Iguana Integration Solutions

We offer you an ultimate Healthcare Integration Interoperability developing powerful Iguana interface software solutions.

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Iguana HL7 engine offers healthcare providers the ultimate healthcare integration interoperability that facilitates easier exchange of healthcare data with any application, system, and device regardless of data standard or protocol.

QSS Technosoft offers diverse and comprehensive services, including comprehensive support of hardware functions, capacity, strawberries, support architecture design, material requirements definition, server, and facility management level-3 purchase / rental, etc. Our developers specialize in Iguana interface engine solutions offering an ability to exchange & facilitate the healthcare data fulfilling all data standards or protocols.

The Iguana integration solutions by QSS deliver a rapid, reliable, and scalable interoperability solution for healthcare organizations through the acquisition and exchange of healthcare information. With us, you can witness a proven, high performing integration engine built with your total cost of ownership in mind.

Iguana Integration Solution- Benefits to Your Healthcare Facility

Iguana interface program is designed specifically for the healthcare industry. The interface supports all healthcare messaging formats and data standards across the medical facilities around the world. Listed below are the features/benefits of Iguana Interface for your Healthcare system:

fast development
Faster Implementation Times
With Iguana Interface Solutions, you can expect complete integration projects at 50% faster rate as compared to previous integration engines healthcare facilities been using. Iguana interface is much predictable and consistent. It reduces your time spent on integrations helping you focus on your core business functions.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Interoperability solution costs unpredictably higher than software licenses. Integrating your healthcare system with Iguana Interface, you will save the labor cost of building and maintaining interfaces, hardware requirements, and uptime obligations and more. Iguana promises you the lowest cost of ownership of any integration engine available in the market.
Built for High Performance
Iguana interface is able to process over 3,600 messages per second. Iguana is seen to process the most demanding message volume with very modest hardware requirements.
Rock-solid Reliability
Iguana interface solutions are currently used by over 800 healthcare providers and vendors across the world. Iguana considerably reduces the risk of unexpected downtime and is known to exchange critical information with high availability options.
Scalable & Faster Solutions Leading to Growth
Iguana interface is scalable, reliable & faster and pretty well manage your business interfaces whether few or a few thousand, regardless of the size.

Iguana Interface Solutions Offered by QSS

Iguana Interface Engine Services
The developers at QSS integrate and configure custom Iguana interfaces to securely create and transmit messages in a number of data formats, that include HL7, XML, CDA, CCD, EDI, FHIR, X12, DICOM, JSON and DSV. Our developed interoperability strategies leverage utilizing Iguana software, web services (SOAP/REST) as well as multiple transfer protocols, such as TCP/IP, FTP(S), LLP, SFTP, HTTP(S), databases, and other file systems. We also integrate an intuitive dashboard that manages channels and metrics in real time.
business centric solution
Iguana Integration Solutions- Practice Management Software
We design, develop & integrate medical Practice Management Software (PMS) equipped with features like registration of patients, their medical information, recording patient demographics, processing insurance, and automating administrative duties such as accounting & maintenance. We also design intuitive scheduling interfaces for managing patient appointments & staff schedules. Implementation solutions are also available for third-party PMS systems, including NueMD, Kareo, and Lytec.
iNTERFACEWARE Iguana Systems
We implement Iguana for Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS, and create modular healthcare software integrated with the Iguana interface engine and other iNTERFACEWARE programs. iNTERFACEWARE offers EHR/EMR programming, Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), medical device integrations, Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting software as well as enterprise cloud solutions for minimizing service disruptions.