Why is Xamarin the Great Pick for Your Cross Platform App Development

Why is Xamarin the Great Pick for Your Cross-Platform App Development in 2022?

Mobile applications are the necessity of businesses today. However, the real challenge lies in deciding which platform best suits their business. Is it good to go for a native app individually for Android & iOS devices or choosing a cross-platform technology that makes your app run on multiple devices? It’s interesting to see that both Native and Cross-platform apps have their own pros & cons’ yet choosing the best is really a task of a challenge for most of the businesses.

Statistics suggest that “80% of enterprises are focusing on developing applications that support multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows because cross-platform apps are flexible, easy to use and are most cost-effective.”

Among the number of cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin, Flutter, React Native etc., Xamarin is gaining a lot of popularity among the developers. So, why choose Xamarin for hybrid app development? 

Well, Xamarin’s powerful C# environment, native and cross-platform libraries and APIs, and ease of deployment make it the best choice for xamarin app development

In this article, we are emphasizing on why Xamarin is widely preferred by businesses for developing hybrid apps and how it can turn to be fruitful for your next business app idea.

Top Apps in 2022 Built Using Xamarin Technology

These are some popular Xamarin apps that have been made using Xamarin development platform:

  • The World Bank Survey App responsible for global surveys
  • Storyo, an interesting App that helps you create videos from pictures
  • Olo App & FreshDirect, online platforms to order food & grocery online respectively
  • Just Giving – An Philanthropic Interface platform
  • Multi-Platform Gaming Apps like Skulls of the Shogun 
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, an App that integrates Science with IoT
  • Alaska Airlines, an air travel partner that offers all info from booking the tickets, check-in, select a seat, change a seat, order your favorite food etc.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Xamarin is Best for Cross-Platform Development

top reasons to choose xamarin development

Making apps with Xamarin is a great way to save time and resources. Here are some biggest reasons why you must use Xamarin for your next cross-platform app:

With Advantage of C#, Xamarin facilitate faster development

If you are looking for an advanced & powerful app that best-suit your unique business needs, then Xamarin is the best pick.

Built using Visual Studio, Xamarin apps are developed using a single language C#. This allows Xamarin to handle cross-platform implementations at a much faster speed.

Xamarin is Simple to use & takes less time to build

Xamarin uses C# and the .NET framework which are considered a reliable developing environment for all mobile platforms. Xamarin app development process takes a relatively shorter time than others.

The technology uses a simplified way of sharing codes across multiple mobile platforms and thereby takes less time in app development. Xamarin incorporates:

  • standardized UI controls for a better experience. 
  • integration of SDK that allows adding new features and auto-updates the different versions of the app effective at the moment.

Xamarin Offers Great Flexibility

Xamarin, built on open-source technologies, offers you the flexibility to choose components according to your requirements. Xamarin useful resources like cross-platform libraries, UI controls, and third-party web services enable in achieving close-to-native performance. 

Great App & Data Security

Xamarin comes with deep integration of Azure Cloud. With this, you can be assured of a great app with foolproof data security. The app and the backend Azure connection come with HTTP certificates and 24-hour threat management protection against malware. This ensures data app data security.

Get Anytime Support from Xamarin Insights & Azure Cloud

With shared code, Xamarin has fewer bugs to deal with. Xamarin TestCloud further allows developers to test apps with fragmentation, CI, and object-based UI testing. Azure Cloud offers a robust app development environment that helps developers to create rich mobile apps with benefits like scalability, on-demand resources, high-availability, and cost-effectiveness.

Other than this, Xamarin Insights- real-time app monitoring module, help developers test the performance of the app.

Rapid prototyping with Xamarin.Forms

With Xamarin.Forms, developers have access to a complete cross-platform UI toolkit to build single-user interfaces that work on any device. This enables developers to share more code modifying the UI for every platform.

Xamarin Facilitates Native performance

Xamarin makes it possible to access each and every native API. With this, you can completely use native UI, Bluetooth, SDKs, and specific APIs etc. Xamarin makes it nearly impossible for users to tell the difference between your app and a native app.

Xamarin Requires Less maintenance

Maintaining and updating Xamarin apps are much easy and requires less work. You just have to make changes to our source file and the change will be reflected in all of your apps. This saves your time since you don’t need to update the source code of your apps individually for any updates or bug fixing.

Xamarin is an Apps for all platforms

With Xamarin build apps for all platforms. Whether you are looking for a mobile version of your desktop app or vice-versa, Xamarin best fits to all!  Xamarin developers can create the best apps for a great mobile and desktop experience simultaneously. 

Xamarin is Easy to Update

Taking advantage of native frameworks, Xamarin takes just 1–3 days to update the latest features in iOS and Android platforms. 


Xamarin is surely a win for cross-platform app development. Whether you’re a developer looking out for a perfect cross-platform technology or a business aspiring for a higher user engagement through its business app, undoubtedly, Xamarin is the best available tool to make things easier. 

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