Why startups must invest in Flutter App Development in 2021

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Flutter App Development in 2023?

Google’s Flutter is one of the most popular and demanding technologies to invest in. Launched in 2017, the technology has slowly started gaining a foothold in the world of cross-platform mobile applications. The Flutter App Development Trends have started creating a huge impact on every possible industry and business sector.

If you are a startup looking out to skyrocket your small business, your mobile app should be feature-rich, capable of engaging your users to a great extent. Flutter is a perfect match for everyone looking for a powerful & feature-rich mobile app to grow their smaller business. Flutter is equipped with features like easy usability, fast to code as well as compatibility to different platforms.

In this article, we have compiled the top reasons to choose this emerging cross platform technology for your dream startup project.

Flutter- An Ideal Choice for Startup App 

Wondering how Flutter App can be a Good Fit for your small business? Flutter comes up with numerous benefits and can definitely help your small business grow as:

  • It serves your development purpose for free.
  • It is easy to learn & work upon.
  • It comes along with a number of speedy and customizable widgets.
  • It does not have any compatibility issues with any platform- iOS or Android, unlike other applications.
  • It has a highly expedited development time.
  • It has a massive community support forum.
  • Being a hybrid platform, it helps in providing a wider reach than other applications.
  • As it takes less time to develop, hence, you would save a lot of  time in the process of testing the application across different platforms.
  • Flutter has incredible efficiency and reliability that makes it a go-to tech trend in the current scenario for every business type. 
  • Be it the maintenance, productivity, and on the performance scale, Flutter is nothing less than a perfect choice. 

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Top Reasons to Opt Flutter for Your Business App

reason to choose flutter

Flutter turns out to be a promising framework that fastens the app development process saving both your time and money. Following are some reasons why startups should invest in this cross platform technology. 

  • Flutter is Far Cost-Effective than Other Platforms

Flutter supports smaller requirements of a business. The cross-platform capabilities of the framework makes it a great choice for the app development in future. Smaller businesses can choose Flutter to build lightning fast apps with good features and designs at a lower budget and limited requirements.

This is further validated by a research conducted recently-  “Flutter applications in the market in the present scenario make up about 0.21% of the apps available with a 0.04% installation rate. Flutter apps are counted in the top apps category with an installation rate of 0.05%.”

  • Flutter Expedites the development process

Building a feature rich app is a lengthy process that takes much time and effort. For startups looking forward to launching the app in the market faster, Flutter is the best choice. Flutter fastens the app development process and develops a mobile app that runs faster on multiple platforms. 

  • Flutter is an economical option

Flutter offers an opportunity to save the cost of development to a greater extent. The reason is- Flutter comes with a code reusability feature, which saves time, and money. A single code can be used to develop an app that runs flawlessly on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Web, and Desktop. Not only the development cost, but it lowers the app maintenance cost as well.

  • Flutter offers the best user experience 

Flutter makes it easier for developers to install a Flutter-based UI virtually on any platform. For this, it utilizes its own rendering engine, allows developers not to change the UI while switching on to the other platform.

  • Flutter Improves productivity with hot-reloading

Flutter is known for its Hot reloading function that facilitates developers & designers coordination. For changes in the UI, the designer does them and both developer & designer can immediately see those changes during development. This saves most time and efforts of the developer.

  • Flutter Apps are Highly Responsive

Apps built with Flutter can properly run on any platform with no changes to Dart code. The apps built in Flutter are highly responsive making flutter a preferred choice for businesses from mobile to web and desktop too.

  • Flutter Offers an Easy access to third-party plugins

Flutter app development comes with a wide choice of free-to-use plugins and widgets. This facilitates smoother app development process. Also, the availability of the UI tool kit makes the development process intuitive and flawless.

  • Flutter Offers a wide variety of widgets

Compatibility to adapt different screen size issues, is no more a problem. Flutter holds a huge variety of widgets with extensive capability to let developers build complex interfaces without involving any issues.

Invest in Lightning Fast Mobile Apps Developed by Expert Flutter Developers

Integrating Flutter technology with your business model would prove to be an effective strategy where you can witness huge business growth. Don’t risk your business and keep growing with the lightning fast Flutter app development solution for your business. Reap the best benefit of this cross-platform framework, for your business and boost your digital presence.

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