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How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Mobile App in 2021?

Mobile Apps are a  great way to keep engaging and connect to your users at even odd hours of the day. As the technology is rapidly changing, there is a need for a full-fledge security protocol for mobile apps to protect your sensitive data and offer seamless customer experience.  So, how do we ensure that?

For delivering an error-free and seamless business application, you should consider a time to time mobile app maintenance services from a reliable mobile app maintenance & testing company.

Maintaining an app is an ongoing process, and it keeps running until the app remains on the app stores.

Most of the businesses wonder for the estimated budget required to maintain their business app. Are you too pondering about how much it cost to maintain an app? Continue reading to get a thorough cost estimation of a mobile app maintenance.

Generally, the app maintenance cost depends on a lot of things from initial mobile app development to final app deployment. Here in this blog, we are putting across the points &  factors that impact most on app maintenance cost. Further, we will discuss the services included in mobile app maintenance cost.

Factors Determining the Cost of Mobile App Maintenance

determining the maintenance cost

Here are the factors that actually determine the overall cost of app maintenance-

  1. Bug Fixing & Frequent Updates

After you release your mobile app on the app store, the next thing you have to do over time is to ensure updating the app and fixing the bugs.  

Over time, users might not be able to use features and functionalities in your app. It is very crucial to address these issues on priority so as to make your users remain connected to your business.

For a regular check and update, it’s preferable to approach a professional app development company. In most cases, the bug fixing and update charges are nominal. However, if there is a major performance issue or new feature addition, the app maintenance cost will apparently increase.

  1. Keep up with the latest Android or iOS Software

Your business app would either be on Android or iOS, or cross-platform i.e for both the platforms. Quarterly, Google and Apple release their OS updates. It’s essential to keep up with the latest Android or iOS update for devices.

It’s important for your app to perform well on all the devices whenever users install OS updates on the device. Approaching a reliable mobile app development company would help your app pass all tests for all the features and functionalities on a new OS to ensure that it is working smoothly. Generally, a good company levy an annual app maintenance cost to ensure your app remains error free and updated to the latest OS version for a full one year..

  1. Updating & Publishing new Content/Graphics

To sustain the growing competition in the mobile industry and keep hitting the targeted audience, you have to keep updating your content, images, banner, videos, etc.

For any technical updates on the home screen or other pages, you need a reliable app maintenance company who can take care of your tasks in a nominal app maintenance cost levied annually.

  1. Manage Push Notifications

Sending push notifications sounds simple and is managed by the Admin Panel. However, if you want to integrate some advanced push notifications into the app, you need help from an app maintenance agency.

Push notifications are generally a part for ecommerce business apps and are defined for the purpose:

  • Festive offers
  • Discount offers
  • Latest sales
  • Offers for products
  • Latest announcements, etc.

These push notifications need to be personalized based on the level of engagement business need from the targeted audience. A technical team would help your app maintain all these features well.

  1. App Analytics & Improvement

It’s crucial to know if your app is giving value to your business. A successful app would always attain growth for your business and keep engaging more and more customers. If not, you need to track the performance of the app and user engagement.

As per LeanPlum, a popular customer-engagement platform, one shouldn’t ignore mobile app analytics as it provides some of the most important things for your app. This includes engagement, conversation, and optimization.

Keeping a check on Analytics is important to track performance issues such as crashes, glitches, and updates. Free tools such as Google Analytics will offer just basic information about app analytics. For additional info about how your app is doing, you need an advanced analytics tool and a technical app maintenance team to personalize that tool based upon your business needs.

  1. Hosting Maintenance

To ensure that your app runs smoothly, you have to pay for the app’s database and backend. Among so many hosting options available in the market, we recommend going for a cloud-based hosting like AWS. AWS lets you only pay for what you utilize and it has less cost for configuration and maintenance on the server.

  1. Third-Party Services Upgrade

If your app has any third-party integration, then there is a price to it. For instance, a third-party sign in or payment will levy you an annual charge. For keeping up with all the expenses of the third-party services for your app, you can reach out to a mobile app maintenance company.

  1. API Maintenance

App security, scalability, and modifications are possible with the help of different APIs. Thus API maintenance is important for secure and smooth transitions on your business app. 

  1. Other Factors

Other things that contributes to the app maintenance cost are-

  • The App Features- The more the screens and features, the more maintenance cost would be.
  • The Technology used- Besides this, the cost of maintenance also depends on the technology or framework on which it is developed. If you have created two individual apps for Android and iOS platforms, then app maintenance costs will be higher as compared to a hybrid application.
  • Third Party Integration- The cost also depends on the total number of third-party integrations on your app. The maintenance cost increases if your app has integrations like social media, payment platforms, etc.

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Determining the Cost Estimation of a Mobile App Maintenance

The overall maintenance cost depends on the initial development sources, choosing the right equipment, and all of the above factors. The maintenance of the app also depends upon the:

App Development Team Location

The cost of maintaining an app is different at different locations. For instance, the app maintenance cost in the USA is $50-150 per hour, while in Asian countries like India, the cost varies anywhere between  $15-40 per hour.

In general, the app maintenance cost is 15-20% of the overall investment that you have done in the development of the application.

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