It is an excellent solution that reduces the documentation time of patients and records all the clinical actions of medical authorities in a digital form.

This application also manages real-time communication in terms of prescribing and dispensing of medication.

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Process Followed

A successful application is one that genuinely lives up to user expectations. To develop an application that functions as a deliverer for patients, we followed a rigorous approach that involved product identification, feasibility study, solution implementation, challenges and eventually getting the end result.


Problem Identification

Hospital administrations have taken many measures to ensure and improve patients’ safety, however, medication errors in patients have constantly been reported which is still a concern for many health departments. We at QSS worked towards creating a solution that drastically reduces such errors and keeps a digital record of medication administrations to improve patients’ well being.

  • Incorporate barcode scanning technology
  • Provides witness capabilities for nurse-entered orders
  • Build real-time electronic communication
  • Integrate pharmacy software systems

Feasibility Study

To reduce all the medication errors and improve the quality use of medicines, it was important to instill an application that works in favor of patients. We implemented a solution that will keep track of patients’ due or overdue medications and provide them better dose calculation and clinical decision support.

  • Monitoring administration of medicines electronically
  • Review and dispensing of medication orders by pharmacists
  • Featured with a clinical action alert
  • Supports six rights of medication administration
  • Provide real-time monitoring of potential duplicate medicine orders


User research

Carrying out user research helps in minimizing the risk factor involved in developing a solution. This procedure helped us gain insight into user's assumptions and what they would like to get in an application which is focused on reducing medication error in hospitals.

Product discovery workshop

In order to understand the workflow of your project in a true manner, it is very important to organize a meeting session with your client that is commonly known as a product discovery workshop. Here the project manager along with web developers and cloud specialists goes into discussing every fine aspect of the project and its business requirements with the client that further helps us in keeping the prospect in mind and develop a product as exactly as a client wants.

Based on all the discussions we had, our team sketched out the rough workflow contemplating design, features and what demands will the application eventually fulfills as per market perspective and showed it to our client for final approval. This session helped us establish the core values of the product and give us an insight into the prototype to follow in order to meet deliverables.

Competitor Analysis

If you are into a similar business, it becomes necessary for you to make yourself aware of the strengths and weaknesses of potential competitors. With similar ethos, we carried out competitive analysis and thoroughly examined the market.

The Challenges

The application development is an extensive process and thus results in many inquiries, problems, and complications. There are some challenging situations mobile app developers at QSS stumbled on while approaching the app. A few sets of challenges are mentioned below.

  • The inbuilt alert integrated status board
  • Keep a record of each medication administration
  • To make solution operate even in offline mode
  • Support QR code functionality
  • Provided with prescription legibility by hospital
  • Ingredient checking with preparation phase support

Final Outcome

After taking good note of the other similar applications available in the market and getting the drift of the problems faced by our development team, we captured requirements, presented customers with wireframes. We finally developed a native and hybrid Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) app

  • Flexible clinical screening and documentation
  • Implemented nurse-oriented user interface
  • Problem lists core measures alerts
  • Recording of reason or indication for medication orders
  • Medication record administered with 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Benefits pharmacy by allowing them to set reorder levels
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

QSS and its team did a terrific job in developing the user-oriented hybrid app. Not only did they match the design exactly, but they were responsive and very easy to communicate with.

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