RCM & Medical Billing Software Solutions

We bring you complete revenue & billing system of your hospital with the technology based cutting-edge software solutions.

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) plays an important role in the healthcare system. It improves the financial stability of your enterprise by building a system that takes care of your revenue cycle as well as the payment processed by patients and insurance companies.

QSS Technosoft offers comprehensive RCM & Medical Billing solutions specifically designed to meet your requirements. Whether you are looking to get complete access to the RCM system or looking to integrate tools like payment processing, billing, reports, and analytics, we have expertise in all.

Our developed RCM software services allow the revenue received from their patients from appointment scheduling to the final payment of medical bills. Our solutions track the journey of a patient from admission to adjustments of accounts receivables. The process reduces the time, money & efforts of the healthcare providers.

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Why do you Require RCM & Medical Billing Software?

Because of the growing challenges in the medical industry, healthcare providers are in need of an urgent solution for RCM & Medical billing. Following are the major reasons why you require an automated RCM & Medical billing solution for your hospital or clinic:

  • Frequent Billing Errors- Hospital & clinic billing errors increase the number of claim denials.
  • Improper Monitoring of Claims- Monitoring the entire claims management process becomes difficult most of the time. You require an in-depth understanding to solve the errors instantly.
  • Not Maintaining the Regulatory Compliance- Not meeting compulsory HIPAA and HL7 compliance results in putting the patient’s data at a risk.
  • Billing Process too slow- The existing manual, paper-based billing process affects the revenue collections of your organization.
  • Low Interoperability- Lower interoperability of multiple legacy health systems results in the reduced transfer of data.

RCM & Medical Billing Solutions We Offer

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
We offer customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software solutions and implement them within the health systems. We program features for verifying insurance eligibility, processing claims, accessing prior authorization and referrals, locating clinical information from integrated healthcare systems, coordinating benefits, automating remittance advice, and generating financial reports.
RCM Eligibility Verification
We verify & track the real-time insurance eligibility and claims submissions to payers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, via provider-facing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). We design software for detecting errors in UB-04 and CMS1500 submissions and develop rules engines for ensuring compliance with carrier guidelines and federal regulations.
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Hospital Revenue Cycle Management
We integrate RCMs into Hospital Information Systems (HIS), integrate contract management modules into hospital-focused contract modeling functions, and program coverage detection software identifies assistance opportunities for uninsured patients. We also integrate report modules for department-specific KPIs.
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Third-Party RCM Implementation
Our well-versed developers are proficient in developing customized solutions by integrating third-party Revenue Cycle Management software (AllScripts, CureMD, NextGen), including cloud-based network development, HL7 interoperability management, and portal programming for interfacing with RCM financial managers. We implement insurance verification software by integrating with third-party clearing houses (ezVerify, RelayClearance, Availity, Emdeon.)
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RCM Patient Management Software
We develop interfaces for accurately recording patient demographics, insurance information, medical histories, photo capture capabilities, etc. We integrate RCMs with Electronic Medical and Health Records (EMR/EHR), Practice Management Systems (PMS), and master patient indexes for streamlining recurring patient check-ins.
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Revenue Cycle Management Reporting
It includes programming custom Business Intelligence (BI) for analyzing mission-critical data from clinical information repositories, Practice Management Systems, and Hospital Information Systems. The RCM healthcare reports developed by us use cash flow intuitive data to inform missed revenue opportunities due to coding errors, poor patient relationship management, and technology failures.
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Medical Coding/Billing Software Solutions

We develop RCM software to integrate with Practice Management Systems and EHR/EMR for pre-populating superbills with diagnoses and services rendered as well as proper International Classification of Diseases-10 (ICD-10) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes in accordance with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Our developed medical billing systems facilitate payment processing for copays, deductibles, and coinsurance via online payment portals. Follow-up requests for delayed or underpaid reimbursements are also automated for increased patient engagement. We process integration of third-party medical bill payments solutions from SwervePay and MedBillit, etc.