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Engagement Models

QSS Technosoft offers tailored engagement models for client needs, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Whether it's a fixed-price model, a time and materials model, or a dedicated team model for long-term partnerships, we tailor solutions to meet unique requirements.

Your Project, Your Way: Our Engagement Models

When initiating a project with QSS Technosoft, clients can choose from three engagement models tailored to their specific needs and preferences. These models not only shape the development process but also influence cost estimates. We cater to a diverse clientele, offering transparency and quality deliverables in all our engagements. Our three engagement models ensure a collaborative approach that meets each client's unique requirements.

Our Engagement Models Include

Select from the following three engagement models, each meticulously crafted to align
with your unique requirements and preferences.

  • Agile Contracting
  • Agile Contracting

  • Instills Flexibility
  • Identify Priorities & Focus on Outcomes
  • Breaks Projects into Shorter, Easier to Handle Pieces
  • Emphasize upon Frequent Collaboration
  • Focuses on Mutual Benefits
  • Facilitate Transparency
  • Time & Material
  • Time & Material

  • Incremental Scope / Maintenance
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Best Resource Available
  • Quick Start
  • Agile Orientation
  • Flexible Budget
  • Fixed Price
  • Fixed Price

  • Fixed Scope
  • Minimal Risk Factor
  • Fits All Business
  • WorkFlow Management
  • End-to-end Execution
  • Fixed Budget