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2KnowU App
2KnowU App
2KnowU App

2KnowU App

An ingenious and effective solution that determines the language or dialect of the person quickly. This productive interpreter application instantly connects a person with a real-time translator that too on a touch of fingertips.

This adept solution allows users to choose over 200 languages to render with 24X7 and 365-day support.

  • Country United States of America
  • Service Social Networking
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

The team of well-versed professionals get involved in the project by putting their all. They strive to build an accomplishing solution which does not leave a single doubt with the customer and users. Stringing along with similar objectives, we at QSS carried out a cognitive approach and followed a standard process which included - feasible study, app development and execution.

2KnowU App

Problem Identification

Where the markets are flooded with a variety of mobile apps, establishing the first responder communication is still a challenge. This is because most of the interpretation or translation apps either have limited languages or lack many of the progressed features. To break the language barrier and not let users struggle a lot to understand the dialect of a person, we came up with an idea of bringing an advanced mobile interpreter solution.

  • Connect users with a live interpreter
  • Store multiple languages offline
  • Translate all languages into target language translation
  • Supports over 200 languages
2KnowU App

Feasibility Study

Before going any further, we firstly took common problems being faced by a number of users who are struggling to interpret the local speech of the person into consideration. We acted in accordance with the pain-points of the populace and thus aimed at developing a modernistic translation solution that will be augmented with stellar features such as optical recognition and connects users with live interpreters.

  • Establish effective communication with ASL interpreter
  • Connect with professional translators who are contextually-accurate
  • Spell checker fast translation
  • Multiple ways to interpret languages such as via text, voice, and photo
  • Aided by advanced vocal recognition software


User research

While conducting research among focused groups we got introduced to numerous problems and necessities which requires attention. This whole ground-work approach helped us understand what options we can leverage users with that can solve a real-time problem.

Product discovery workshop

App development is the collection of thriving ideas amalgamated with the exceptional creativity of an in-house team. To analyse all these traits and what more can be discovered to make the project a prospering investment, it is imperative to conduct the project discovery session for the team. When the client approached us with the idea of developing an advanced mobile interpreter app, we gathered a team of professionals who hold expertise in different areas and further discussed the project requirements.

This workshop turned out as a basic exchange of project know-how that helped all the members of the product development team to align the vision across the product and how to make it reach the definite goal. We addressed a few issues to the client that could come up during the development phase. Apart from that we tried figuring out some answers to critical business questions and analysed some most common user personas.

Competitor Analysis

While inspecting the market, we identified our competitors and their creations. This helped us determine our competitors in the market and made us form an effective strategy to overlook their marketing technique and act accordingly.

2KnowU App

The Challenges

The end goal of every app developer is to create a thriving mobile solution that benefits users as well as have ascendancy over the market. However, building an app is not as easy as it seems, the team of professionals face several challenges within the entire method of development.

  • Unlimited and immediate online translations
  • Integrated TTS engine feature for performance optimization
  • Easy speak & voice translator
  • Backed by feature to share the interpreted words on social media or any other group
  • Automatic language detection in speech translation
  • Enables multi-person translated conversations

Final Outcome

The team of like-minded inventive developers shaped the mere idea into a well-resourceful app that serves its purpose and also renders a delightful experience to the users. The in-house team moulded the app with state-of-the-art features making it compatible with multiple devices.

  • Connect with a real-time translator with a push of a button
  • Supports multiple languages and a large number of dialects
  • Incorporated with artificial intelligence and neural networks
  • Capable of copying and sharing translated texts through email and SMS
  • Performs text-to-text, voice-to-voice, as well as text-to-voice translations
  • Connect to the human translator
2KnowU App
Information Architecture
2KnowU App
2KnowU App
2KnowU App
2KnowU App
Technology Stack

While developing my app, the proficient team of developers followed a pragmatic approach which was quintessential for such a unique solution. I am also pretty impressed by the knowledge and dedication they put in while crafting the app.