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Why Your Business Needs A Chatbot?

Chatbots are one of the emerging and new platforms. Brands are still trying to understand how they can leverage Chatbots to their advantage. But are chatbots really new?

No, definitely not. Chatbots were developed in 1966 for the first time by MIT Professor Joseph Weizenbaum. The very first Chatbot named ELIZA was built to interact with its users like a psychotherapist. After that a lot of Chatbots were built and with time they got smarter with the increasing research and development work on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

What made Chatbot popular in last few years?

This is too easy to understand. Previously Chatbots were just a standalone program. And developers were not much interested in experimenting and researching on Chatbots as it was a bit difficult to push a new technology like Chatbot into the market. And it became difficult to get investor’s attention. Now Chatbot developers are getting a huge support from big messaging players including Google, Facebook and Microsoft etc. Today approx. 3 billion users are there on the messenger platforms and that’s why Chatbots have become one of the prominent ways to reach out to them directly. What’s even better?—?it uses user-friendly and simple texting channel which every user wants to use.

Why does your business needs an emerging technology like Chatbot?

To find out whether you should make a decision on Chatbots and invest in a technology, let’s take a look at a few questions:

* Does your business need to interact with your clients?
* Does your business need to engage and re-engage customers?
* Does your business need to push content to customers at frequent and regular interval?
* Will it help your organization and business to get a new sales channel and reach upto 3 billion   users worldwide?
* Is your product or service able to target Millennial?
* Are you looking to quickly automate tedious, repetitive and dreary tasks to create a competent workplace?

Definitely….All, NO? I would be glad to know what kind of business and organization you are into ??

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Even if one of the answers is YES, you should start considering Chatbots for your business since Chatbots will definitely help you due to comparatively low initial investments (the initial investments in developing chatbots are not as high the initial investments for mobile apps and web apps). Today, you can get a Chatbot built with a low budget. All you need to do is to start and properly analyze its effect on the business.

In the era of this busy world, nobody has a time to install an app and find out what (s)he was looking for. But with Chatbot, you could get started swiftly and understand if it’s helpful or not. No data wastage and most importantly no wastage of time.

Wrapping it up

Chatbot space is evolving at an amazing pace and it’s the right time to get started. In this messaging era, Chatbots have become the best way to reach the user-base. Even Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Slack and WeChat are showing high interest in this emerging technology due to its immense possibilities. So it’s right time to give your brand and business a high boost and engage your customers with a flawless and effective Chatbot.

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