Community Care

Doctors can advise treatment plans and medication while nursing staff/caregivers can apply the desired therapy on elderly/disabled patients at their homes as directed by doctors.

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active alerts and system alerts
pie chart of caseload
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Application Features

  • Secure role-based login for users
  • Alerts
  • Events
  • Dashboard
  • Clients
  • Scheduling
  • Admin
  • Reports
  • Marketplace for organizations and communities


  • Seamless integration of complex backend processing with rich UI/UX for end-users.
  • The doctor/nursing staff/caregivers can view patient details in a simplified and user-friendly manner.
  • Users induced and system-based alerts update providers about patient health status in a timely fashion.
  • The ease of using this mobile app by nursing/caregivers staff results into to apply treatment plans and medication on patients under prescribed time slots by doctors.
  • Reports generation in tabular and graphical representation.
  • Effective administration and control over the marketplace for organizations and communities.

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