Beauty Solution
Beauty Solution
Beauty Solution

Beauty Solution

A solution that provides beauty and lifestyle services to users and fulfils the goal of meeting global demands. Besides beauty and wellness, the application allows users to register themselves as a vendor.

The audience, via this app, also gets access to the best and fastest-growing salon services.

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Process Followed

The well-versed team of QSS followed a kindred strategy to tailor an app that matches the specific business requirements of the client. The five-step consolidated process involved - identification of the problem, feasible analysis of the project followed by implementing the solution and crafting the solution in the end.

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Beauty Solution

Problem Identification

Having healthy and beautiful skin is the need of the new generation. A beauty treatment under the guidance of beauty experts gives you nourished skin and adds confidence to your personality. Although, we targeted implementing an all-in-one beauty solution that offers additional services such as salon consultant, personalized business support, beauty training etc. and completes the user’s quench of thirst for all-inclusive application.

  • Understand customer needs
  • Easy to interact with sales and marketing team
  • Beauty training and courses
  • Deals in multiple renowned brands
Beauty Solution

Feasibility Study

To efficiently assess the feasibility of a proposed project, we examined the problems that could be rectified during the implementation of the solution. After examining the common problems of a beauty solution from users as well as the client’s perspective, we aimed at backing the application with the unique features that would appear phenomenal to users.

  • Access of local beauty solutions with a single click
  • Track orders, or view order history anytime
  • Multiple locations available for resource centre education
  • Online client scheduling
  • Push notifications for appointment reminders


User research

Application development is a field where there is always a scope for advancements and new technologies. Carrying out user research helps gain an insight into what extra features and services we can add in our solution with the amalgamation of new technologies and unique functionalities.

Product discovery workshop

It would not be wrong to say that a product discovery workshop is one of the most powerful ways to manage every project. It is the pre-development stage of gathering and sharing relevant project information between the client and the team who are handling the project. We conducted the discovery workshop which helped us in carrying out a comprehensive evaluation of the project’s technical requirements and planning roadmaps.

The session was conducted by the project manager where he educated our client with inherent guidelines, competition, and market opportunities. This aided our client in gaining additional insights and providing emphasis on project goals. Moreover, both parties also get to develop common knowledge about the application. This discovery session turned out as a problem solving round in the end.

Competitor Analysis

We inspected the market for similar applications and acknowledged the business strategy of our competitors. We executed a competitive analysis which contributed to understanding the areas we can make improvement and develop a customer ready app.

Beauty Solution

The Challenges

When it comes to mobile app development, the obvious focused point for developers is to minimize the risk and build a satisfactory app. From developing and designing the beauty solution app, the team of developers faced a number of challenges. A few challenges are given below.

  • Built-in barcode scanner for easy and fast order
  • Implement live chat support
  • GPS driving directions/ navigation to the salon
  • Incorporate interactive and diversified menu
  • Drive secure and easy payment options
  • Easy to find a resource centre

Final Outcome

After taking a good note of the other similar applications available in the market and getting the drift of the problems faced by our development team, we captured requirements, presented customers with custom integration and finally delivered the app as exactly as the client wanted.

  • Interactive and intuitive dashboard
  • More than 100+ brands
  • Efficient order and customer management
  • Customer reviews & feedback system
  • Real-time updated data of all the buyers
  • In-salon education
Beauty Solution
Information Architecture
Beauty Solution
Beauty Solution
Beauty Solution
Beauty Solution
Beauty Solution
Beauty Solution
Beauty Solution
Technology Stack

There is no comparison of the exceptional service I received from QSS. It was an awesome experience to work with such talented folks who were easy to communicate with.

Anonymous Co Founder