Being Chef

A web-based food delivery solution that acts according to the user’s convenience. It allows the customers to order either freshly cooked food, recipe kit or the rare ingredients of the particular item.

Through the application, one can order customized food as well if one is allergic to some kind of food or spice level.

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Process Followed

To cover all the aspects of the app and its unique features, our pool of talented developers, with the amalgamation of ingenious ideas and next-generation technologies, implemented a successful strategy so that they can incorporate a quality user-centric and highly versatile web-based application.


Problem Identification

With the availability of many food delivery apps in the market, the concept of delivering ingredients and customized food items is still alien. With the idea of allowing users to choose between a recipe kit or customized cooked food, we aim to incorporate an application that gives users the option to order food as per their choice and their budget.

  • Variegated menu with an attractive user interface
  • Option to bookmark favourite food
  • Availability of exotic rare spices to deliver them to customers
  • Ensure hygiene of the food before delivering

Feasibility Study

Most of the people struggle to cook with amazing recipes in their mind. Even if they manage to do so, finding rare ingredients is a hiccup. To help such people in this hard time, we implemented the thought of building an application that makes cooking streamlined and hassle-free and also allows users to transform them into a world-class chef.

  • The solution will have numerous recipes made by experienced chefs
  • Wide range of food options to order from
  • Users can order chopped vegetables as well
  • One can track the order online via app
  • 24X7 customer support option to track food status and for any other queries


User research

We carried out user research which pretty much helped us to understand what features users are looking for in a food delivery app. This research also gave us well-nigh suggestions of what other similar applications in the market lacked and in what areas they failed to grasp the user’s attention.

Product discovery workshop

Developing an application is more about implementing the latest cutting-edge technologies with complete transparency and close involvement. The team of QSS believes in prioritizing the needs of our client in order to provide scalable and high performing solutions and ensuring that our developed solution is adding value to their business.

With the help of a product discovery workshop, we held a session with our client discussing different aspects of the application and what features and functionalities we can further enforce in our application which are missing mainly in most of the food delivery apps. We talked through implementing swipe card processors & payment gateway integrations, geolocation tracking for the faster tracking system, and other technology stacks to put into effect.

Competitor Analysis

Making oneself aware of the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is one of the important elements to consider. It helps you to develop an application beyond a market standard and turn the tables in stiff competition. Therefore, we performed a competitive analysis in the industry.

The Challenges

To be honest, incorporating any solution without any complication is extremely difficult and is almost like dodging a bullet. Here are some of the challenges our web development team faced while creating a web-based food delivery solution.

  • Implementing interactive and intuitive dashboard
  • Unreliability in Delivery & Logistics Staff
  • To easily manage the entire operation
  • Efficient order and customer management
  • Interactive and diversified menu to manage a wide range of orders
  • Enabling reliable food delivery tracking software

Final Outcome

We at QSS addressed the most complex pain points and challenges faced by our skilled and experienced team of developers which helped us in creating a value-adding solution. We took the innovative idea and cutting edge technology into consideration for incorporating high performance and robust applications that offer an excellent user experience.

  • Implementing solution with route optimization feature
  • Push Notifications for on-demand food ordering
  • Real-time GPS tracking of food delivery
  • 24X7 customer support for orders on call
  • Reviews and Rating section in the app to decide between the foods
  • Secure and easy payment options
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

QSS has a dedicated project management system. They delivered a quality project that provided really good service. I can't think of any room for improvement for them.

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