It is an android based application that uses E-KYC services to carry out banking transactions. Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) uses Aadhar card as an identity to access Aadhar enabled bank accounts.

AEPS facilitates interoperability and facilitates cash withdrawals via UID authentication. This Aadhar-enabled payment system allows Aadhar to Aadhar transfer funds.

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  • Service Banking
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Process Followed

The most important traits in any of the payment system apps are the elegant interface, simplicity and easy navigation. Since many businesses are adopting the mobile app to flourish business channels, it is our responsibility to meet the expectations and mold their app with cutting-edge features for market success. We at QSS Technosoft follow a dynamic mobile app development strategy that involves the five-step transparent process.


Problem Identification

The client approached us to alleviate the financial inclusion in the country and put a halt to a number of increasing bank frauds. Their idea was to bring an app in the marketplace that uses a person's Aadhar Card for performing any C2B and C2G transactions. With this initiative, the client wanted to empower users with secure payment services.

  • Facilitates disbursements of Government entitlements
  • Interoperable across multiple banks
  • Backed with merchant management
  • Promotes cardless transactions

Feasibility Study

While conversing with clients over the idea of the app, it seemed apparent that the client wants to lead a bank-led model that uses online authentication for financial transactions. However, we also realized that the client wants us to pay attention to facilitating PoS (Sales / Micro ATM) based transactions. Along with all the major details, we discussed the flow of the development process and requirements of specific functionalities to make the app stand out in the market.

  • Finger and IRIS detection for authentic cash withdrawal
  • Eliminates the threat of fraud and non-genuine activity
  • Transactions between Aadhaar linked bank accounts for security concerns
  • Immediate balance enquiry
  • Put an end to the use of OTP and ATM pin


User research

In order to understand the essence and need of the app in the marketplace, we surveyed some working groups and common people and tried to attain on how to make financial transactions effective and secured through AEPS.

Product discovery workshop

In this mobile-driven world, every business is considering the mobile app for varied reasons. In fact, there is an application for every business now. Building a profitable mobile app that reigns the marketplace is not as easy as it seems. However, there are a few factors which make this arduous job just a cakewalk. Product discovery workshops are one of them. With the help of a discovery workshop, our development team formed a vision towards a project requirement.

This well-organized discovery workshop not only helped our project development team in understanding the client's viewpoint but also made us realize the specific features, functionalities and best-suited tech-stack that could be considered in the AEPS app to help customers avail hassle-free regular banking services. With that said, our development team used a story mapping technique and split each element into easily comprehensible steps.

Competitor Analysis

The most essential way to stay relevant in the marketplace is to have an understanding of the competitions and their best practices. The competitive analysis helped us gain a striking insight into the market around us.

The Challenges

Mobile app development has become something very common nowadays, however, like any other software development, mobile app development comes with its own set of issues and challenges. While constructing the AEPS app, our well-versed team of developers came across a few difficulties.

  • Focusing on and implementing security structure
  • Add biometric support to the solution
  • Facilitating safe and secure payment option
  • Making it inter-operated across banks
  • Easy access to all bank accounts
  • Interactive UI with the easy-to-use process for individuals

Final Outcome

With the understanding of business requirements and need of advanced digital payment systems, the team of QSS Technosoft presented the client with structured wireframes and process flow to carry out the procedure of making a secure and reliable payment solution.

  • An interactive and smooth UI/UX Design
  • One-tap user registration and authentication
  • Interoperable across various banks
  • Encourages financial inclusion
  • Facilitates cash withdrawal and deposit
  • Diverse payment service configuration
Information Architecture
Technology Stack


MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server







RD Services

RD Services

QSS team has adeptness in formulating new-age apps and driving them with cutting-edge technology. The team rolled through several techniques and constructed a productive app that caters to the need of young India for carrying out financial transactions.

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