Pharmacy Management Software Services

We offer a centralized solution for a streamlined pharmacy system that helps in improving patient outcomes.


QSS Technosoft offers full pharmacy management system software solutions that help you in starting up & expanding your pharmacy bringing it to a new height. We have a wide range of affordable solutions as per your need such as hosted solutions for your start-up pharmacy, a centralized hosted solution for multiple pharmacy healthcare locations, and a secure data storage system for your pharmacy.

We, at QSS Technosoft , first help you identify your business opportunities and then optimize its efficiency to start generating more revenue & profits. We develop the best-in-class patient engagement software and integrate it well with clinical services under your pharmacy system. This will help you achieve positive health outcomes for your patients.

Our developers are well-experienced and can design a customized, flexible, and fully integrated pharmacy automation system that can help you maximize operational efficiency, managing operating costs while offering a higher level of patient care.

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Pharmacy Management Software Services we Offer

QSS Technosoft helps in expanding your pharmacy system by simplifying your daily routines from POS to back office with our custom pharmacy management software services featuring custom workflows, bills, and a proper communication process between patients & pharmacists. These are the services we offer under Healthcare Pharmacy Management Software development:

business centric solution
Pharmacy Software System
We offer custom pharmacy software development services that include managing workflows, approved medication lists, inventories, etc. Our services range from compliance management, pharmacy analytics to formulary databases like First DataBank, Lexicomp, Medi-Span, RxNorm, and the National Drug Code, etc.
Pharmacy Management System
Pharmacy Automation System
We help improve, accelerate & ensure the accuracy of pharmacy workflows by programming robotic dispensing systems to automate prescription fills, formula compounding, and other pharmacy operations. We also integrate inventory management programs; printer/labeler embedded software as well as web-based and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) autofill systems. We ensure full security of your prescription dispensers and storage cabinets & facilitate controlling with best practices.
Pharmacy Revenue Cycle Management
Full custom Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) integrations services are available at QSS for streamlining referrals, prior authorization, claims processing, insurance eligibility verification, appeals management, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) as well as a remittance advice, and benefits coordination. We develop accounts receivable platforms for managing insurer reimbursements, automating invoices, and processing payments.
pharmacy benefits
Pharmacy Benefits Management Services
Our developers are proficient in creating custom Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) platforms, implementation of PBM with third-party administrators, as well as formulated e-Prescribing system integration for preferred pharmacy networks and mail service pharmacies. We also design drug benefits plans and track network-wide clinical outcomes for pharmacies across the world.
Pharmacy Inventory Management Systems
We utilize database management systems, barcode scanner integrations, and National Drug Code (NDC) manifests to automate inventory systems for your pharmacy. This includes restocking, counting, warehousing, and dispensing medication. Services are also available for the integration of accounting with RCM modules. This helps you deal with wholesalers and facilitate payment management, automating orders, handling missing or understocked deliveries, and managing relationships.
e-Prescribing Software Integration
We engineer e-Rx network architectures for the secure transmission of Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) between points of care, pharmacies, and third-party insurance verifiers (Surescripts, NueMD, Allscripts). We build e-Prescribing systems that accelerate the filling, renewal, modification, and cancelation of medical scripts, as well as the procurement of prior authorization.
document management
Pharmacy Document Management Solutions
Our pharmacy document solutions include modules for accessing patients’ Electronic Health and Medical Records (EHR/EMR), accepting faxes electronically, maintaining notes from physicians and pharmacists, maintaining audit trails and Electronic Batch Record (EBR), and integrating this system with scanning technology to capture and automate information from physical forms.
Pharmacy POS Software Integration
We develop custom Point of Sale (POS) platforms that have an option of electronic signature capture, inventory management APIs, and access to Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings/Reimbursement Account (HSA/HRA) networks. We integrate POS software with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), EHR/EMR, and external Practice Management System (PMS) modules for coordinating prescription histories within your retail pharmacy.
compounding pharmacy
Pharmacy Compounding Software
We are well-versed in developing the full stack pharmacy compounding management software with Material Requirements Planning (MRP) modules. This facilitates the optimized production of medicine for specialty pharmacies. We also develop a system for managing chemical inventory databases, comparing generic, calculating formula costs, and brand-name drugs, and creating consistent labels with unique barcodes.
data management
Pharmacy Data Management Solutions
QSS app developers also design data management dashboards with robust Billing intelligence engines for analyzing revenue drivers and qualitative measurement within the pharmacy systems, including drug waste rates spending trends, insurer response times, patient persistence rates, and treatment outcomes. Our developed software system is able to get you on-demand reports, pharmacy KPIs with graphics enabling comprehensive business analysis.