Mirth Connect Integration Services

We efficiently integrate multiple healthcare systems through NextGen Mirth Connect & Mass HL7 solution!

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Mirth Connect is a cross-platform interface engine that connects health information systems to the applications so as to facilitate the exchange of clinical and administrative data in medical facilities.

There is a vast possibility connect across Healthcare industry. Connect integration solutions help in standardizing and exchanging health information and patient data critical for healthcare organizations. Whether you are looking for solutions like updating, migrating or building new healthcare tech solutions from scratch, our expert developers will help you deliver the best.

Allows filtered, transformed, and routed based messages from Healthcare Information Systems (HIT) systems thus allowing a clear, error-free & secure sharing of data across different healthcare departments.

QSS Technosoft is a leading software solutions provider offering Connect Integration Services to healthcare providers across the world. Our developers have expertise in developing a secure HL7 interface of various laboratories (CPL, LabCorp, Quest) and developing practical management software. Till now, we have built customized HL7 interface for connection with Clinics and Labs, Hospital, PMS Practice Management Software settlement management and others.

Why you Require Mirth Connect Integration?

The need of interoperability and communication in medical environments resulted in programming a central interface that could facilitate the disparate systems trying to communicate and interoperate with each other.

The ability to standardize and exchange health information and patient data is important to medical institutions. Connect offers a platform for innovation that can drive medical healthcare technology further. After integrating your healthcare facility with software connect, you will notice tremendous results in terms of organizational cost, extensibility, operability, scalability and more.


Mirth Interface Solutions We Offer

Here are the Interface full stack solutions offered by QSS Technosoft:

Mirth Interface Engine Programming
We increase interoperability among different healthcare departments by programming Connect interface engines to transpose HL7, XML, CCD, DICOM, EDI, NCPDP, and other messaging standards. We develop Appliances deployment platform and its PostgreSQL database so as to integrate features into Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Practice Management Systems (PMS).
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NextGen Integrations
Our expert developers facilitate comprehensive integrations of NextGen Healthcare information systems, such as the NextGen EHR, Ambulatory Medical Record (AMR) programs and Practice Management platforms. We rely on building EDI systems optimized for healthcare networks, programmed with NextGen RCM services, robust Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and the Managed Cloud IT system.
HL7 Solutions
We, at QSS, make use of HL7 v2/v3 messaging protocols (including TCP/MLLP, HTTP, JMS, FTP/SFTP, and SOAP) to encrypt and transmit live vitals, demographics, diagnoses, medical histories, lab orders and results, e-prescriptions, insurance information administrative data, etc. We integrate HL7 data tools to custom Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks. This is useful for an easily navigable Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI), and intuitive data aggregation software.
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Web Service Development
The Connect web service development by QSS includes integration of Common Language Infrastructures (CLI) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) that facilitate real-time communication across the healthcare departments. Our use of web-based exchange languages facilitate integration of user interfaces (REST, HTML, CSS) while representing data resources (JSON, XML).
Mirth Mail Implementation
Configuration are done for NextGen’s Mail direct messaging platform using Simple Mail Transfer Protocols (SMTP) to easily share referrals, test results, SOAP notes, and other text-based messages between thousands of endpoints. Leveraging the direct Project messaging standard, we ensure automated SMS and email notifications get triggered by custom or pre-programmed encounters. We incorporate APIs for OpenPD’s chat module and the HISP provider directories.
Programming Plugins
Plugins further help us to extend functionality and accelerate workflows across healthcare systems. We help you integrate the Results central data repository leverage it for user-based programming and situational consent protocols. We also utilize the Match eMPI to add C-CDA capabilities to EHRs and help achieve Meaningful Use. The extensions we make use of include PACS/DICOM plugins, drug monitoring program access, and medication/immunization registries.