A Thorough Analysis of Mobile App Development Cost in 2022

A Thorough Analysis of Mobile App Development Cost in 2022

In 2021, the number of mobile users worldwide stood at 7.1 billion, with forecasts suggesting this is likely to rise to 7.26 billion by 2022. In 2025, the number of mobile users worldwide is projected to reach 7.49 billion.

The above research was conducted by Statista.

With the rising use of smartphones and mobile apps in the world today, businesses are increasingly looking to make use of this growth-oriented platform. Mobile apps are seen growing at a faster pace so is the demand for mobile app development services. 

It is worth noticing that not every mobile app is successful in the market. Wondering why?

A business app requires in-depth research, an attractive layout & design with scalable features in order to become a big hit in the market. The average cost to develop an app thus depends on the features of the app, resources, and the hourly rate of the app developers.

This post enlists what it takes to build a successful mobile app, what are the features included, and the overall cost estimation for the same.

Factors to Determine the App Development Cost

A Thorough Analysis of Mobile App Development Cost in 2022

Getting a price estimation of the app development is a daunting task.  No one can actually give you an exact estimate of the costs without understanding the offerings/functionalities of your business app.

The cost depends on various factors like app features, mobile app design, app complexity, location of the app development team, and more.

Want to know about the approximate mobile app development cost breakdown? Continue reading to get an idea:

Type of App

There are various types of apps based on your business domain. Some of the popular app types include eCommerce apps, on-demand apps, gaming apps, Fintech Apps, etc. Some of these app types may have similar features, but they all have different approaches to building.

Mobile App Functionality

The cost to build a mobile app depends mainly on the functionalities you will offer your end-users. Every app type you are seeking to build would have different functionalities.

Choosing the Platforms/OS

The second most important factor to consider is the platforms and operating system you are looking for your app to launch on.

Mobile App Platform/Category

The cost of creating an app also depends on your application type and category. Generally, there are three types of mobile apps.

  • Web App- more of a website crafted for smartphone users. 
  • Native Mobile Apps- developed specifically for a particular OS- either Android or iOS. These are generally preferred for a great user experience.
  • Hybrid Apps- designed to work on both iOS and Android platforms. They are easy to develop, yet lack in offering a great user experience.

Third-Party Integration

Any third-party integrations can also affect the overall cost of making an app.

Use of Technology

Using technologies like NFC Technology, GPS Navigation, Motion sensors, and AR Technology in your app would considerably affect the cost of your app.

The complexity of the App

A Thorough Analysis of Mobile App Development Cost in 2022

Depending on the complexity of the app development, your overall cost would differ. Assume a developer charges 30$ per hour then the average cost will be:

  • Simple App Development Cost – $30,000 to $50,000
  • Average App Development Cost – $50,000 to $100,000
  • Complex App Development Cost – from $150,000

Hosting of App

Hosting is the place where your mobile app’s photos, videos, audio, media, or texts are stored. Some popular hosting server companies are AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Most of them generally charge between 50$ to 350$ per month.

Maintenance of App

After launching your mobile app, App maintenance is one of the most important factors to consider. Timely updates of features/functionalities need to be added to your app so it stays competitive. This mobile app maintenance cost would also affect the final cost of the app.

Calculating the Overall Mobile App Development Cost

A Thorough Analysis of Mobile App Development Cost in 2022

Consider this formula for finding out the cost of making a mobile app

Cost to Build A Mobile App= Number Of Man Hours X Hourly Rate


(Features*Time) X Hourly Rate = Mobile App Development Cost

Note: The cost may vary depending on the mobile app development company or development team you hire. The final cost thus may change later.

Calculating the Final Cost of Building A Mobile App

The final app development price estimation can now be done considering the following services:

  • Overall UI/UX Design
  • The complexity of the app
  • iOS and Android native app development
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance & testing

And for this, you’ll need resources:

  • Team Manager/Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • 3 – 4 developers for each platform
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 2–3 backend developers

Keeping in the requirements above, the overall average cost to build an app depends on your service provider’s hourly rates, which may go from as low as $15 per hour to as high as $200 per hour.

Comparison of Developer’s Hourly Charge (Country-wise)

A Thorough Analysis of Mobile App Development Cost in 2022

Most Mobile app developers charge on an hourly basis. The pricing varies from region to region. Here we have listed the country wise Mobile App Development costs:

  • US and Canada- $50 to $200 Per Hour
  • Australia- $50 to $150 Per Hour
  • Western Europe And The UK- $50 To $160 Per Hour
  • Eastern Europe- $35 To $150 Per Hour
  • India- $10 to $80 Per Hour

A Thorough Analysis of Mobile App Development Cost in 2022


Summing up the above points, we can say that the final cost of your mobile app considering various factors & personal preferences, is estimated somewhat between $20,000 and $100,000. The integration or addition of more features & functionalities will push the cost higher.

So, now that you are aware of the must follow considerations to build a mobile app, it’s time to hire mobile app developers who can deliver you the desired result. 

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