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It is a comprehensive online platform that allows sports lovers to book their favourite sports and fitness facilities online. With Book My Sports, the users are entitled to create their sports tournament online for team building and can connect with other play pals.

This sports-based application enables users to track match scores, points and ranking online.

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Process Followed

We at QSS followed a simple yet comprehensive process while developing the BookMySports app. We began with identifying common issues people are facing while booking sportspace outside and how feasible we can make it for users by introducing an app so that they can reap the maximum benefit out of it. After that, we conducted thorough market research and got into app development.

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Book My Sports

Problem Identification

Sports have always been aesthetically pleasing. In the era of video games and esports, there are people who still want to relish the benefits of physical development through outdoor sports. However, the biggest problem in urban areas is to find an outer space to join-in interesting sports activities. Our target is to aid users to discover facilities and academies in nearby locations within a matter of minutes.

  • Allow users to book sports facilities near home, office etc.
  • Helps in planning, creating and scheduling tournaments online
  • Provides professional inventory management tools to facility owners
  • Authorize users to create their own sports competition
Book My Sports

Feasibility Study

Considering the popularity and efficiency of online spaces among sports lovers, we proposed to build the largest sports community platform for all sports & fitness enthusiasts. With Book My Sports solution, we missioned to make it easy for sports aficionados and help them book sports facilities in an instant.

  • Discover facilities and academies through map view feature
  • Transparency in prices and available slots
  • Lists different academies related to each sport
  • Helps in finding play pals at particular date and time
  • Book major sports like football, cricket, volleyball from the app easily


User research

Gathering insights help in understanding the project from a user's perspective. With the same motive, we conducted research among people belonging to different ages and industries. The overall analysis aided us to keep our solution user-oriented.

Product discovery workshop

Setting the right foundation for the product is as crucial as other deciding factors that mark the success of the solution. The product discovery workshop manages to set that ground to a certain extent. The foremost purpose of this workshop is to understand the project requirement that also serves the purpose of solving the user’s problem. Moreover, the session helped teams collect the information they need to make smart decisions.

During the workshop, we discussed how to tackle business competition, strategic analysis, niche targets, etc. and conveniently built a structured roadmap by streamlining the entire development process of the app notifying the client and stakeholders about every step of the way. At the end of the session, we finally compiled all the project requirements and readied ourselves to begin with the construction of the app.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis is one of the important elements to consider and explore in order to sketch the marketing strategy of the solution. Subsequently, we carried out industry research and considered all similar applications. This helped us discover the areas we can outshine in.

Book My Sports

The Challenges

The ultimate target of the developers is to satisfy users with rich functional apps. Although to make it possible, the developers and others who are involved with the development process encounter many challenges of which some of them are given below -

  • To make it compatible for web, Android and iOS
  • Sync data between app and backend servers
  • Code the app using open source language
  • Integrate database through PaaS providers
  • Allow virtual tour at sports infrastructure while booking
  • Provide guaranteed booking with no wait time at the club

Final Outcome

Our seasoned team of developers, keeping up the wireframe and architecture of the app in mind, developed a robust sports-oriented app that allows sports enthusiasts to book facilities near their residences.

  • Interactive dashboard to select a variety of sports to book
  • Earn reward points and redeem them
  • Real-time alerts and notification
  • Easily arrange games with your buddies
  • Track match scores, points & rankings
  • Ease of cancellations & refunds
Book My Sports
Information Architecture
Book My Sports
Book My Sports
Book My Sports
Book My Sports
Book My Sports
Book My Sports
Technology Stack

We chose QSS and it was certainly a worthy decision of my life. Their work is satisfying and meets end-user requirements.