring- A Cost-Effective Way to Maximize Profits

offshore hiring

Offshore Development Hiring lets you hire offshore developers from a company which is specialized in software development to fulfill your business software requirements. This reduces the time, and effort as well as cuts down the extra cost while leading to productivity.

Start-ups can make use of the offshore hiring strategy & enjoy the benefits of in-house development with deep process ownership and low costs. Offshore development services bring agility into the development process while building a long-lasting relationship for both sides.

Due to many extra benefits, the offshore software development market is witnessing a huge boom. As per the Statista survey, “Owing to its financial attractiveness and availability of staff and skills, India was considered the most attractive destination to offshore business services, with a score of 2.83 and 2.18 respectively”

statista survey

Leading countries in offshore business services worldwide as per Statista Survey.

Reasons Why Choose Offshore Developers as Your IT Partner

Having been followed and adopted by numerous companies, the offshore model is a boon for managing offshore operations from across the globe. The offshore development model promises an increase in productivity. Some of the major benefits of offshore development hiring are:

Offshore Facilitates Direct Dealings with the client

Offshore allows direct dealings with the client. This avoids the communication gap and hence the requirements are efficiently met. This is possible through the offshore center.

Round the clock Uptime

The offshore development team allows round-the-clock continuous work using the time-zone difference. The offshore development activities happen simultaneously and the work is completed sooner with a high productivity level. This also meets the client’s deadline successfully.

Cost-Effective & Brings in Profitability

Limited budget is the most common problem for every start-up. A progressive offshore partnership can help you save a lot as handling an offshore development center is cost-effective. It cut down the additional expenses of the client in facilities, utilities, infrastructure, and equipment.

Access to Specialized Resources

Different countries have a wide talent pool of experts & professionals. They have varied tech skills & expertise needed to work on a specific offshore project for the client.

Eliminate Investments in Infrastructure

Offshore hiring saves you from high investment in developing a fully-fledged IT department capable of designing, developing, testing, and implementing complex software systems and applications which is not related to your business’ essential operations and your staff’s key competencies.

Choose Experts as per your requirement

With an offshore team, you can always choose the developers as per your need. You can either go for a full team or hire expert individuals for your work.

Well-Equipped Resources

Start-ups struggle for many reasons, lack of resources being one. With an offshore development team, you can expect to get a qualified and experienced developers team efficiently handling your requirements as well as a fully-fledged system with the essential software, machinery, and other things as required.

Don’t Worry About Time Zone Issues

Time zone is an important factor for most IT companies in choosing offshore development. 24×7 connectivity with your partner is required to ensure smooth business operations. With Offshoring, you don’t have to worry about different time zones of the countries.

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