Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app

Bus Okay- Transportation app

A one-stop transport management solution that tracks transportation in real-time and increases operational efficiency.

This cross-platform solution is powered with artificial intelligence and uses IoT based geolocation to ensure safe and secure travelling.

  • Country United States of America
  • Service Transportation
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

The team of professionals at QSS with great technical knowledge followed a successful strategy to prosper an app that matches the client's operational demands. From identification of a problem to noticing challenges and figuring out the solutions, we took the course of action which was the collation of a five-step eloquent process.

  • Bus Okay- Transportation appPROBLEM IDENTIFICATION
  • Bus Okay- Transportation appFEASIBILITY STUDY
  • Bus Okay- Transportation appSOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION
  • Bus Okay- Transportation appCHALLENGES
  • Bus Okay- Transportation appFINAL OUTCOME
Bus Okay- Transportation app

Problem Identification

The rapid rise in vehicular traffic in urban and semi-urban areas has seemingly affected transportation operations. This resulted in a rising number of road accidents and higher pollution. Therefore, we at QSS team aimed at developing a complete digital solution that monitors the transportation management in and out.

  • Powered with GPS fleet tracking
  • Complete monitoring of the vehicle en-route
  • Tracking of location and destination
  • Generate customized reports to assess the loopholes
Bus Okay- Transportation app

Feasibility Study

Nothing can be better than safe and comfortable commuting. In order to automate ground transportation administration and empower users to reap the benefit of improved transport infrastructure, we thoroughly discussed the app functionalities with the client and carried out a result-driven approach to deliver the users an integrated solution.

  • Real-time transportation monitoring
  • Manage ETA and Route history
  • Enable solution with delay ride notifications
  • Setting SOS/ Panic alerts
  • Trip completion & incident reporting tracker


User research

Carrying out user research abets in understanding your target audience and executing the development strategy. We put questions to some people which helped us gain insight into the user's viewpoint and in what way the transport management app aid them in having a safe and secure journey.

Product discovery workshop

In order to understand the workflow of your project in a true manner, it is very important to organize a meeting session with your client that is commonly known as a product discovery workshop. Here the project manager along with web developers and cloud specialists goes into discussing various project elements with the client. It further helps in elevating the strategy in a way so that a product can be created as exactly as the client wants.

Based on all the discussions we had, our team sketched out the rough workflow contemplating design, features and what demands will the application eventually fulfil as per market perspective and showed it to our client for final approval. This session helped us establish the core values of the product and the prototype to follow in order to meet deliverables.

Competitor Analysis

If you are into a similar business, it becomes necessary for you to make yourself aware of the strengths and weaknesses of potential competitors. With similar ethos, we carried out competitive analysis and thoroughly examined the market.

Bus Okay- Transportation app

The Challenges

Crafting a mobile app is more an arduous rather than a technical task. While undergoing the process of developing and designing the transport management app, our team of web developers faced a number of challenges which are as follows -

  • Developing a simplified multilingual solution
  • Addressing complex transport scenarios
  • Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency
  • Management of safe and secure journeys
  • Route adherence to predict uncertainties in transportation
  • Built-in user-friendly GPS navigation

Final Outcome

We integrated the solution with ride management systems that analyzes data on transportation usage and greatly helps in streamlining fleet management operations. The solution is bundled with essential features such as instant onboarding & de-boarding notifications and live tracking system on google maps, etc.

  • Transport grade IOT vehicle
  • Tracking through AIS-140 GPS compliant devices
  • Integration of third-party ERP system
  • GPS system to monitor a fleet of vehicles
  • Allows driver management
  • Emergency alert for volatile traffic situations
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Information Architecture
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Bus Okay- Transportation app
Technology Stack

I have always preferred to seek the help of QSS for any of my website and app development. The team is bundled with connoisseurs of software development and services who attentively listens to their clients and deliver a rigorous solution within a timeline.