Telemedicine / Telehealth Software Development Services

Telemedicine/Telehealth Software Apps- Offering new possibilities for a better Patient-Doctor Engagement


The existing system of patient-doctor face-to-face appointments makes it impractical & costly for remote patients. Moreover the time constraints and the unavailability of specialists make it an even lengthier process. To avoid these circumstances and to facilitate improved care via streamlined communication, telemedicine and telehealth software solutions are offering new possibilities with benefits like efficient allocation of clinical resources with a better patient engagement. The app acts as a powerful tool to deliver the right care, at the right time to even the patients residing at remote locations.

We, at QSS, offer customized telehealth & telemedicine software development services for web and mobile applications for healthcare providers across the globe. The process involves data encryption, HD video conferencing, automated workflows, digital prescriptions, digital health data, medical consultancy and integration with remote healthcare monitoring systems with connected devices for patients & doctors offering primary care to urgent care.

QSS telehealth & telemedicine app solutions are strictly complaints with HIPAA guidelines. These solutions are perfect for hospitals, clinics and doctors to facilitate telehealth and telemedicine to the patients, appointment booking & scheduling, health monitoring and many more.


Telemedicine Software Development Solutions what we offer

Following are the most in-demand DICOM/PACS development and implementation solutions we offer at QSS:

medical software
Telemedicine Software Development
Our expert development team is proficient in developing a robust telemedicine platform implementing cloud-based telehealth software systems for hospitals & other medical healthcare providers. We design & develop interoperable telehealth Software as a Service (SaaS) for video-conferencing, sharing clinical and administrative data, medical consultations & prescriptions as well as remote patients monitoring etc.
Telemedicine Mobile Apps
Healthcare providers can build their own telehealth mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows phones, leveraging features like SMS, VoIP, and device camera APIs. We, at QSS, develop provider-based apps, patient engagement systems, and on-demand virtual doctor apps with HIPAA compliant video-streaming features.
business centric solution
Telemedicine Platform Integrations
Our developed telemedicine solutions are developed as per HL7 norms for transferring clinical information like teleradiology images (DICOM/PACS) & Electronic Health & Medical Records (EHR/EMR). We utilize systems like streamlining Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) work processes in Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Practice Management Systems (PMS). Our developers also have expertise in interfacing Health Information Exchanges (HIE).
video call
Telemedicine Video Conferencing
We offer the best software apps for streaming telehealth Technology. HD video-conferencing software apps facilitates virtual medical checkups and doctor-to-doctor discussions via desktops, mobiles and web program applications. Our developed telehealth frameworks are equipped with features like screen sharing and recording as well as Multipoint Control Units (MCU), Single Sign-On abilities, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & solid spilling programming (OpenTok, WebRTC).
medical monitoring
Remote Patient Monitoring Telemedicine Software System
QSS has experience in developing remote controlling telemedicine frameworks, integrating medicinal gadget sensors, integrated information vaults and demonstrative applications modified with Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) and robotized mediation warning. We integrate the system with wearable telemedicine gadgets like glucometers, sphygmomanometers, smart watch etc. Patient surveillance tools integrated with HD streaming software with built in GPS capabilities are also available at QSS Technosoft .