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It is a platform that effectively connects hospital facilities with patients and provides value-based care. The app aims to leverage patients, medical professionals, and pharmacists in a digital manner and streamline their daily activities.

The solution offers quick access to medical records, clinical tools, and other resources for senior living.

  • Country United States of America
  • Service Healthcare
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Process Followed

We at QSS focus on delivering quality projects to the clients that suffice the expectations and contribute to a sustainable approach throughout. The methodology we follow bears - identification of the problem, a feasible study of the project followed by difficulties faced while developing the solution and surmounting the challenges to build a robust app.

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Problem Identification

In this fast-paced world, everyone eyes to obtain a digital strategy in prominent sectors. Most of the hospital administrations have managed to seek a modern restorative approach for addressing medical conditions. However, streamlining better patient management is still a challenge for many hospitals. Therefore, QSS aims to build an app that leverages patients with comprehensive digital reports without any exhausting paper trail.

  • Deploying a robust EMR system
  • To establish a health record management platform
  • Deliver value-based patient care
  • Seamless connection between doctors, staff, and patients
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Feasibility Study

To satisfy the client's requirement and provide relevant care to the patients, the team of web developers at QSS steered SaaS-based technology and built this valuable Electronic Health Record (EHR) application. We also proposed to empower the doctors and patients to have convenient access to medical records in a digital format.

  • Integrate the application with patient’s digital health records
  • Clinical forms used across various operations
  • Tracking medical records of patients by hospital administrations
  • Notification and emergency point of care systems
  • Allowing senior livings and other patients to access their medical history


User research

Before starting the procedure of app development, user research is a crucial element to run into so that we can get real-time insights of what our target audience expects from the application we are planning to launch in the market.

Product discovery workshop

Before launching a product into the market, a client along with project managers and web developers sails through various stages to set the right foundation of the solution and the product discovery workshop is one of those stages. Discovery workshops play a defining role to make an application a successful venture. It aligns the project team and clients to provide the right opportunity to mutually explore the scope of an idea and steer the project in the right direction.

With the help of this workshop, the QSS conveniently built a structured roadmap and streamlined the entire development process of the EHR app ensuring the client and stakeholders are informed at every step of the way. In the end, we finally compiled all the project requirements and readied ourselves to begin with the application development.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive Analysis is one of the important components to consider and explore in order to sketch the marketing strategy of the solution you are about to develop. For that, you need to examine the websites of your competitors who offer similar services as yours.

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The Challenges

The team of web developers and cloud specialists at QSS faced some difficulties while consolidating features and different functionality in the EHR mobile app. Few of the major challenges we encountered are -

  • Making app compatible with different devices & screen sizes
  • App distribution control
  • Enable security to health records saved in the database
  • To let doctors generate e-prescriptions from mobile
  • Secure and reliable payment options with module integration
  • Implemented responsive SaaS architecture

Final Outcome

QSS team built on-demand user-friendly Electronic Health Record (EHR) for senior livings that streamline better patient care and enables doctors to access medical records with a notable reduction in search time & efforts.

  • Secure communication with the medical provider
  • Telemonitoring devices to record health indicators
  • HIPAA compliance and HL7 standards
  • Cloud-based storage of patient’s medical files
  • Adding different communication capabilities
  • Patients to get quality healthcare facilities
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Information Architecture
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Technology Stack

We chose QSS for developing the EHR app as they have excellent peers who deliberately work on a solution and complete the project within the timeline.

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